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Author :ThetaCreed
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November 9, 20xx

Friday, 8:00 am

Hong Kong

"Wife, want anything?"

The attendant's step faltered when she heard him address Ms Yu as 'wife.'

When has he gotten married?

Without opening her eyes, Injin answered "None. Don't bother me. I'm going to sleep."

The direct brush off didn't seem to bother him but it did to the other woman.

"Just bring me coffee."

"Yes, Master." she nodded and scrambled away. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to gossip with her colleagues.

After staying awake for three whole nights, she felt really sleepy. She'd only been getting 2-3 hours sleep and even if she did, she was always awakened by nightmares.

The rustling paper lulled her to sleep and another voice talking to Zhou Yicheng.

She faintly heard them talking about some deals before completely dozing off.

When Zhou Yicheng noticed her stable breathing, he raised his hand to signal the assistant to stop.

The assistant stopped and glanced at where his boss' eyes were directed to.

"Tell Xiu Min to deal with it. " he said.

Xuan Xi nodded. He understood he was being dismissed because the woman is sleeping.

He closed the cabin's door and took the seat next to Xiu Min.

Xuan Xi is Zhou Yicheng's Executive Assistant. He has been working for him for 3 years now.

"Who is Miss Yu?" he asked Xiu Min.

The tough looking man answered without turning to him.

"She is a person you should never dare to offend."

The assistant wanted to ask why but seeing the man put on his headset, he stopped.

In his mind, if Xiu Min is very respectful to her, then he needs to do the same.

Zhou Yicheng continued stealing glances at the sleeping woman. Her uniformed breathing can be heard as her chest rises and falls. Her right arm is on her face, covering her eyes. He dimmed the lights and let her sleep in comfort.

He is tempted to touch her face but he restrained himself.

Seeing her again after searching for more than 4 years, his emotions are in turmoil.

There is both pain and anger.

When she walked out of his life, he experienced pain and regretted everything. Without his company and his daughter that kept him busy, he might have gone insane.

He is angry to himself. For using her. He should have told her the truth when he realized he loves her. The impact of her knowing the truth would not be as shocking as it was when she learned it all accidentally. It was his mistake.

Now, she looks at him with absence of emotion.

He preferred if she yells, hurls insults and throws stuff at her. But she never did. All she did was give him cold stares and smiles that appeared smug rather than those big, warm smiles she gave him in the past.

Only if….

But they can't return to the past. He knew that.

They have to live at present and for the future.

He wants to tell her, to assure how much he loves her but there is one thing holding him back.

That is, she no longer trusts him.

He needed to show and convince her through actions.

Now, he needs to work on bringing his wife home.


Friday, 10:00 am


"Where are you going?" Injin directed the question to the driver.

"We're going home." Zhou Yicheng answered.

Her beautiful face showed a confused look.


"Yes. To our house. Since we are married, you are going to live with me. Unless, you want me to move in with you?" he said with a hint of laughter on his voice.

Injin swore, she wanted to wipe that smirk on his face. She's starting to get irritated.

That smile was plastered on his face ever since she woke up and till now.

She said, "I don't remember agreeing with you."

He ignored the coldness in her voice and said, "Whether you agree or not, it will never change the fact you are married to me. In this life, you will only be my wife. Understand?

You will only be my wife…

The sentence sent tingling sensation to her heart.

How good does that sound?

Yet, he also said the same thing in the past.

"Do you understand wife?" he said while he pulled and let her sit on his lap. Then, he used his arms to bind her to him and he rested his head on her back.

Taken aback, "Zhou Yicheng!!!!!" She yelled.

Hearing her shout his he made his grin wider. It sounded too sexy coming from her lips.

Hep.. Oh no. His breathing changed.

"Have you forgotten how much your voice turn me on?" he whispered to her.

Injin blushed the next second she felt something hot between his legs. She is not that prude. She knows what it was.

"Let me go!" she warned and tried to shake his hands off from her.

On the process, it felt like she was grinding on him, awakening thousands of sensation inside him.

It made him groan louder.

He swore. If only the situation is different, he would have taken her here.

"Stop moving." he said and calmed him.

Injin noted that the hoarseness of his voice and the quickened breathing.

He was really aroused. This made her thought of this man's stamina and her face got redder.

But she quickly reigned on her emotions.

She should never let herself be affected by this man.

She stopped moving and turned her head sideways to look at his eyes coldly.

She asked him, "Do you want me to help you?"

The moment the question landed, he felt being splashed with cold water and even his little brother calmed down suddenly. Instead of answering, he let her go.

She said a polite, "Thank you" as she took the farthest spot away from him.

Noticing they were taking a different route, she shouted "Stop"

But the driver showed no sign of slowing down. He was scared to oppose his boss who was wearing this expressionless face behind.

"Stop the car." Zhou Yicheng commanded.

As soon as it came to halt, she took her backpack and left without turning back.

The two people in front were shocked.

"Master, the young madame…" he stopped as he cant think of the right words to say.

"Let her." he said in an annoyed tone. But listening to Xiu Min address her as young madame, it uplifted his mood.

He leaned and planned his next move.


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