In a world I do not know
1 goodbye pass life
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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1 goodbye pass life

Diva Kenobi awoke on a bunch of fluffy clouds as she sat up seeing a dude with a long white beard.

the man spoke "i-i'm sorry to say that your dead" he then bow down in a Kris Kross putting his hand together and putting them in front of him "I wasn't watching and a meteor went off course and hit you" the girl spoke "oh yeah?" the man spoke "you seem calm?" she replied "well I'm still thinking if this is still a dream, but if I'm dead I'm dead no point complain, and I do forgive you" the man lit up "oh thank you, your a kind women" she added "my uncle said that I should forgive anyone's mistakes" the man added "oh your uncle, he was a good man" she replied "yeah wish I could have live past 15, soooo is this where you juge me?" he said "oh no I'm going to resurrect you" she looked surprised "really you can do that?!" he nod "but, I can't send you to the world that you grew up in so I'm sending you to another one the only difference is that the air won't choke you" he tried to sound funny as she replied "oh cool" he added "it even has magic, and is there anything you wanna take with you?" she was surprised "wow, real magic!" he nod "so can I take more then one item with me?" "yeah two or one" he added, "hm well, can I have my smartphone an-" she pulled out her a gem that her father gave her "this too?" the man said "yes you can" the girl realized "oh wait I can't charge it in the other world!" the man laughs "I'll let you have magic abilities to make you charge it" "thank you sir "oh wait, can I contact anyone from my next life?" he looked down "I can't let you, but you can watch and read whatever you like from you past life" she smiled "sweet, thank you" she bowed.


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