In a world I do not know
2 my new abilities
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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2 my new abilities

Diva Kenobi awoke under a tree rubbing her eyes when she opens them and saw the sun getting up and saw a road and started walking.

diva yawned as her phone went off and she answered it "hello?" "ah yes I got through, and I see yours in one piece" it was the man's voice "well yeah thanks to you," he said, "I've updated your phone's navigation system to match the world that you're in" she replied, "oh thanks, I'll definitely use that thanks" he added, "also I got you a story and I want you to stick with it I even made a person that in it in that world your in" "cool, I'm all ears" after a full conversation she said "ok I understand" she stated walking to the nearest town as she was then ambushed by 2 men as one said "halt, no one forms Farstar shawl live" she spoke "oh that's the place God told me I was born in!" one then charged at diva as she was able to Dodge him and knock him out with a powerful elbow hit the other soon followed but was roundhouse kicked to a tree "woah it looked like there were in slow motion earlier, wonder if that's one of my abilities I can use?" she continued walking to a town called Balthon.


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