In a world I do not know
3 a new friend
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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3 a new friend

Diva arrived at the town name Balthon and gets into character that the man told her and act like she's been through a lot and got her hair messy.

she walked around as a man walked up to her and said "hey, ma'am you ok, you look unwell?" she then started to cry and the man back up a bit "s-sorry I just wanted to ask, h-here" diva was surprised that the man hugged her and looked up at the man "fell any better?" he said and she nods "so what's a 7-year-old doing alone?" she took a deep breath "ok I'm not 7 I'm 15" he said, "still young, anyways my names Axos, yours?" "my name's Diva Kenobi, i-i ran from home" "why's that I bet your parents are a worry-" diva interrupted him "there dead....and my village is gone too even the chef witch was my father" Axos now felt bad for bringing it up "I watch them, both die right in front of me...I still remember there last sayings dad told me to be strong he was killed last tho, I hold on to my mother as we were then spread apart and she was set on fire along with my home, father fought but was soon defeat I knew I was next so I was able to flee and ran and ran till I got here" Axos then thought of something "hey wanna live with me and my friends, I'll let you stay in your own room I'll share with someone" he said trying to lighten up the situation diva nodded "thank you Axos" "follow me" he said taking her to an inn he and his friends are in.


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