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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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4 the crew

Axos took Divas in and went to the diner part of the inn and was lucky to find his friends there and one spoke "I'm Axos what's with the kid?" diva said "HEY JUST BECAUSE I'M SHORT DOESN'T MEAN IM A KID!" "s-sorry" he said as a female said "that's why you don't have a girlfriend Jack because you treat everyone like that, hello my name's Evelina, what's yours?" she replied "Diva" "Diva that's a nice name, oh and that's Jack he's our Summoner, I'm a mage and Axos is an Archer and you?" Diva thought for a second "I'm a mix for two a mage and a fighter I'm good with a sword, but the magic I need to control" Axos said "I asked her if she likes to join us" Jack said, "and she agreed?" "yep, plus I have nowhere to go" Axos added "if y'all are going to say something about her parents..... don't bother" Diva spoke "there dead," Evelina said, "did you do a Resurrection spell?" Diva replied "no I couldn't get to there body's, mom was burn and so was my dad" Evelina look down "they know what they were doing, if you burn a body it can't be healed or resurrect" Jack then sat back "damn," he said "well once you get settled down well find your parents killer and that's a promise" "thank you," said Diva "also Evelina" Evelina tilt her head "can....can you teach me to read, write and use magic?!" Evelina started to grin "I get to have an apprentice!" she took Divas hand "I'll teach you what I know and you'll stay with me!" Axos and Jack looked shocked "haven't seen her that happy before," said Jack "nope," said Axos "welp I'm hungry" he then sat down and ordered something.


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