In a world I do not know
5 The magic within
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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5 The magic within

@@thank you people that read this far and the support to this book I sure hope that this book will do well for the contest I appreciate the support y'all are giving me thank you and as promised a new chapter! enjoy.

Diva and Evelina are in the woods as Evelina smiled opening a book looking for easy spells "this looks good" she then thought "actually if you're already experienced let's go with this one!" she was pointing at the hardest spell in the book.

Diva spoke "I don't know if I can do it can you do it?!" "nope" Evelina smiled in joy Diva started to have doubts "ok if you think I can do it I'll try" Evelina smiled "that's the spirit, no give it a go!" Diva took a deep breath can tried to concentrate as then a stick turn into a staff going into Divas hands as there was a flash of light happened as there was now a portal in the diner part of the inn there were in and Evelina started to grin "Diva you did it!" she hugged her as she was surprised "mom?" Evelina looked surprise "h-huh?" "sorry" Diva said "sorry that just reminded me of my mother" she then spoke in her mind "well she dose have my mom's hug form my pass life and so did Axos, wait I not gonna say" Evelina smiled saying " say Diva wanna continue training?" Diva smiled "yes mom" she then covered her mouth "s-sorry I mean Evelina I'm sorry I didn't mean t-" she was intorupted by Evelina hugging her and said "I'll happily be your mother sweet girl" rubbing her hair as Diva felt calm "now let's do more" "right!" Diva said with enthusiasm and determination "say, can I call you mom if that's alright?" Evelina nodded " what ever makes you comfortable" "ok, mommy" she smiled.



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