In a world I do not know
6 helping folks part 1
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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6 helping folks part 1

@@"My name is Diva Kenobi and I'm dead, God resurrect me into a world with magic it's been two months since then and right now Evelina is now my mother figure, can't wait for my first quest to test my abilities in a world I do not know" she smiled closing a journal.

in a carriage ride Diva saw a spell she might use "hm let's see" she picked up her staff "ok,long sense!" a flash happened but didn't seem to do anything as Jack said "well guess that was a dud" Diva then said "actually no I can actually see pretty well now" she then sniff the air " hey what's this now, is that wait that's blood!" all were surprised as Diva took the rings and went to the direction of the blood. In the forest there were 3 men with a carriage fighting lizard-men "don't let your guard down!" one said "right' the other two said as the four made it and Diva was the first to jump out "fire!" she yelled surrounding a group of them in a ring of fire as Evelina yelled jumping out "ice boom!" shooting it at the center of them killing them in one shot as there was a hooded figure in the background summoning more Axos cought it "there if we take out the summoner they'll stop coming!" "right!" Diva said "ice bind!" she got a clean shot on the summoner and iced there hands together stoping the lizard-man as the guards finished off the last ones with Axos and Jack Evelina walked over to the summoner as Diva walked over to the men "anyone hurt?" "we lost two of our men, if only we were fas-" he was intorupted by a girl yelling "help!"

to be continue.



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