In a world I do not know
7 helping folks part 2
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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7 helping folks part 2

@@there was a girl that yelled "help!" alerting Diva and the guard as they ran to the voice as there was a girl crying "h-help him the arrow broke inside his chest" Diva said "hm, I can't heal it will only extend his suffering..... wait where's the arrow?" the girl picked it up and handed to her "ok" she concentrated "aport!" she then had the arrow tip in her hand then went back "healing light!" there was a flash of light as the old man open his eyes "I feel that the pain is disappearing" Diva fallen back as she passes out as she was with the old man known as God as Diva said "I'm dead again aren't I?" "nope, just a vision" "oh" Diva said surprised "why am I here again tho?" he got some tea "to congratulate you, your doing well and sticking to the story I made for you" "yep" she smiled "well, you best be waking up now" "oh right, um how tho?" "you see" he said as he got a cup "tea?" he said offering "sweet tea please" they both drank there tea as she then woke up in a bed with her friends next to her "hey" as the all turn "DIVA" they all hugged her "hey" she hugged back as people walk then a man with a crown "ah your awake" she said approaching them.

to be continue.



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