In a world I do not know
8 helping folks part 3
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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8 helping folks part 3

Diva looked at the person with the crown as her friends bow and she was about to ask the person raise his hand "there's no need for that, you saved my daughter's life after all" Diva then looked surprised "oh it's no problem were just glad to help" "your a kind young lady, would y'all like some tea?" the three said "yes please" Diva said "can I have sweet tea please?" everyone was confused as Diva said to herself "do they not know what tea is?!" Axos and Jack said "what's sweet tea?" Diva thought for a moment "it's tea with sugar in it, I know how to make it if y'all don't mind" "sure we will love to have some of that sweet tea your talking about" the man said "oh where are my manners, my name is King Maximilian, what are yours?" "Diva, and this is Axos, Jack, and mother" "oh" the king said as Axos and Jack lean in in Evelina "mother?!" they said "I took it up, so I'm her mother figure, but I really want to try this sweet tea!" "that's because you like sugar" said Jack as a hit to the head form Evelina's staff came the next as the little girl form earlier walked in and the king turn to her "ah, my daughter, how is your mother?" "she's ok I didn't tell her what happened that will only worrier her" the king nodded "I see" the girl hold in to the king "I tried looking for someone that can do grandpa's spell I couldn't find anyone" "that's because only a few people have the spell's" Diva then said "can I give a try?" the king looked at her "you sure?" she nodded and got up "take me to her" the girl and king nod and led them to the queen. Diva felling confident concentrated and said "recovery!" a flash of light came from her hand it faded she moved it away "did it work?" the queen open her eyes and sat up "max, Elly?" "mom?" Elly said "I can see y'all, I can see my king and daughter!" there were cry and hugging as Evelina pated Divas head "you did good" "thanks Mom" "now, what's that sweet tea like?!" Evelina said "r-right" a few minutes later Diva had the tea ready and brought it to where everyone and the king were sitting "enjoy!' they grab a cup and took a sip as Jack said "I never had tea like this!" Axos nodded in agreement as Evelina took a sip and started hogging it down as Diva said "mom please slow down drinking it" Maximilian then took one " I say this is some good tea "yeah" Diva said "just make normal tea and one cup of sugar your all set" "I'll have to get this recipe to my chiefs, Michael the rewards please" Micheal sat a tray down "for bringing my daughter, saving my Butler, and performing a miracle on my wife take this as an reward" he gave a sack to Diva as she drop it hurtring her finger "ow" "sorry" the king apologize as Axos picked it up "and everyone gets one of theses it will show the others that your under the protection of the king "sweet!" everyone said as Diva was sucking her finger.


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