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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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9 Love

@@Diva sat in her room with Evelina as she writes in her book and Evelina said "you really like that book don't you?" Diva said "well yeah, I write my thoughts in it" she closed it "that's sweet" Evelina said patting Divas head as she sees a gem and the phone confused on what the phone is.

It was late at night and Diva was up looking on her phone now she was able to charge it as she was reading a news article about a girl that died to an astroid "oh....that was...me" she saw a video and played it as she turn down the volume and listen to it as she heard her mother's voice saying "our sweet girl was so innocent and kind" she then heard her father spoke "she didn't even get to become a teenager, and now shes up there looking at us" they were crying as her brother then spoke "idk if my sister can hear this but...I love you so much wish I got to know my little sister better, I'm sorry I was so mean to you, love you" the video ended as she was crying knowing that her brother and parents care for her and she turn her phone off going to sleep as she dreams about her family as she smiles in her sleep as Evelina awoke as she walked over to Diva giving her a kiss on the head and walked out getting the in ready for the morning.



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