In a world I do not know
10 living the best life
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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10 living the best life

@@Diva awoke as she can smell something good cooking as Diva walked out smelling the air as Evelina was making breakfast "smells good mom" Evelina replied "thank you" she sat the food on a table "when was the last time you had a meal?" Diva said "nit since my village burn down witch was 2 months ago" she started to cry as Evelina hugged her and she huged back.

Diva and everyone else were in town looking for a quest as Axos said "welp there's nothing, so I guess we can have fun" Jack and Evelina were excited but Diva wasn't as Evelina looked at her direction "you ok?" Diva said "yeah I'm fine" as Jack said "have you ever had fun before?!" Diva shook her head "no I been training ever since I could crawl and focus on how to be a chef" Axos was surprised "wow, not even just one day out?!" Diva shook no "but I'll like to take a day out" she smiled "sweet" Jack said Axos laughed and said"now let's go find some fun!" they all walked out as Diva followed Evelina "the boys can do there thing let's go find something to d-" she sees Diva looking at a dress "oh you want that?" Diva jumped "n-no I just never wore one before!" Evelina smirk "oh really?" she took her hand and ran in the store a few hours they walked out as Diva had a nice dress on and a bag of a few more "hey ma I got more ideas for spells I learn!" Evelina was surprised "really?!" "yep" she replied "I was train with a sword and I was able to turn my staff into a sword on command!" "cool" Evelina said as they hugged walking as Diva said "anything you wanna do mom?" Evelina smiled "spending time with my daughter figured!" she blushes as she was given a kiss on the head as they started walking back.



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