In a world I do not know
12 friendship divide part 1
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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12 friendship divide part 1

@@Diva was up late at night thinking about something she felt like she was being watched everywhere she went, she remembered God's story they made up and knew the person that she first ran into will come back but didn't know when.

It was late in the afternoon as Diva said as outside as she saw a spell that didn't look as useful but it wouldn't hurt to try it out later. Diva walked in the inn as Axos stoped her "hey Diva, you got a latter form the Duke" she replied "oh thank you" she took it "by the way have you seen Jack?" "sadly no" Diva replied as she went to her and Evelina's room she looked at her desk like there was something missing, Evelina then walked in "hey Mom?" "yes dear?" Evelina replied "have you seen my gem stone?" Diva said in a worried tone "no I haven't" Evelina said "why?" "my mom gave that to me because of my eyes it's a mix of red and blu-" "a ruby and a Sapphire?" "yeah that's it!" Diva turn to Evelina "I think that's what I saw in Jack's hands" "no we got to find him now!" Diva said run out as Evelina followed leaving Axos confused.

to be continue.



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