In a world I do not know
14 The enemy
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In a world I do not know
Author :springBonnie_plays
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14 The enemy

@@Diva was in the woods crying "he sold my only thing I have left of my parents!" strange things started to approach her as one pounce at her but was then kicked by a strange guy in a hood "something the matter and your welcome" he spoke "my friend sold something that my parents gave me and it was the only thing I have to remember them by" "I see gotta name?" "Diva, daughter of Aris chief of Farstar!" "Farstar huh, thought that place was destroyed?" "it was" she replied "so you gonna stay here or go to your "friends"?" Diva shook no "but if I can go with you that be great" "ok" he said as Diva was knocked out as men hold on to her as the hooded figured said "take her to base I'ma have a chat with her friends" he walked off as the men took her away.

Evelina Axos and Jack were looking for Diva as Jack spoke "hey Evelina is there a spe-" "oh dow" she summon her staff "aport!" she had Divas gem in her hand "perfect" she said "now we gotta find Diva, my poor baby" Axos finally said "ev you do know she ain't yours?!" she replied annoyed "yes I know but I seem to be a good parent figure then y'all!" the hooded figured poped up "hello" he said smirking in his mask.



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