Just another marvel fanfic
-1 Prologue 2
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Just another marvel fanfic
Author :Cev2018
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-1 Prologue 2

@@\u003cThe Void between Life and Death\u003e

It feels like it has been thousands of years since I arrived here.


"Huh, well this is certainly not the most homey place to be." I try to turn around but all I see is white. Plain bright white everywhere.

"Maybe I will get visited by a god or goddess like in those novels and fanfic's" I wait patiently for a month but no one has come yet. "Am I really going to be stuck here for eternity..."

\u003c200 years later\u003e

"Argh why can't anyone talk to me I don't even remember how long it's been. I mean it's white everywhere white ceiling, white walls, white floor, and the only other color is me I'm grey! It's so nerve racking maybe something will happen soon."

Then as of responding to his words a bright red light was seen in the distance. "Wait something or someone is here as well I should check it out just in case." So I drifted over to the light. What I found was a large sphere of red, and black energy giving of a welcoming aura.

"Huh! This.. This could be the fabled system could it the ultimate cheat in novels, right!?!?!"



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