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Just another marvel fanfic
Author :Cev2018
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1 Chapter 1

{System Integration at 100%}

"Ohh!! Let's see what this system can do, shall we? Uh, system?"

{Yes, Host?} "What Function's do you have?" {Marvel System function's include, Store, Stats, Quest's, Inventory, Settings} "Cool, so uh will I be reborn or reincarnated because I hope that I can be reborn, seeing as I didn't have a family in my last life." {Host you do not need to worry you will be reborn} "Ok, seeing your name 'Marvel System' i assume that means I'm going to be in the MCU?" {Yes host you will be born into the MCU As that is the most suitable universe for you and as your last dying wish}. "Awesome!!! I can't wait now, hehe. oh ya, don't I have a beginners package or something?"

{Yes host you have 1 Beginners package would you like to open it?}

"Yes! Please do open it."

{Opened Beginners package}

<1x SuperHuman Strenght & Durability>

<1x Enhanced Intellect> (Tony Stark Level if not above)

<1x Cavvax Body & Bloodline>

<1x Celestial Bloodline>

<1x 50,000 MS Points>

"Awesome, Though I have no idea what Cavvax is?" Might be something to do with my family? eh, I can find out when I'm born. {Warning! Host's Soul is about to be sent to the MCU!} "Yes! Finally, ok when I'm in the MCU how long will it take for me to be born?" {Approxamitly 6 Months} "Ok, that gives me enough time to look through the system and find out about my Bloodlines." {Transferring Host's Soul To the MCU now} "Uh will this hurt?" {No But Host should be warned you will be in your mother's womb immediately} "Ok, Then let's get this part over with."

<Bridge of the Night Wolf>

"Agh!" Said a Woman Wearing The Captains uniform. "Aria, are you ok!?!?!" Said a Man who rushed to the bridge of the ship when he heard his wife scream out in pain. "I think the babies are coming!"

"Oh, Crap!! Uh, I'll go get the doctor!"


"Gah!!!" "It will be over soon Miss ()" "WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT GAHHH!!!" While the doctor was trying to calm down Aria her husband was trying to not have a mental breakdown due to the pain of having his hand pulverized by her squeezing it. "Aria, if you calm down this will go a lot easier so please for all of our collective sakes please don't pulverize our hands." "YOU TRY GIVING BIRTH TO CHILDREN!!" "Ok ok, I get it I'll shut up." "Alright now just give a big push miss." "GAHH!!" (Baby sounds can't figure out how to do that...) "Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy and a healthy baby girl." "Ah, please let me hold them." "Of course." "Ah, my cute little children you look like your father (), and you my little princess has my eyes and hair." Aria said while smiling."


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