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5 Plot twist 2
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Marvel Cultivator
Author :Flame_Slasher
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5 Plot twist 2

Tony saw the old woman running towards them with tears and the old man standing at the doorstep with tears. The old woman came near them and took Tony from Maria's hand and began to pull them into the house. When they were in, the old woman looked at Tony with love. She kissed Tony on his cheeks for some time. She then gave Tony to the old man who was looking at them with love. Then the old woman hugged Maria tightly as if she will be gone if she didn't hold her. Then they bought Maria and Tony in dinnig room. Them sat on their chairs. Maria's mother took Tony to bedroom to allow him to sleep there. She stayed until Tony have gone yo sleep. She was singing a lullaby for Tony.

After they sat down, the old man wiped his tears with hands. He then looked at Maria and asked, "Is it very shameful for you to enter in your on house?"

Maria was still crying. She looked at her father and sobbed.

Her father sighed and said, "sigh...So why are you here now.?"

Maria: "W..we are divorced."

Hearing this her father stood up with rage, "How dare you ?. Don't you have any concern about my grandson? Now he have to live with divorced parents." He began to scold Maria like that for hours. Sometime he was standing in rage and shouting. By the time all that ended it became night. From that point onwards both Tony and Maria was living with Maria's parents.

Maria's parents were kind people. Maria's father was a war veteran. His name was Edwin Carbonell. Her mother's name is Mary Carbonell. Tony started to have a blissful life.

By the time he was one year old he was able to walk and speak. Also by the time Maria became too tired. She became bedridden. Tony spent most of his time either in library or with his mother.

~After 5 years

When he became five years old, the Great Empyrean Lightning Technique were unsealed. He began to train in it. Once he started that he also got some mini quests. By completing these quests he got some rewards. These rewards were mostly herbs or pills. With the help of these rewards he was able to reach 2nd level of body strengthening in one year. He now can lift a 500 pound rock easily. His speed also increased.

Now he was sitting with his mother. Suddenly he thought something and asked Maria, "Mother, what happened between you and father?"

There was a stubborn look on his face. When she saw this Maria have realised that she need to tell him about Howard Stark now. From what he heard from his mother, he became very angry.

His mother were pregnant before with a child. But due to a kidnapping attempt on Maria by his father's enemies, she were miscarried. But this also made Maria's condition worsen. She wasn't able to become pregnant anymore. This affected both his parents very badly. At that time Maria found that Howard Stark had a mistress somewhere and the become more close. Because of this Maria was ignored. The mistress became pregnant and had a child.

Due to this Maria was really abandoned. But god came to her life in the form of a friend. One of her friends, who was a genius in medical research have founded a way that would allow Maria to become artificially pregnant. So with her friend's help Maria become pregnant artificially. That's how Tony was born. During the time Howard have injected some kind of serum into Tony's fetus. But after Tony's birth when he conducted tests he couldn't find any changes in his DNA like Howard wanted. That's why he sent both Maria and Tony away. He even divorced Maria. Currently Howard have all his hope on his other son.

When he heard this, Tony was very angry. He wanted to torture his father. From what he know in his memories from previous life he realised that there used to be a strained relationship between Tony and Howard in cinemas and mangas. But in real life it have gone beyond the strained relationship stage.

But seeing his mother he became very sad.But he couldn't do anything now. It was then it suddenly hit him. He was not alone in this world. He have the invincible system with. With the help of system he may help her now.

'System, is there any way to help my mother?'

[Ding, There are few pills that may help host's mother. They are

Medium grade healing pill - 10000 SP

Low grade Rebirth pill - 500000 SP]

Seeing this Tony was very happy. He realised that he can help her. At that time he saw something in system's notification.

'System, what is this SP ?'

[Ding, SP means system point. It can be obtained by completing quests, killing beasts and enemies, exchanging materials etc..]

[Host can use SP as currency for buying anything that is available from the shop.]

Hearing the system he began to formulate plans to obtain system points. Suddenly another notification window opened in front of him.

[Main quest 1 - Cure Maria

Rewards: <<Basic Electric Engineering Mastery>>, <<Close combat mastery>>, 10000 SP]


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