Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
1 Prologue: The Creation of the Diary
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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1 Prologue: The Creation of the Diary

Wang Takeru was just staring at her phone, however she was bored, extremely bored. She didn't know what to do, so she just downloaded a diary space on her phone and she started to type up everything she does in her life. 1:45 PM. Forgot to study for a quiz. Takeru typed on her phone after class was over with. She felt frustrated as she had never actually forgotten to study before. "This diary is taking over my life," she says to no one in particular. Her purple hair and purple eyes make her look like a mean person when she isn't mean at all.

"Hey, Shorts!" One of Takeru's bullies call out to her. Takeru turned to her and she thought that she was going to be award with a slap to the face, but instead, she was pulled into a hug.

"Thanks for losing concentration on the quiz today," she told Takeru politely.

"No problem, ma'am," Takeru responded to the girl. The girl wasn't shocked at Takeru's politeness as her politeness is her personality.

"Ugh! She's so boring!" The girl says as she walked away. However, she had shouted what she was saying and it made Takeru slightly upset.

"At 2:50, was bullied by Li Negire again," Takeru whispered as she typed it into her phone. Takeru sat down on a bench and she waited for time to pass as she didn't want to go home early. She typed in her diary some more and she sighed in relief at the slow time passing by. Takeru noticed that her classmates were talking about her, but she ignored it and just typed the incident in her diary.

As Takeru started to walk home at 3:00 PM, she thought she heard a sound that was like something grinding into the flesh of meat. However, before she could see what was making the sound, something told her to run away. Run away she did as she immediately left the area. She didn't care about getting strange looks; she just wanted to get away from the danger that posed a threat to her being.

When she got home, she checked the time. 3:05. She typed into her phone. At 3:02, heard a scary sound that prompted me to run home. She typed into the diary. Takeru took off her green school uniform jacket and her white buttoned-up dress shirt. She put on a black undershirt and she changed her skirt into a pair of blue shorts with pockets. She placed a blue jacket on her person and she sat down at her desk in her rolling chair. "What the hell was that earlier?" She asked herself, twirling herself around in the chair. "Oh well, it probably meant nothing anyway. Life occurrences in my life are boring, just like me," Takeru says, a little amused.


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