Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
3 Chapter 2: Bravery Goes a Long Way
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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3 Chapter 2: Bravery Goes a Long Way

Something snapped inside of Takeru and she ran towards the man with the knife. The man forced his knife forward and Takeru dodged the knife and she punched him in his face. The man growled at the punch and he stabbed Takeru in her abdomen and in shock, she didn't shriek. Officer Retsu shrieked and shot the criminal in his shoulder. He ran off and Officer Retsu tended to Takeru.

"Hey, it's alright!" She shouted, panicking as she tried to stop the bleeding. Takeru gasped as she felt the pain from the stab wound. She helped Officer Retsu by pressing on her wound.

"It's hurts," she tells Officer Retsu, who had called the ambulance for Takeru. When the ambulance got to their location, they needed to do emergency surgery on Takeru, so they quickly grab Takeru and drove to the nearest hospital. Officer Retsu checked in Takeru and she waited for a very long time.

She was fired from her job because she let the criminal escape, but she didn't care about that. She was rescuing Takeru because the criminal stabbed her! "Officer Retsu?" The surgeon calls out to her. Retsu stood up and she waited for the surgeon to come closer to her.

"It's just Retsu now," Retsu tells the surgeon. The surgeon still couldn't believe that Retsu was fired for saving a student and a child from blood loss.

"You're still Officer Retsu to both me and her. She is extremely worried about you," she tells Officer Retsu.

"She's awake?" Officer Retsu asked with hope flashing in her eyes.

"Surprisingly, yes. She is wanting to see you," the surgeon tells her and she lead Officer Retsu to Takeru's bed in the recovery section of the hospital. When Officer Retsu saw Takeru's middle bandaged, she cried tears of happiness and she was glad that she didn't chase after the criminal. She could've died had I left to chase after him. Officer Retsu thought.

"Hey, you alright?" Takeru asked Officer Retsu. She didn't see Officer Retsu's badge and she got worried. "Where's your badge?" She questioned, attempting to sit up to look up at Officer Retsu, who helped her to set up.

"I got fired because the criminal escaped," Officer Retsu explained to Takeru. Takeru clinched her fists. She was angry at the person that fired Retsu.

"You saved me and they fired you for putting me first?" Takeru questioned. The surgeon attempted to calm Takeru with her words.

"I know you're angry, Takeru, but your stitches will open up if you don't calm down," the surgeon tells Takeru, a successfully calming down Takeru, but the hug that Officer Retsu gave Takeru really calmed her down. Takeru was extremely pissed off about Officer Retsu being fired.

They fired her for helping me. What if I had died?! Takeru angrily thought. She was thankful that Officer Retsu stayed with her. She had stitches, but she wasn't dying anymore. She knew that she was dying of blood loss due to the stab wound being deep, but the surgeon managed to save her, hence her being dizzy due to blood loss.

She felt rage bubbling in the pit of her stomach, but pain told her to not get extremely angry as she was still healing from her wound. Crap! She thought, feeling her stomach ache from the surgery.

Officer Retsu was napping on her side after she had cried herself to sleep. Takeru had tangled her hand into the woman's hair. They don't deserve you. She thought, gazing at Officer Retsu. Takeru then wondered about the man that had stabbed her earlier. What if the sound had came from him when I heard something cut into flesh? Takeru wondered. She then decided that she could help arrest the man that stabbed her, even if it meant putting herself in even more danger. Takeru would rather use herself than Officer Retsu. She knew that Officer Retsu would panic and thus, she would not be a wise choice for wanting to catch a criminal. Takeru would never do that to Officer Retsu. She had a feeling that Officer Retsu was forced to be a police officer because her mannerisms are not of a police officer. Officer Retsu's mannerisms reminded Takeru of a kind, daycare lady. Takeru wondered how Officer Retsu was forced to be a police officer.


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