Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
4 Chapter 3: Investigating 1
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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4 Chapter 3: Investigating 1

After Takeru had healed up, she had to go back to school. Takeru didn't want to deal with the students' behavior towards her, however, and she ended up skipping school the first day she was supposed to be back. You can't make me go back there. Takeru thought in anger. She felt her wound and she sighed in relief that she was still alive. She bumped into Officer Retsu and the young woman turned to smile at Takeru. "Skipping school is not a good thing, Takeru," she tells the young girl. Because Takeru couldn't find it in her heart to be rude to Officer Retsu, she wasn't rude to the young woman.

"Yeah, I know that, Officer Retsu," Takeru tells Officer Retsu, who was suddenly bombarded by people thanking her for saving Takeru. Officer Retsu didn't like the attention very much and Takeru ordered the people away from her. "By the way, can we talk in private?" She asked. Officer Retsu didn't have a job anymore and so, she was all ears to what Takeru wanted to tell her in private.

"What?" Takeru knew that it wasn't such a bright idea to tell Officer Retsu about her assumption that the man that mad stabbed her was the killer that the police was looking for this entire time. Officer Retsu was shocked at the revelation, but as she looked back on it, she could see why Takeru would say what she had told her. "I see what you mean, but how will we prove it?" Officer Retsu asked. Takeru gave the woman a mischievous smile.

"We're investigating!" Takeru was cheerful about it as she grabbed Officer Retsu's hand and started to drag her along, despite her protests.

"Are you crazy? What would happen if he does show up? He already stabbed you once. I'm sure he wants to finish the job," Officer Retsu panicked about Takeru's well-being. Takeru smiled at Officer Retsu's extremely caring nature.

"Thank you for caring about me, but I don't care about dying if I can put a criminal behind bars," Takeru tells Officer Retsu. The woman stared at Takeru in shock. She is so willing to die for the common good. What is this girl?! Officer Retsu thought. She felt bad for being protected by the girl because she has no self-confidence and she requires talking to Takeru to even be happy over her welfare. Takeru knows that Officer Retsu is a good person; she was just forced into the wrong job type.

"I'm sorry for being so pathetic. I'm surprised you're even putting up with me," Officer Retsu tells Takeru. Takeru huffed at the woman.

"You treat me a hell of a lot better than students at my school," Takeru reveals to Officer Retsu. Officer Retsu was shocked at this.

"Are you serious? You're so kind and gentle," she tells Takeru. Takeru giggled slightly.

"That doesn't matter to middle school students," she answered a bit coldly. Officer Retsu shivered due to slight fear of Takeru at that very moment. She had no idea that Takeru didn't get along with anyone at her school. Officer Retsu wondered if that was why she had alway seen Takeru walk by herself to go home. "Whatever. We're supposed to be investigating, not talking about my life as a middle school student," Takeru was cold now and it scared Officer Retsu because it told her that Takeru was serious about finding the serial killer and putting him behind bars. Takeru wasn't going to rest easy until they find that man and put him in jail, where he belongs.

They searched the area for clues that could point in the serial killer's direction, but they found nothing when it had hit 12 PM. "How can we not have found nothing about the killer?" Takeru was impatient while Officer Retsu had to calm her.

"Calm down, Takeru, I'm sure there's something that we overlooked," she tells Takeru. Takeru turned to gaze at her. Damn right, we overlooked something! Takeru thought in anger.


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