Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
5 Chapter 4: Investigating 2
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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5 Chapter 4: Investigating 2

Takeru refused to rest until she had one piece of evidence to find the tracks of the serial killer. Officer Retsu stayed with her for the entire day and as Takeru searched and searched, Officer Retsu provided emotional guidance to Takeru. When Takeru had came across something small finally, she grinned and she ran towards it. Officer Retsu followed her. "Be careful!" She warned Takeru, but she had already knew that. She knows that fake evidence could be planted anywhere just to throw her off the trail of the real evidence.

Takeru felt impatience brewing in the pit of her stomach and her stomach started to ache. "Crap!" Takeru groaned, getting her pills that the surgeon had prescribed her. The pain pills helped with the pain, but she would be 100% if she just took a break on finding the serial killer. But, Takeru refused to rest until she can find something to go on as a lead.

"Are you alright?" Officer Retsu questioned Takeru. Takeru turned to smile at the young woman.

"I'm fine, just need to take my pain pills," Takeru tells Officer Retsu, making the woman sigh in relief over Takeru. She's so stubborn, yet determined. Officer Retsu thought as she watched Takeru take her pain pills. Takeru decided to rest until the pain pills kicked in. She saw a bench and she plop herself down carefully. Officer Retsu sat down beside Takeru. "Sorry for dragging you into this, Officer Retsu," she tells the woman. Officer Retsu didn't mind as she was willing to help Takeru find the killer. She didn't want Takeru to get even more hurt than she had already and she blamed herself for Takeru's injury even though Takeru had reacted.

They searched for the rest of the day and when they found nothing, they just rested on the bench. The next day, they did the same thing. The day had passed over onto nightfall and Takeru was still searching for a clue that could help solve the case of who was the murderer. She searched every crook and nanny for something that she could use. Officer Retsu had left to get them some coffee, which Takeru was grateful for. She could use the caffeine to help energized her body.

After their coffee break, they were back at it. After awhile, Takeru had felt something scrap against her gloved hand and she pulled thr thing out from under the building. When she pulled it out, Officer Retsu had vomited the contents of her coffee out. Takeru dropped the item in shock and she fell back against the wall of the building.

She couldn't believe what she had found.


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