Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
6 Chapter 5: Investigating 3
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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6 Chapter 5: Investigating 3

Officer Retsu was gazing down at the ground at the thing that Takeru had found. She had emptied her stomach already, but she was willing to go a second round after looking at the body part again. The tongue looked like it had already rotted and Takeru almost vomited at the sight of it. " that?" Officer Retsu nearly screamed out.

"It's a tongue...a fucking tongue is under the building!" Takeru had shouted in both shock and fear. She couldn't believe it. The first piece of evidence was literally a piece. The tongue looked fresh as well.

Officer Retsu went for round two of losing her coffee and she felt no shame for vomiting a second time. Officer Retsu let her stomach relax after vomiting. She was still in shock at seeing the tongue. Takeru was still in shock at seeing the tongue as well and she got up slowly. "Tell the police that we have a fresh tongue at the location," Takeru gently commanded Officer Retsu. The woman obeyed Takeru and she called the police to report what she and Takeru had seen.

After she had made the call, she met up with Takeru, who had went into the coffee shop to order her something stronger to drink. She wanted to forget about finding and seeing the body part, but it kept on reappearing in her mind. She growled to herself. The police had found the tongue and they started to question Retsu and Takeru, however, they started to pester Retsu because she had lost her job as an officer. "Look, it's Retsu. Boss fired you because you were incompetent, y'know?" One of them told her. When Retsu gazed down at the floor of the coffee shop, Takeru slammed her fist down, gaining the attention of everyone in the shop. She pulled up her shirt to show the scar. The onlookers saw the scar and they were horrified.

The police officers immediately felt sick. "What the hell is that?" One of the females asked Takeru. Takeru sneered at the officer and the officer flinched.

"This is why Officer Retsu lost her job. I got stabbed and she was trying to save me from dying of blood loss. Considering I'm still here, I'm glad she stayed behind," Takeru tells the police officers. They gazed down at the ground, ashamed of themselves. They didn't even know the entire story. They just thought that Retsu was being her clumsy self; they didn't think to realize that she could have been saving a child's life.

One by one, the police officers apologized to Retsu. She told them that she understood why they would talk about her. "You guys were mean, but you were telling the truth. I'm not cut out for this job," she tells the police officers. They left on the good note and Retsu smiled as they left.

"Hmph, I still don't like them. Come along, Officer Retsu," Takeru tells Retsu, who followed after her protector.

"Y'know, you don't have to call me Officer," Retsu tells Takeru, causing the girl to turn back with a cheeky smile.

"I know, but you're Officer Retsu to me," Takeru responded, making Retsu smile widely. Despite the clue, the evening had ended on a very positive note.


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