Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
8 Chapter 7: Playing with Fire 1
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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8 Chapter 7: Playing with Fire 1

Retsu stared at her kidnapper with fear in her eyes. The man was now sitting face-to-face to her. Retsu couldn't keep her eyes from showing her fear, but the man didn't care about her fear. He just wanted to watch her for the time being. As she shivered against his touch, the man felt sick happiness at touching his captive.

He gave her a wolfish grin and he continued to move against her and he placed his lips against her virgin lips and he tasted the sweetness of the food that Takeru had cooked before she had sent Retsu shopping. Retsu had guilt welling up in her stomach as she knew that by getting kidnapped, Takeru wasn't able to afford acting careful like she was during the clue searching part of her plan of finding the murderer. "Please don't hurt me," she begged the man. The kidnapper just continued to give Retsu a wolfish grin and he didn't respond to her plea. Don't worry, little lady, I won't hurt you. No harm will come to you unless it brings that kid closer to her death. He thought, holding Retsu against his lean chest. He wasn't muscular, but he was strong enough to hold Retsu against his chest as the woman was dainty and weak.

The man still had his wolfish grin as Retsu switched her gaze to her feet, staring at the ground of the house she was held captive in. She whimpered in fear. She didn't want to be here with the cruel man; she wanted to be back home, laughing and talking with Takeru. She wanted to convince Takeru to go back to middle school, but she knew that at the moment Takeru would be too busy to want to go back to school. The man placed his hand under Retsu's chin and he tilted her head to force her to look at her. "So little lady, want to help me find your friend? I'm sure she wants you back," the man tells Retsu.

"W-who are you?" She asked the man and he smirked at her. He wasn't going to answer Retsu's question as he knew that Takeru would want to kill him ten times over if she knows who he was.

"Shut up, little lady," he told Retsu. Retsu quickly closed her mouth in fear of the man hurting her if she didn't obey him. She squeaked when the man kissed her on her lips again. He loved scaring his hostage and he knew that he was screwed whenever her friend finds Retsu. He wondered who the girl was as he didn't know her at all. "You don't know me, but your friend knows me by my nickname," he tells Retsu, who stared at him in fear. Why would Takeru know this man? She thought, frightened of the man.


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