Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
9 Chapter 8: Playing with Fire 2
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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9 Chapter 8: Playing with Fire 2

Takeru was grinding her teeth together in anger. She didn't know who took Retsu but she had a couple of clues about who took her. She stopped bothering with the gangsters of the city after a few years ago after she grew into her teenage years. She wanted to do something with her life, but after she met Retsu when she was still an officer, she wanted to help her solve the murders that have been happening. She knew that if anything were to happen to Retsu, she would snap completely and become cruel. She didn't want that to happen as she finally enjoyed being around another person that didn't bully her for being weird. She kept a diary for a reason and now, her diary could be used to put a criminal behind bars.

Takeru knew what she had to do, even if it meant finding who kidnapped Retsu. She was going to save Retsu and she was going to play with fire, even if it meant getting burnt. Takeru didn't care for herself, but if it means saving other people, including her classmates, Takeru was willing to go to the hospital or die trying to put peace back into the city. "The city was never shaken by a murderer before, so I'm going to make it my duty to put peace back in it," Takeru swore to herself, packing a bag that contained the necessary items she would use to help herself. After she finished packing her bag, she started her journey of playing Cat and Mouse and she knew that she was the mouse. The perfect bait for her was Retsu and Takeru knew that the criminal had gotten quite a bit of information on the both of them. Takeru just hoped that the criminal wasn't a very well-known one, otherwise, she knew that trouble was going to be very strong.

With the man, he was just eyeing Retsu. He knew that the girl had gotten her clue of where to find them and he was willing to use Retsu as bait to catch the kid. "You're the cheese to catch the mouse, little lady," he tells Retsu, holding her chin up. Retsu just gave him a teary stare and she let her tears soak her cheeks. She was afraid, but she was deathly afraid for Takeru. Please, don't come. You'll get killed! Retsu thought in fear. She didn't want Takeru to die while saving her!

The man smirked at Retsu's despondent expression and he started to cackle. He knew why Retsu was looking like that and he knew that she had figured it out. Little lady is right in her guess. I'm going to kill that little brat and show the city her remains. That'll show the police not to mess with me. He thought, turning his crazed grin to Retsu.

With Takeru, she knew how to be prepared to fight fire with fire. She knew that she should have warned the police, but the boss fired Retsu for simply saving her from death. That was their mistake. Takeru thought, feeling extremely betrayed by the one occupation that was supposed to dedicate themselves to protecting the innocent civilians and they can't even do that right. Takeru knew that she would have to just trust her own judgment for what to do.

Takeru was ready to play with fire and it was just the starting point of playing Cat and Mouse. There could only be one winner and one safe hostage. Takeru was feeling encouraged to stop the murderer from claiming anymore victims.


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