Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
10 Chapter 9: Fatal Conclusion 1
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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10 Chapter 9: Fatal Conclusion 1

Takeru started her journey to find the man and Retsu. As she ran around the city, she took her pain pills for her wound that haven't hit 100% yet. As the night turned even more colder, Takeru could see her breath a small chill. She continued to press on, not willing to give up after starting the "game" that the murderer had forced her to play. "I will find you and when I figure who you are, I will destroy you," Takeru swore, feeling the coldness through her clothes. Takeru huffed, feeling tired due to her unhealed wound and the cold mixing in, making her miserable. She knew that the wound was making her feel weak, but she wanted to keep on moving.

After a while, her wound had won over despite the fact that she wanted to keep on moving. However, she knew that stopping for a nap wouldn't be an issue. Even though she didn't have all the time in the world, she knew that the murderer would just wait for her to have a final showdown with her. I'll rest here. She thought, laying her tired body on a bench at a park. She closed her eyes, feeling herself sink into another dreamless rest. When she woke up at the birds singing, she knew that she had to get doing and so, she continued her journey. She didn't stop until her feet ached enough for her to rest for a few moments and she went off again. She was very determined to find out who the murderer was, but the plus side was saving Retsu. She would save Retsu and Retsu would able to start her own daycare. Takeru knew that her dream was destroyed the moment she stepped into middle school. She become bored of life itself and she knew that just having a friend was all she needed to keep herself going. When Takeru befriended Retsu, she had happiness swelling in her heart and now, she was going to lose that happiness unless she find the murderer.

She didn't want Retsu to die just because of Takeru being stubborn. She wanted Retsu to be safe and happy and she couldn't even keep her safe. "Damn it!" She cursed herself. That piece of shit! She thought. She was going to figure out who hates her guts that much to kidnap Retsu. Retsu was a innocent woman who did nothing wrong to anyone and she was kidnapped. Takeru wanted to laugh at the evil irony. It was ironic that the innocent people get hurt and that the evil people gets away with everything. Takeru cursed the irony that causes the people who wants peace to die the most painful deaths than criminals to get deaths that seems like taking a candy from a baby. She hated that the worst deaths that happens to criminals are deaths that are caused by the police shooting them when they are cornered. She didn't want the murderer to die by the police's hands; she wanted the murderer to die by her own two hands and she was going to make sure that it happens.

She didn't want the murderer to escape his crimes on innocent people.


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