Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
11 Chapter 10: Fatal Conclusion 2
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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11 Chapter 10: Fatal Conclusion 2

Takeru kept on with her journey to find the murderer. As she gazed at the clues that the murderer kept on sending her through Retsu's phone, she was able to figure out who the murderer was by the second day of the "game". As Takeru kept on going with anger coursing through her veins, she couldn't believe that she knew the murderer. Why did you do it? I looked up to you as a younger classmate. She thought, feeling very betrayed. When she finally found the murderer's hideout, she saw Li Negire. She ran to the young girl, who was huffing for breath. The bully noticed Takeru and she coughed very heavily before she was able to talk to Takeru. "You insane girl. You actually came despite my warnings," she breathed out to Takeru. Yes, all of Li Negire's bullying attempts were warnings to stay away for her own safety, but Takeru was stubborn.

"Of course, I came! Your brother has Retsu!" She shouted at the girl. She helped Negire up and she felt wetness on her shirt. She flicked her gaze to Negire's side and she was blood seeping through her shirt. She's talking about me and she's bleeding! Takeru thought in shock.

"So that was who that innocent woman was," she commented before she suck in a lot of air. Negire felt her side ache, but she wasn't willing to go to the hospital until Takeru gets her friend back safely and stops her older brother. Until he is put down, I will let my wound bleed as much as it should. This is the punishment I am giving myself for not being very clear with Takeru. Negire thought, feeling a little dizzy.

"Fuck your reckless plan, Negire! If you die of blood loss, I am so going to haunt your grave!" Takeru shouted, finding bandages to wrap Negire's side with. Negire gasped in shock.

"Why did you bandaged my side? I am related to the murderer," Negire reminds Takeru and Takeru gave her a slap that almost knocked Negire out cold.

"I don't see you helping hide the bodies. I don't see you helping terrorizing the nicest person I've ever met. Don't come to me, talking about blood relations and you haven't done shit to gain an enemy out of me!" Takeru shouted, angry tears falling down her cheeks. Negire gasped at Takeru in shock. I've never seen her cry before. She thought. Negire then started to smile at Takeru, knowing that her angry ranting was completed until she sees her brother again.

"You insane girl. I'm glad you've made it this far to figure it out," Negire congratulated Takeru for finding the murderer of the people that had brutal endings.

"Don't congratulate me yet. Congratulate me when he is dead," Takeru growled at Negire. Negire gave Takeru a pained grunt.

"Whatever," she grunted. Takeru smirked at Negire's uncaring answer and she gently helps Negire up the stairs of the porch of the house. The house was large, but Negire knew where her brother was keeping Takeru's friend. "Takeru, put down Burguess," Negire pleaded with Takeru and with a frown, Takeru agreed.

"Don't worry, Negire. Burguess will be stopped," Takeru swore to Negire. With a small, yet pained grin, Negire was willing to put her trust in Takeru.


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