Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
12 Chapter 11: Fatal Conclusion 3
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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12 Chapter 11: Fatal Conclusion 3

Burguess smirked at Retsu as he hugged her closer to him again. Retsu collided with his body and yet, she couldn't stop herself as her hands were tied behind her back. She tried to pull her wrists apart, but she only succeeded at bruising her wrists by letting the rope dig into her wrists. Retsu groaned at the pain and she stopped trying to pull her hands apart. She knew that if she continued, she would only hurt herself.

Burguess gave Retsu a predatory smirk and he leaned closer to Retsu's face. He could see the color in her eyes and he could also see the fear in her eyes. Burguess smirked as he pressed his lips to Retsu's neck. Retsu's breathed hitched, but she made no noticed as she closed her eyes to keep herself from seeing Burguess's actions on her body. She whined a little bit as Burguess nipped and pulled at her skin. "Shh," he whispered to her. Retsu kept her sounds to herself to keep from angering Burguess as the man had almost stabbed her in one of his rage moments, making her even more terrified of him. Before Burguess could even begin undressing Retsu, an angry kick to his face had stopped him.

"You bastard!" Takeru had shouted in a very loud tone of voice. Retsu was shocked to see Takeru in her most angry moment. She came. Retsu thought as she saw Takeru swing her leg out again to Burguess on her foot to try and break something in his body. Burguess coughed up blood, but that was it as he slumped to the floor. "Retsu, you alright?" She asked of Retsu. She had seen Burguess try to undress Retsu and she decided to just go ahead and stop Burguess by kicking him away from Retsu. Damn, I can't let him know I'm injured. Takeru thought as she held her stomach wound with her hand. She knew she couldn't afford to be reckless now that she had found Burguess and Retsu.

She had completed Phase One of her plan. She had founded the murderer and Retsu. Now, it was time for the hard part: Trying to put down Burguess.

Takeru put her fists and she jumped around to get used to the feeling of the hard floor. Takeru then rushed at Burguess to try and punch him. Burguess took the punch, but only because he was still dazed from being kicked by Takeru. When Burguess felt the punch from Takeru's fist, he was brougth back to his senses and he kicked Takeru away from him. Because of the resulting pain, Takeru started to breathe very heavily. She wasn't expecting his hits to be even more harder than before. His blows can definitely kill someone. Takeru thought, knowing that she had to be even more extremely careful.

The hit that Takeru had given him made Burguess cough a little. He knew that she had gotten stronger, which had put a damper on his plans to kill her easily. Because the little brat had gotten stronger, I can't kill her with just one hit. He thought angrily. He wished that Takeru had never begun training to be able to fight against opponents that love to use martial arts or just hand-to-hand combat.

He knew that it was both his and Takeru's final fight for the moment and he was prepared to win and kill Takeru in combat.


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