Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
13 Chapter 12: Fatal Conclusion 4
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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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13 Chapter 12: Fatal Conclusion 4

Burguess rushed at Takeru and he aimed a well-aimed punch to her abdomen and Takeru blocked it with her arms. He's really trying to kill me! She thought in horror before she relaxed and just let her combat training work its magic. She rushed at Burguess and she punched him in his side and in return, Burguess had smashed his fist on her head. Takeru grunted in pain at having her head being almost bashed in by a fist. Takeru knew that blood was running down her face as she felt wetness on her face. Retsu gasped in horror at Takeru bleeding from her head. That can cause brain damage! Retsu thought in horror.

While Takeru and Burguess exchanged punches and kicks, Negire was trying to find a way into the room without noticing Burguess of her presence. When she was able to get into the room, she ran to a still tied-up Retsu and she gently spoke to her. "Yo, don't scream," she tells Retsu as the woman stared at her with fear in her eyes.

"Who are you?" Retsu asked, feeling herself curl up in fear. Negire noticed the position and she sighed sadly.

"Don't curl up in fear. I'm Li Negire. I was one of Takeru's bullies, but I was only bullying her to get her to play Keep Away. I lost that 'game'," Negire tells Retsu, letting Retsu know that she was only trying to keep Takeru away from Burguess. Retsu could only stare at the resulting fight that was only happening because she has kidnapped by Burguess. She felt tears welling up in her eyes as heavy guilt flow throughout her body. She didn't want Takeru to die because of her.

"Takeru, stop! Just run away!" She shouted, seeing blood from Takeru newly gained bruises. Takeru heard Retsu and she growled.

"I won't! I promised myself that I wouldn't die until I saved you! Now that I've found you, I realized that I don't want to die! I want to live!" Takeru shouted as she punched Burguess once more. Burguess had punched her in her stomach, where her stitches were located. Takeru couldn't stop the blood that came out of her mouth and her stomach. Before she fell onto the ground, Takeru had took out a knife that was in her pocket for special cases and she stabbed Burguess in his neck, making him choke on his own blood. Takeru could only groan in both pain and frustration as it took her a while to even put down Burguess, but her frustration melted into content as she was content with killing the murderer that the police was searching for.

However for some reason, Takeru felt that Burguess wasn't dead and so she didn't rejoice at his death. Instead, she rejoiced that she had the victory this time around. "I win this time, Li Burguess," Takeru spoke out, landing on the floor, splashing her blood everything on the floor. The police came because of the loud noises and everyone was taken to the hospital. After their wounds had been checked on, both Burguess and Takeru were arrested for either murders (Burguess) or attempted murder (Takeru). Takeru wasn't even mad that she was being arrested, however, the blame for the other murders was soon placed on her and it changed her entire outlook of the police department.


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