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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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14 Epilogue I

After her injuries were fixed up by the hospital staff, the police detective had came to tell Takeru that she was being arrested for both the murders and the attempted murder of Li Burguess. In her anger, Takeru couldn't speak, being too pissed off to even question the detective.

She couldn't believe that she was being blamed for something she didn't even do. However, she was willing to jail and she told both Retsu and Negire to not say anything. She wanted to be put in jail so she could plot her revenge against the so-called justice system and the one person who should be in the cell that she was going to be occupying.

"If this is justice, then justice is just some big, fat lie".

Those were the words that Takeru had told the judge after she was charged with the murders and the attempted murder.

As Takeru was being taken to her cell, she thought about her life decisions that she has made up to the point where she was being arrested. She then realized that she regretted none of the decisions that she has made. She was content in knowing that she had saved Retsu and while she didn't put down Burguess, she knew that she had forced him into hiding. She approached her cell with an accomplished smile on her face.


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