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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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15 Epilogue II

After Takeru was charged with both the murders and attempted murder, Retsu could only watch as Takeru was taken to jail. She knew that Takeru committed attempted murder, but it was only done to both save and protect her. Retsu sighed sadly and she was comforted by Negire, who was glad that her brother was, at least, out of commission for the time being.

As days turned into weeks, Retsu worked on getting her daycare license and her daycare. After she managed to set her daycare, her daycare started to blossom into a very busy building as more people started to drop off their kids so Retsu could take care of them during the parents' workday.

Even she moved on from being kidnapped, Retsu still had nightmares and she always wished for Takeru to get out of prison, even though she knows it impossible due to Takeru being accused of the murders that weren't caused by her.

As Retsu's business continued to blossomed, her secret guardian still watches her from afar. Her secret guardian was someone she didn't know every well as she only knew her name. Her guardian made sure that Retsu and her clients' children stayed safe from any type of harm.

Retsu will wait for the day that Takeru could finally leave prison.


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