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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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16 Epilogue III

Li Negire kept in touch with both Takeru and Retsu. At her own choice, she became Retsu's secret guardian even though Retsu didn't know that it was her and so she pretended to be amazed to hear about the 'secret guardian' that she had.

Besides keeping Retsu safe, Negire visits Takeru on a daily basis to check up on her and to tell her news about Retsu. Negire felt like she could finally let loose after her brother disappears off of the map, but she knows that he's using the time to recover and to possibly plan out his revenge. She made sure that she had disowned her brother as her brother as he was a violent murderer in her eyes and she knew that he couldn't be redeemed.

Somebody once told her to "Not cover up for your brother's crimes. Doing so will only ruin your life." Negire took these words to heart as she disowned her brother officially as she had only disowned him in words, but now that it was official, Negire felt free. She could do what she was please and she didn't have to be watched.

Negire felt the freedom that she always longed for and now that she had the freedom, she didn't know what to do with her life. Just Takeru, she ended up dropping out of school, but unlike Takeru, she dropped out in high school. She became the 'secret guardian' of Retsu while the woman worked on and in her daycare. She was pleased with the good works she was doing and like Retsu, Negire will wait for the day that Takeru is released from prison.


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