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Mobile Diary of Most Boring Classmate
Author :Lilniaproductions
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17 Epilogue IV

After Takeru had struck him down hard, Burguess was angry, extremely angry. However, because Takeru was arrested and plus the fact that they're investigating the bodies, Burguess didn't want to be seen in public. He knew that if he was seen, Takeru would be released from prison for something she did not do. Burguess was willing to let Takeru take the blame as he didn't even bother correcting the policemen that had claimed that Takeru had murdered his victims. "Being seen in public is a death wish. I will wait until a few years passed by and I will return," Burguess swore to the city.

As he disappeared into the shadows, he was willing to stay away for a few years. However, because he didn't want Retsu and Negire to forget him, he would visit Retsu at night. Burguess loved the fear that Retsu had of him and he relished in her fear of him.

Burguess knew that Takeru was going to return one day and he was willing to wait to have a final fight against her. "You won the last time, Takeru, but the next time we fight, I will have your head," Burguess swore as he gazed at the prison that Takeru was being kept in for couple of years. He couldn't wait to see Takeru outside of the jail cell that was supposed to be for him.


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