My Blood
5 Xiang Zhen
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My Blood
Author :Z_EN
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5 Xiang Zhen

I woke up in his arms and our eyes connected. The more I look at him, the more I fell in love him in.

"Excuse me can you get off of me?" he asked.

I realized the situation and I got off of him at once. I apologized to him but he didn't accept my apology instead he told me I owned him a life. He got on his horse and galloped away leaving me in the endless green grass. I didn't even get to know his name so how am I ever gonna repay him, I thought. I checked my left hand again, the gray line was indeed there it wasn't a dream. I left the area and walked for hours and hours until I reached an area called Xiang Zhen. The people there wore full black clothes with the symbol of a wolf, Xiang Zhen is a place where thieves or banished people go, in Xiang Zhen people can learns Marital Arts. I was willing to take any opportunities that allowed me to fight for my beliefs so I didn't waste any time to learn. I stepped into the border of Xiang Zhen and everyone clapped as I went in. I walked in the village and everyone welcomed me by a clap.

"Welcome to Xiang Zhen!" the head villager said.

I turned around and greeted him.

"Once you come in here, you cannot betray our group. You would have to scarfise some of your blood to the head wolf. If you betray the village, the head wolf would personally come to kill you." he said.

I nodded after he finished his words and he led me to the head wolf.

"Our head wolf is injured at the moment but you can still feed him your blood."

"I can cure him." I answered.

Everyone turned their head toward me starring at me.

"You can have any wish your want if you can cure the head wolf." the head villager said.

I nodded my head again as a sign of agreement and he led me to the head wolf.

He laid on the floor with his eyes closed until the head villager woke him up. It's red eyes scared me, but I had no choice to do it. The head villager took out a sword and slashed it through my hand on top of the head wolf. Blood dripped onto the wolf and his red eyes became darker. The blood stopped dripping from my arm and the head villager shouted with a simile on his face " THE HEAD WOLF IS CURED!". People lined up in rows outside kneeling in front of the head wolf. This happy ceremony look like a sad one, everybody in the village was quiet until I broke off the silence.


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