My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 72 - The one who reign over tiger
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 72 - The one who reign over tiger

Chapter 72 – The one who reign over tiger
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Liu Mang is now pinned down by the tiger and both of his hand are each placed on its snout and one on its lower jaw, holding it so it does not lick his face with its tongue. A Tigers’ tongue is barbed. If one licks you densely and numerously, it can tear your skin and flesh definitely. If it licked Liu Mang now, he will be disfigured.

“ROARRR!!!” The other roaring sound is getting nearer and nearer. A tiger can kill Liu Mang, but two tigers? They will crush him until his bone are no more.

Why are there so many kings of this forest??? Liu Mang has shouted “motherfucker” who knows how many times. Isn’t a tiger a solitary animal??? A mountain cannot have two tigers, so this is impossible.

Just when Liu Mang thought he is finished, suddenly there is a powerful strength that is pushing him forward. Getting this sudden boost, Liu Mang can stand again unexpectedly and also making this big tiger stagger. The tiger then escaped from Liu Mang’s engagement.

“Golden arm!” Liu Mang then saw on his own shoulder, there is a golden arm who is supporting him from behind. This is another set of golden armor. The one who has another set of golden armor except Liu Mang is Boss Lu.

“Get up!!!” As expected there is a mellow and clear sound in Liu Mang’s ear. And that big hand directly pulled Liu Mang to the side.

“Honorable Father-in-law!!!” Liu Mang was really surprised to see Lu Bu at his side. Liu Mang wanted to warn Lu Bu but Lu Bu already prevented Liu Mang from saying anything, so Liu Mang got out of his way. From Liu Mang’s eyes, he can see that in Lu Bu’s eyes there is excitement.

When Lu Bu looked toward that big tiger, he roared so loud, that it can pierce one’s eardrum.

The opposite tiger also roared as if accepting the challenge.

“General, are you all right?!” Said Cheng Yu leading Liu Mang to a safety zone after Lu Bu saved Liu Mang.

“I am okay!” Liu Mang’s hair is all a mess, all mixed up with broken grass leaves. During his confrontation with the tiger, His armor was a mess. There are a few places of his armor that was damaged by the tiger’s claw and also dirty all over. However, beside the fact that he is tired due to confrontation, Liu Mang did not have any damage at all.

From Cheng Yu’s story, Liu Mang knows what happened to Cheng Yu when he returned to the main camp. When arriving, Cheng Yu directly went to Urban Army camp. Fortunately Liu Mang’s Honorable Father-in-law Lu Bu was also in Urban Army camp, surveying soldiers. When Lu Bu heard from Cheng Yu that Liu Mang was attacked by a tiger, he immediately rode his warhorse to Liu Mang’s location. His arrival prevented Liu Mang being disfigured from the tiger’s licking.

“We, two sisters, would like to offer our highest gratitude to the General!” Those two pretty ladies were also walking toward Liu Mang, and thanked Liu Mang with graceful gestures.

“Do not thank me, actually I haven't done anything for you!” Liu Mang said it awkwardly. Liu Mang really said the truth, if not for that damned warhorse smelling whatever he smelled and returned to that tigers direction, how can he confront the directly that tiger?

Moreover, Liu Mang did not have any experience in fighting wild beasts like that, if not for the Aries gold cloth that he wore, he might be dead like those five young male servants, returning his body to earth and reincarnated again.

“No, no, if not for the general arriving at the time, we sisters may already be dead by that tiger’s fangs!” The big sister replied to Liu Mang immediately. So no matter if Liu Mang was victorious or not over that tiger, the fact remains that he gave these two sisters time to escape.

Being thanked by the pretty ladies for the first time made Liu Mang shy, why he is shy? It thanks to being a virgin for twenty-two years.

“May I know what family both of you are from? And why are both of you here?!” Liu Mang putting aside his shyness and awkwardness. He knit his brows, asking questions because he needed to know how their appearances attracted that tiger, because if without that tiger, how can both of them be in this sorry state.

“Why we are here, is none of your business!!!!” Shot the little sister. If the elder sister is like a gentle peony, then the younger sister is like a thorny rose. Both of them just rejoicing because they are out of danger now, but suddenly being questioned like a criminal, the little sister’s expression changed immediately.

“We do anything, go anywhere, and that is none of your business!!!”

“Bold, do not speak rude to our general!” When Liu Mang and both ladies are flirting, Cheng Yu will not interrupt them. But when they started to speak disrespectfully to Liu Mang, Cheng Yu roared toward the speaker.

“OOOHHHH, HOW FIERCE YOU ARE!!! Your general comes from what family, huh??? If Brother Yu was here let's see how fierce you are to me, both of you are the one who must kneel down to me!!!” The little sister still retaliating fiercely, she kept saying something about Brother Yu while showing her canines, like a beast ready to eat a person.

TL: Guess who she talking about??? The little one is Brother Yu and the older one is Brother Ce

“Really…. I want to see what kind of man your Brother Yu is, who can make our general to kneel down to you!” Said Cheng Yu disdainly. Even in Lu Bu's army, the only one who can make Liu Mang kneel down is Lu Bu, other people do not have any rights.

“Brother Yu?!” Liu Mang also murmuring this name. From their looks, these two sisters origin definitely is not of low birth and the little sister is stating that this Brother Yu can make them kneel down, definitely this Brother Yu is a high-ranked noble. Shucheng County is Sun Ce’s domain right? Does Sun Ce have a great general who surnamed Yu???

"Seeing Liu Mang’s confused expression, the smart elder sister’s brow wrinkled and then stood up to save her sister, because her sister is really daring, not only did she not say thanks to their saviors, but she also threatened them, this girl is really seeking death. She then pulled the younger sister and said “Yue'er STOP!” with tone full of blaming her sister and then lowered her head again and said “My younger sister is still naïve and does not know the way of the world. We want to seek general's kindness and forgive my younger sister.

Answering your question, we are sisters from He clan originated from Wancheng city. The reason that we are here, is because we are on our way to visit Shucheng to visit some relatives, but on the way we camped here in this forest! Who would have anticipated that this forest had a hungry tiger and started hunting us?

TL: I am sorry dear readers. I thought Wancheng is Wan Castle, but it is really a city name in Lujiang district, an ancient city called Wancheng city. I will asked James to change all Wan Castle from previous chapters to Wancheng city

“Sisters of the He family?!” Liu Mang really had not heard this surname from all the history books he read. First he heard there is a general in Sun Ce's army who had surname Yu and now these He sisters.

Damn, history really neglecting a lot of people, these He sisters beauty certainly can compete with Lu Lingqi and his mother-in-law Madame Ren.

TL: The elder sister is using surname He because its writing is the closest to Qiao, Madame Ren is Diaochan. Please tell me, do I need to use Diaochan or still Madame Ren, because according to Yuan Dynasty canonized name, her real name is Ren Ang. Now I will use Madame Ren.

Liu Mang looked at the two sisters with a profound gaze.

“What?!!! Keep your eyes from us, you lecher!!!” Said the younger He sister. Aiyah, she really is a small tigress who is able to bite anyone.

“You want to guard these ladies?!” Gao Shun asked straightforwardly. In this chaotic time, when one wanted to visit friends, he or she must take three or five people as bodyguards to anticipate everything, otherwise he or she can be killed enroute.

“Yes, YES, I want to guard them!” Replied Liu Mang. The elder sister just kept quiet about the fact that she and her little sister snuck out of Wancheng City to play along with several male servants, who knew they would meet tiger and their escort was all killed.

“ROAAARRR!” While the sister wanted to confess, suddenly Boss Lu and that tiger was in the position for a final showdown to decide victory and defeat.

The tiger once again steadied its stance and jump into the air to pin down Lu Bu. Lu Bu did not avoid that lunge unlike Liu Mang, instead he just challenged it with a loud shout “COME ON, COME ON!!!” each hand caught the tiger's front paws.

The tiger's strength made Lu Bu slightly stagger but he withstood it immediately.

“He withstood the tiger's lunge??? Is he really crazy?!” Exclaimed the little sister in awe. It is said that tiger's strength is stronger than human's. When a human wanted to kill a tiger, he can only rely on tools or perhaps strategy. But now Lu Bu is fighting the tiger face-to-face with his bare hand.

“Please generals, go save your great general now!” The elder sister is saying it politely. It is a real tragedy for such a valiant general to die in the hands of a tiger.

However Liu Mang, Gao Shun and Cheng Yu was unmoved, they were just standing there watching this magnificent battle, man vs beast, Lu Bu vs tiger. If Lu Bu cannot handle this tiger then he is not Lu Bu.

Lu Bu's height is nearly two meters but this big tiger's length is three meters. Now its paws are already held by Lu Bu's hands, so the tiger now is standing and it must be higher by 1 meter than Lu Bu. Its head is now stretching forward wanting to bite Lu Bu's head.

Its mouth stench already unendurable.

“Nooo, he's finished!” Both ladies already closed their eyes, they do not want to see that general die by a tiger's bite. These subordinates of that generals also were very cold blooded, because no one tried to rescue him.

“FUCK OFF!” Screamed Lu Bu, and then followed with thundering sound, both sisters opened their eyes slowly. In that field Lu Bu is the one who kicking its belly repeatedly, a 600-jin beast was kicked directly and then Lu Bu rushed toward it and throw it down.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! EASY!!!” Lu Bu's heroic laughter is echoing in the woods.

“BRAGH!” That tiger quickly fell to the ground. On its golden fur spurts of blood was on it.

“ROAARRRRR!!!” This tiger is the king of the mountain, master of the forest. It did not accept being defeated by a human. Then both tiger eyes started to redden.

“COME ON, PLAY AGAIN!!!!” Said Lu Bu while removing the upper half of his armor.

“ROARRRR!” This tiger has learned its lesson so it no longer lunged, but tried to sweep Lu Bu with its tail. A Tiger's tail has a very strong bone, one sweep can fracture a human bone.

“WOOSSHHH!” The speed of the tiger's tail is really fast, indistinguishable with the naked eye. So, even though Lu Bu's body is very strong, with this kind of speed, it certainly just like a mace hitting Lu Bu, unable to avoid any fracture of the bone.

The tiger is quick but Lu Bu is quicker. His hand was stretched out and grabbed something to block that tiger while still in its sweeping path.

If one grabbed a tiger’s tail you would immediately be bitten

How would Lu Bu possibly give it the opportunity? He grabbed its tail and began giant swinging the tiger. After the second rotation he loosened his arm's grip.

That big tiger was thrown again and fell on the ground, battered.

“Is that general a human?!” Both sisters cannot believe their eyes. That general actually fought the tiger with his bare hands, throwing it again and again. In the end, which one is the prey???

Lu Bu certainly was not a normal human. He is the god-of-war. He is also known as an invincible tiger. That king of forest has bumped into the one who reigned over all tigers, its defeat is inevitable!


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