My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 82 - Heroes in Your Hear
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 82 - Heroes in Your Hear

Chapter 82 – Heroes in Your Heart
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Hero?!” Liu Mang was dazed for a moment. “What qualifications are needed to be called a hero?!” Thought Liu Mang to himself, is it the person who has the last laugh in this chaotic time? Aren’t they the only one who deserves to be called a hero?

Lu Bu did not say a word. Perhaps in Lu Bu’s mind and heart, only he himself was hero.

“Gongjin, are you not worried of being laughed at by my definition? This nation is really big, I have only been to Xu Province and Yu Province! How can I know which person is qualified to be called a hero?!” Said Liu Mang. It’s not that Liu Mang refused to speak about heroes, it is just that to him there were so many people that qualified to be a hero. That goes for Zhou Yu and all people who were here in the room right now.

“Your Highness, please speak your mind!” Replied Zhou Yu casually.

“In my view, Gongsun Zan is a hero!” Said Liu Mang. Was Liu Mang exaggerating? Gongsun Zan also known as the White horse general Gongsun Zan, was already defeated and had dead! Was Liu Mang trying to joke?!

TL: Gongsun Zan is one of 18 warlords crusading against Dong Zhuo. He was defeated by Yuan Shao when he is trying to pacify You Province. He burned himself and his family to death and as thus, regarded as a coward and dishonorable. For more information

“Heh, this rascal really does not know what a hero is!” Suddenly there was another middle-aged scholar sneering at Liu Mang’s saying.

“Oh, may I know what this Mr.’s name is?!” Liu Mang’s brow wrinkled while looking at this middle-aged scholar. Wow, today all of Jiangdong’s advisors really out for blood eh?

“Your Highness, this scholar is Mr. Chen Duan, Chen Zizheng, friend of Mr. Wenbiao. Please forgive his rudeness!” Said Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu also adds that Chen Duan is also a native of Guangling and Qin Song’s best friend. When Qin Song was insulted by Liu Mang, naturally he would stand for him as a best friend.

“So, In Mr. Chen Duan’s opinion, did the Prince make a mistake with his words?!” Asked Liu Mang.

TL: Liu Mang showed his hierarchy now, which is higher than any people present.

“Yes, there was a mistake, you stupid boy!” Chen Duan stood up. “Humph, that Gongsun Bogui, even if he was alive now, he still would not be considered a hero. Now that is dead, and his tomb is already a mound of bones, how you can say that a dead person is a hero, huh?”

“That Gongsun Zan was a militaristic person, yes. But he did not have any plans for further advancement. After Yellow Turban Rebellion and Dong Zhuo’s uprising, he occupied the northernmost part of this nation which is Liaodong.

With 100,000 soldiers and innumerable warhorses, he led to the creation of the very first white horse cavalry called Penetrating White Horsemen of You Province, he was able to pacify all of Hebei. But he was muddleheaded and killed Liu Yu, throwing all You Province into chaos.

During his battle with Yuan Shao, initially he had a big advantage to Yuan Shao. However, due to his foolishness, he actually let Yuan Benchu to take a breath, to recuperate his forces rather than keeping pressure and annihilate Yuan Shao in one blow.

At the Battle of Longcou for example, Gongsun Zan could have won that battle if he kept pressing Yuan Shao, leaving him with no room to breathe. But what did he do? He did not use the advantage he had to press further, instead he kept maintaining his defense, being a goddamn turtle.

If that is not short-sighted, then what is? By doing that, he had dug his own grave and was later defeated in two more battles. He lost the battle of Jieqiao and as a final result, he burned himself in his home at the end Battle of Yijing!!!” Said Chen Duan with extreme confidence. He said every battle that Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan partook with a disdainful tone toward Gongsun Zan.

“Clap, Clap, Clap!” Liu Mang applauded toward Chen Duan. “Nicely done, bravo!” Chen Duan really deserves to be one of Sun Ce’s top five advisors. He can analyze Gongsun Zan thoroughly.

“How is that huh, Rascal?! How can that man be called a hero?!” Chen Duan provoke Liu Mang again. In his view, Gongsun Zan is a trash that was not even worth mentioning.

“Oh, Does Mr. Chen Duan now understand, what makes one a hero?!” Asked Liu Mang to Chen Duan with a questionable expression on his face.

“I don't understand. Does this rascal understand?!” Chen Duan replied hastily.

Liu Mang then talked “A hero can defined by many definitions.

A man who has a soaring ambition and great aspiration is a hero.

A man who possess the influence and power to take and rule the whole country is also a hero.

A man who has the ability to protect and reinforce security of Nine Provinces is also a hero.

A man whose aspiration goes far beyond Four Seas is also a hero.

A man who saves the common people from abyss and fire is also a hero.

A man who helps solve the common people's problems and uphold justice in his shoulders is also a


These are the definitions of a hero. Am I correct in saying that, Mr. Chen Duan?!”

“Un!” Chen Duan nodded. Liu Mang's definition of a hero really is lot. So, even for Chen Duan it was also impossible to escape the problems.

“Gongsun Zan! No, The White horse General! Mr. Chen Duan, do any of these definitions fit The White Horse General?!” Asked Liu Mang again. Chen Duan knew it was impossible to answer negatively.

“This subject that I speak of a lot of people may not understand, but I do not speak about it without any facts to present. I do not speak about his battles with his fellow Hans, but I speak about those beyond Great Wall. Those invaders who were pushed back by General Gongsun Zan!” Said Liu Mang to those scholars.

This place is south of Huainan. Although this was a chaotic time, they did not feel the pain of those living in frontier, those who are living near the Great Wall. Those people must withstand famine and invasion from those beyond the Great Wall.

Invasion from the outsiders can only bring the Han people sadness, pain and endless death.

But Gongsun Zan's appearance actually gave those frontier people a glimmer of hope.

Gongsun Zan used his blood and iron, and with his cavalry trampled upon those outsiders as a warning to get out of the Central Plains.

Gongsun Zan was fond of white horses. Therefore when outsiders saw the Han army riding white horses, they withdrew immediately. This is the origin of his nickname The White Horse General.

“Defending one’s soil against outsiders, can that person not be called a hero?!” Asked Liu Mang toward Chen Duan in interrogative tone.

“Humph!” Chen Duan who could not refute Liu Mang just replied coldly “So, a dead person can also be called hero, huh?!”

“Yes, The White Horse General is dead physically, but he still lives on in the hearts of the frontier people, giving them hope. Even though this “Mr.” is still alive his feats cannot be compared to that dead man!”

Gongsun Zan has also doing some wrong things, but his presence made those outsiders liv in fear for dozens of years, giving hope to those living in the frontier. Those outsiders did not dare to take one step inside.

“You, You!!!!” Liu Mang disdainful remarks makes Chen Duan really angry.

“Mr. Chen Duan, you should not be angry. If your anger continues, it would not be good for your health!” Who Liu Mang most admired the most were those who helped to repel invaders from beyond Great Wall. Such as Wei Qing, Huo Qubing, Dong Zhuo, Gongsun Zan and his Honorable Father-in-law Lu Bu. And this scholar is being marked as worthless by Liu Mang, naturally will debate until he vomited blood.

“Damned Rascal, do you have another person, you can considered a hero?!” Gradually the atmosphere changed from Zhou Yu's question about Hero qualifications to Chen Duan and Liu Mang’s showdown.

“In my opinion, Yuan Shu, Yuan Gonglu is also a hero!” Said Liu Mang again.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA” Chen Duan burst out in laughter at Liu Mang’s answer and then said “Rascal, you are a really vain person. Not only you are defiling your Han Dynasty clan by mentioning Yuan Shu, but you are also further insulting your clan, by calling that rebellious traitor as a hero! Really a joke, A BIG JOKE!”

“Yuan Shu?!” Sun Cen and Zhou Yu were also surprised. If Gongsun Zan was declared as a hero, then everyone could understand it, because his merit as a Frontier guardian was enough for him to be called a hero. But Yuan Shu? He wanted to create two poles in this country, dividing this nation between Han Dynasty and his Zhong Dynasty. So it can be said that what he was doing is a very disgraceful.

“OHHH, Rebellious traitors?! May I ask Mr. Chen Duan, what kind of person can be called a rebellious traitor?!” Liu Mang did not refute Chen Duan immediately, he wanted to first boil this frog slowly.

“One who does not abide by the law, a person who throws away and does not protect and respect his sovereigns’ clan is regarded as a rebellious traitors. And Yuan Gonglu went far beyond that by proclaiming himself as an emperor!”

“So, Mr. Chen Duan. What do you think, one should do when one encounters a rebellious traitor?!” Asked Liu Mang to Chen Duan with a smile.

“One must smite them!”

“Ok then. Since Mr. Chen Duan also mentioned about respecting sovereign clan. I was the younger brother of His Majesty and His Majesty himself has upon bestowed me with title Prince of Shu and General of Southern Expedition whose land consists of four provinces, Jing Province, Yu Province, Yi Province and Yang Province. Since this Lujiang is in Yu Province. WHY DO YOU, CHEN Duan, NOT KNEEL DOWN TO GREET ME?!” Suddenly Liu Mang exclaimed in angry voice. Chen Duan was an official in Wancheng city. If one followed logic, he would be considered Liu Mang’s subordinate.

“YOU, YOU, YOU!!!!!” Chen Duan was made speechless by Liu Mang.

“Rebellious traitor, huh?! I would like to ask Mr. Chen Duan, which person that I will mention is a rebellious traitor?!

Cao Mengde, only a mere warlord, dares to use Emperor for his own purpose.

Yuan Shao declared himself as Grand General and actually did nothing to save Emperor from Cao Cao’s clutches.

Yuan Gonglu declared himself as emperor using Imperial Seal he obtained from General Sun Ce.

When the Emperor was insulted by Dong Zhuo and now by Cao Cao, these two warlords, Liu Biao of Jing Province and Liu Zhang of Yi Province, both of them have the title of Imperial Uncle, yet where are both of them when the Emperor needs them the most?

Even Liu Bei of Xu Province who was just bestowed as an Imperial Uncle also does not do anything to save the Emperor, let alone your lord!” Sneered Liu Mang mercilessly.

Chen Duan was really made speechless by Liu Mang. Because according to his words and logic earlier, his lord Sun Ce also can be considered as a rebellious traitor.

“In my opinion Yuan Shu is a hero, not because of what he did for the people of this country but something else. I have gone to Shouchun and Huainan! I saw starving people everywhere, and it is true that Yuan Shu deserves to die for that, but why he is a hero?

It is because I admire him for his courage, he dared to say the idea in his heart. Unlike other people, on the surface who act like a kind-hearted moralist but deep inside his heart, he acts like a lowlife prostitute! Isn’t that correct, Mr. Chen Duan?!!!!”

"GGGRRRRR!!!!!" Chen Duan gritted his tooth loudly.

How can Chen Duan not understand Liu Mang’s indirect insult? Even though he understood it, he do not have any opportunity to refute him.

In Liu Mang’s heart, a hero is not a person who has the last laugh. In his mind, a hero is a person who leaves a dazzling reputation enough to be recorded in history.

For example for Liu Biao, Cao Cao’s assessment for him was that he was person who deserved less praise than he actually had, because his reputation is only for managing his own land and just become a turtle. But In the chaos times, only Jing Province remained pure land. Only in this province, one can hope to live a fulfilling life and eat as much as one can during. Couldn’t he also not be considered a hero to those people living there?

Also Zhang Lu, with his Five Grains Sect. Hanzhong under his rule is also flourishing.

Every person has a hero in his heart and each mind has its own definition of a hero. Why should put this kind of discussion up for debate?!


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