My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 83 - Yuan Shu’s Testament and Legacy
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 83 - Yuan Shu’s Testament and Legacy

Chapter 83 – Yuan Shu’s Testament and Legacy
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Liu Mang has just destroyed the pride from two of Sun Ce’s top advisors. Naturally Sun Ce’s army is very uncomfortable right now, so the evening banquet was finished early.

Right before leaving, Lu Bu gives Liu Mang two wedding invitations, naturally they must be present.

“April 5th?!” Liu Mang saw the time after he opened the envelope. Isn't this the day after tomorrow?! An army who was stationed outside the city is very rare, so this is the best time to purchase goods before marching again, so delaying for 1 or 2 days is harmless.

At this time, naturally they had time to attend the wedding, but Liu Mang felt that something was off with this wedding invitation. It was only for Sun Ce and Da Qiao’s wedding party?! If he do not know the historical events, Liu Mang probably wouldn't have given it a second thought, because a man and woman marrying is a very common matter.

However Liu Mang knew the history of this event. Wasn't Sun Ce and Zhou Yu supposed to have their wedding at the same time? With Sun Ce marrying Da Qiao and Zhou Yu marrying Xiao Qiao?

Liu Mang really did not understand what Zhou Yu was thinking for not holding his marriage at the same time as Sun Ce.

What Liu Mang didn't know was that Zhou Yu is currently preoccupied with important matters, he had a big assignment at the same time of Sun Ce and Da Qiao's marriage. It was to liberate Sanjiangkou area from Liu Biao’s hand. So, Zhou Yu can only delay his marriage and let his brother marry first.

TL: Sanjiangkou, now called Three Gorges, a junction where 3 rivers met. In that place now, there is a structure called Three Gorges Dam.

Outside Wancheng city inside Lu Bu’s main tent, Liu Mang came here not because Lu Bu summoned him, but because there was an unexpected guests.

There, people were wearing white clothing similar to funeral attire.

What happened here? Who has died? Why did they put on this attire?” General Lu, I am Yuan Shu’s chief officials, Yang Hong. I pay my respects to the General who pacifies the East, Lu Bu!” The middle-aged man opened his mouth first.

Liu Mang was feeling really confused as to why Yuan Shu’s subordinates ended up in Wancheng city? Didn't his forces go to Hebei, to merge with his cousin Yuan Shao?!

While Liu Mang was still pondering, suddenly a young girl knelt down toward Lu Bu “Honorable Uncle Lu Bu, please support this young girl!”

Honorable Uncle Lu Bu? Is she Yuan Shu’s daughter? Lu Bu and Yuan Shu’s relationship aren't good but it also want considered bad, therefore that boy Yuan Yao can call Lu Bu, Honorable Uncle. Why did she want Boss Lu to support her?

Liu Mang’s head is full of questions, but he got an explanation fairly quickly.

“Honorable Rear General Yuan Shu, Yuan Gonglu has passed away!” Said Yang Hong while sobbing. His expression is filled with misery.

Yuan Shu is dead? Liu Mang was really surprised. Our Lu Bu army helped him, by taking care of Chen Lan and Lei Bo. Xu Province right now is not in Old Cao’s possession so there should be no blockade right? He should have had a fast and smooth journey to Hebei, how can it be that Yuan Shu is now dead?

“Get up!” Lu Bu also sighed when he looked at this group of people. The way he shook his head was evidently saying that Lu Bu had obtained this news beforehand.

“Chen Gong Old Man, what happened here?!” At the same time, Liu Mang also inquired Chen Gong.

“Aiyah, Yuan Gonglu, how miserable you must feel!” Really, Yuan Shu’s luck is pretty bad. He arrived at the same time when Old Cao wanted to destroy Big-eared Liu.

So, the entire Yan Province and Xu Province was in a state of full alert. Since Yuan Shu arrived at the same time when both armies were clashing, Xu Province army attacked Yuan Shu’s army, thinking that Yuan Shu’s army is Cao’s Army. Cao's Army knew that this is Yuan Shu’s Army but they also mercilessly engaged Yuan Shu’s army before crushing Liu Bei’s army.

And so, before long, because of the pincer attack by Cao from the left and Liu Bei from the right, Old Yuan perished quickly.

TL: Poor Yuan Shu, historically, after Lu Bu died, he also attacked by Liu Bei and died while yearning for honeyed water after being robbed by Chen Lan and Lei Bo. And now, this novel, maybe the author portrayed a more noble death for him. He died fighting enemies, but his army was really annihilated by a pincer attack.

“Where is Yuan Yao?!” Lu Bu looking at those people, but he do not find Yuan Shu’s son Yuan Yao.

“Little lord, the little lord also died in battle in Xu Province!” Said Yang Hong while his tears kept flowing.

They couldn't survive, not because Cao's Army and Liu Bei's Army were merciless to them, but because the clothes and jewelry they wore slowed them down and made it easier for those soldiers to recognize and kill them.

Yuan Shu and Yuan Yao, this stupid father and son. Even when he suffers defeat, he still took his jewelry as a priority, wearing a lot of gold and silver accessories. Disregarding their safety over their treasure first, if they did not die, it is really God’s unfairness.

As a result only Yang Hong and Yuan Shu’s daughter, as well as several people were able to escape from there. The other people were all either scattered or dead.

Due to Yang Hong’s quick thinking, he took his already crippled remaining forces and quickly tried to seek asylum within Lu Bu’s Army who is currently possessing a considerable amount strength.

In this nation, there are very few people who can accommodate Yuan Shu’s descendant.

He cannot go to Hebei with only these old, sick, malnutrition people, they will all die before even reaching Hebei’s border.

Go to Cao Cao?! If he dared go over there now, it is really a death wish. Moreover, Cao Cao also treated his wife and daughters like commodities, so he could not go there.

What about Liu Bei? Liu Bei himself cannot guarantee their safety. Moreover Liu Bei often disregarded his own wife and daughters, let alone other people daughter’s.

The most difficult one is Sun Ce. When Sun Ce was Yuan Shu’s subordinate, Yang Hong many times made slanderous remarks to Sun Ce. Because at that time, when Yuan Shu still had power, Yang Hong was not willing to consider Sun Ce as a person.

Other warlords are also impossible to accept Yuan family’s heir.

“General Lu, Milord informed Yang Hong before his demise that General Lu still owed Milord!” Said Yang Hong while looking at Lu Bu.

“Hmph!” Lu Bu nodded. During his visit to Shouchun, Lu Bu owed Yuan Shu grain and provisions.

“I, Yang Hong with all that I have, earnestly request General Lu to avenge the death of Milord and Little Lord!” Said Yang Hong who suddenly knelt down begging Lu Bu.

“Avenge Yuan Shu’s death?!” Are you fucking kidding me? You still did not say which side killed Yuan Shu, whether it is Liu Bei or Cao Cao who dealt the killing blow.

Even if they knew, Lu Bu will not attack them now, because Lu Bu’s army is still in recuperation because of Xiapi, Kaiyang and Mt. Bagong battles and not strong enough to fight one of them who occupies a province each. So, even though they are Lu Bu’s personal enemies, now it is not time for revenge.

TL: It is time for revenge, a quote from Contra 3: Alien Wars SNES. HEHEHHEHE.

Furthermore, for Lu Bu it is also impossible to exchange 20,000 lives for fulfilling Yuan Shu’s promise.

“Even though I, Lu Bu have a debt to Yuan Gonglu, right now your request is beyond my capabilities now. I cannot just throw away more than 20,000 lives of my men just to avenge your lord!” Lu Bu rejected it without any hesitation.

Yang Hong also knew that right now it was impossible for Lu Bu to comply with his request. So he then said “Since Milord and little lord has died, we're only left with our Lady Miss. We would like General Lu to support her!”

“Relax, I will look after Yuan Gonglu’s daughter like my own daughter!” Since Lu Bu cannot take revenge for Yuan Shu, he can still take care of his daughter like his own, this is also good.

Lu Bu thought that Yang Hong would be satisfied with his answer, but Yang Hong quickly shook his head and said "Pardon me for being bold, General Lu. But Milord's testament is: Please let Fengxian took care of my daughter, but not as a daughter!"

“Not as daughter?! If not as a daughter then as a wife right?!” Liu Mang looked at Lu Bu and Miss Yuan back and forth. The age gap between these two people were huge. Lu Bu was old enough to be considered her father and Miss Yuan can become his daughter.

If united, no matter the result it is still very bad in everyone’s eyes, Lu Bu will be marked as a pedophile. This is not like when Old Cao redeemed Cai Wenji.

He did not dare to touch her after redeeming her. Nevertheless that is what Old Cao did, whether his intention was pure or not.

While Liu Mang was still laughing at Miss Yuan’s misfortune, being forced to marry Lu Bu, suddenly his smile stiffened after what he heard next.

Yang Hong then explains “Milords hope was that our Miss can marry His Highness Prince of Shu!”

“What??? Marry me??” Liu Mang jumped up. Hey, that Old bastard Yuan Shu, what's his relationship to me? Even though Old Yuan and Boss Lu are good friends, I, Liu Mang, only have grievances from the time in Shouchun right? And now you want me to marry your daughter, what the hell was that old man thinking?!

Before dying, Yuan Shu told Yang Hong to marry Liu Mang out of consideration for his daughter. Even though Lu Bu has the sentiments to take care of his daughter, those sentiments only lasts for a while. After all she is not his real daughter. His love for her is definitely limited and she could only be a sacrificial victim of a political marriage.

Even if she is not sacrificed, she is living under another family’s roof, at the mercy of others, how can she feel good for the rest of her life?

But marrying to Liu Mang is different. Liu Mang now is Lu Bu’s son-in-law. Marrying Lu Bu’s daughter can be said that all of Lu Bu’s inheritance will be Liu Mang’s, so it can be said Liu Mang is Lu Bu’s army's little lord.

By making his daughter marry Liu Mang, Lu Bu’s heir, her daughter will have a home to return to, also she does not need to depend on others. And if possible, when she gave birth to a child, that child can compete for Liu Mang’s inheritance.

“Humph!!!” Lu Bu humphed at Yang Hong. Lu Bu really do not know what Yuan Shu had in mind but when it comes to his son-in-law, it made Lu Bu very irritated.

“Our miss does not care about status, you may consider her as a sister wife!” Yang Hong threw in his last chip. Being first concubine, meant she did not have to compete with Lu Lingqi for her position.

TL: Ping Qi (平妻) meaning is wife of same status, taken from If you guys have better translation, please do not hesitate to put in comments. For the time being, Ping Qi is sister wife. (James: Sister wife sounds fcking white bruh.)

“This matter I could not decide by myself, you have to ask for his decision!” Lu Bu calmed himself down and looked at Liu Mang his eyes, he shoved the problem to Liu Mang and Liu Mang knew, if he do not give a good and satisfying answer, Boss Lu will never forgive him.

“I am very satisfied with Lingqi! I am not even legally married yet, how the hell could I get a concubine first?!?!”Liu Mang hurriedly decline the offer. He is not crazy enough to offend this tiger father-in-law of his to take concubine for himself.

Liu Mang words made Lu Bu really satisfied “You see, it is not me who disagrees, but he himself does not want to!” Actually letting Liu Mang marry Miss Yuan is very good to raise his reputation, so Lu Bu is not going to reject the offer on the spot.

“Your Highness Prince of Shu, our Miss is very gentle and understanding, she can serve both you and Miss Lu” Yang Hong started marketing for his Miss.

Honestly, when Liu Mang saw Miss Yuan he noticed that she was really a beauty. “Nice work passing your genes, Old Yuan!!!” Earlier when she cried miserably, Liu Mang really wish to hug her and comfort her.

However the key question is Boss Lu. Liu Mang do not want to slap a tiger's ass.

Seeing that Liu Mang remain unmoved and Lu Bu also looking casual, Yang Hong bit his teeth and said “General Lu, Milord has left behind a dowry for Miss. Please have a look first!” Yang Hong pull out something from his breast pocket. When he opened the piece cloth, all people on the tent gasped at that thing on Yang Hong's hand.


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