My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 87 - Fornicating with a Goddess
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 87 - Fornicating with a Goddess

Chapter 87 – Fornicating with a Goddess
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Fuck, I am so tired, where is this place?!” Liu Mang shook his head and because of the dizziness, he is unable to find his room.

So now he decided to just to find a room nearby to dispel his dizziness first, before setting out again to find his room!

That room will do! Liu Mang had chosen a room nearby before he fainted again. That room is decorated with house silhouette and also the entire room is very bright.

“Kreeen!” Liu Mang tested the door first. Hey, it is not locked!!! Liu Mang rushed in.

The entire room is colored red. It had red candles, red bed, red clothing, truly a festive appearance.

“Bed, there is a bed here!” Liu Mang’s eyes focusing on bed right now, seeing there is a bed, he walked toward the bed shakily.

Due to his dizziness Liu Mang did not note that there is another person in this room. That person wore a red gown, with a red scarf covering her head and face, just like an appearance of new bride.

Correct, Liu Mang just stumbled upon Sun Ce’s wedding room. On the bed is Sun Ce’s soon-to-be-consummated wife Da Qiao.

“Has he fallen asleep?!” Da Qiao lifted her scarf and saw Liu Mang lying beside her marriage bed. Because Liu Mang was lying with his face down, Da Qiao could not see his face.

Also, the room is very poorly lit and there aren't any light sources besides the red candles and lanterns, further limiting Da Qiao’s vision.

“Umph, you reek of alcohol!” Liu Mang’s breath had the stench of alcohol which made Da Qiao frown greatly. But as a new wife, her first service is too disrobed Liu Mang’s clothing and removed his shoes.

Liu Mang then muttered “Water, water!” He then unconsciously pinned down Da Qiao caressing her body trying to find a moist place, he needed to drink water!

“Husband, ah, ah!” Da Qiao’s wanted to resist Liu Mang, but how can she resist a man’s strength? Shamefully, she closed her eyes.

“Need water, thirsty!” Liu Mang had found something moist... With a soft and luscious feeling, he began kissing her... As if he was a dog drinking from a bowl, he repeatedly drank Da Qiao’s saliva, making her body numb, and unconsciously started hugging Liu Mang.

TL: Unconscious French Kiss? Can anyone do that???

Driven by lust, gradually, both people who had different surnames, took off their clothes one by one....

Liu Mang really had the nicest dream ever. A very surreal and vivid dream, he had never had such a wet dream in his entire life.

In his dream, he kissed a woman who possessed a jade-white skin, with a silk-like black hair. This woman, every inch of her body was amazing. Liu Mang had never seen a woman like this in his mortal life not even Lu Lingqi, so this must be a goddess, nothing more nothing less.

In his dream again, he is caressing every part of the goddess... inch by inch.....

kissing her... their tongues intertwining... tangling their bodies with each other... Kissing the goddess breasts while his hands stroking her most important place..

From her venus mound flowed love juices. Then he insert his little brother as deep as possible into that opening.

He pounded several times until he deflowered her. Damn, fuck this is good! Liu Mang was really determined, he must vent all his lust by pounding this goddess and kissing her profusely to quench his thirst. Soon enough, both Liu Mang and Da Qiao reached their climax together.

“Aaahhhh!” Liu Mang’s dream felt so real, he could even hear the beauty moaning in his arms.

Liu Mang was really venting out all of his feelings in his dream. His bloodthirst which only kept rising from Xiapi, his wildness, his guilt because of his unit’s death, as well as his needing a woman's touch from Lu Lingqi and He Yu’s encounters.

After having intercourse with the goddess, Liu Mang started to get sober, but he was still thirsty in his mind.

“Water, need to drink water!” Liu Mang opened his eyes slowly, he needed to look for a glass of water. The Drunken feeling for an extended period of time is not a good feeling. Dizziness plus nausea, later I absolutely must reject all alcoholic drinks. Liu Mang thought.

So, that dream is not real right?! Hahahaha, Liu Mang foolishly laughed, of course it is only a dream!

However... that smooth skin, that small and delicate body, that hole which his little brother pounded over and over.. that pleasurable feeling, that felt so real...

Pounding like this right? Liu Mang then made a stroking movement with his hip.

Right! This is the feeling, it's so real and so pleasurable!

“Eh!!!” Suddenly Liu Mang was stunned. I am awake.... right...? Liu Mang is really unsure, because if it is just a dream, how can it have a feeling like this?!

Slowly his vision was restored, then a charming naked lady was slowly revealed in front of Liu Mang.

CALM DOWN, MAN! Liu Mang slapped his cheek furiously in order to sober himself.

This room is not a guest room and that bed is not a guest bed and this naked white lady is definitely is not reserved for a guest.

“This is a dream, this is definitely a dream!” Liu Mang kept saying over and over.

“Grrrrch!” His stomach suddenly made growling sound. Liu Mang is really hungry. Because of those goddamned toasts from the scholars and Sun Ce, Liu Mang hardly finished eating.

“I am starving, NOW?!” Liu Mang felt hungry now. How can a dream have the feeling of hunger?

“No, No, it can’t be!” Liu Mang’s arm is shivering a lot. His hand slowly approached that naked lady’s arm and move it slowly.

Because of his nerves being numbed because of the alcohol, Liu Mang felt that the goddess’s jade-like skin is like touching air. Then Liu Mang breathe a sigh of relief after confirming with his sense of touch “I have not felt anything from the goddess, so this is a dream!”

Is this a dream or not??

Liu Mang who just relaxed then testes his theory again, he wanted to pinch her index finger to check if this is a dream, because this dream is very real!!!!

Then he pressed firmly on her index finger.

”Ah!” That cute voice comes out again “Husband, you are hurting me!” Then after she spoke, the goddess opened her eyes slowly.

“Eh? She spoke? The Goddess from his dreamland also speaks like a human?!” Fuck this is not right! The more Liu Mang sobered up the more the naked lady’s voice became clear and loud in his ears. This is not a dream anymore. This has been reality from the start of the dream.

Right now, Liu Mang observed the naked lady carefully. The face, that stature, isn’t she the elder sister He? He Yu?! Why she is not in Shucheng County?!

How.. How.. How can she appear in my arms?! This is where? Where am I? Did I not just pass out from drinking the wedding liquor? How can I be at Sun Ce’s mansion?!

Liu Mang was really confused, because his wet dream, turned out to be reality. Liu Mang’s mood is not happy anymore but instead he felt a deep fear, because this room was decorated with red accessories. A room with this kind of coloring, only two places should have this decoration available, a wedding room or a bridal chamber.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Is she not He Yu? Eh, He Yu? He???? Is it not read as He but Qiao? Then Brother Yu that He Yue said, is Brother Zhou Yu??? Finally Liu Mang understood, He Yu is Qiao Yu and essentially Da Qiao.

TL: 禾 = He, 乔 = Qiao. See the similarities???

“Me and her, didn't do anything, that time was only a dream!” Liu Mang started to try and trick himself but all is futile. For Liu Mang then saw, on the bedsheet, there is blood from his defloration, it can be seen clearly because the bedsheet’s color is white. FUCCCCKKKK!!!!! I COCKBLOCKED A PERSON ON HIS FIRST NIGHT WITH HIS WIFE!!!!


“YOU!!!!!” Qiao Yu has also regained consciousness. After carefully looking at the person on the bed, isn’t this person General Liu Mang who saved her life from tiger and blood loss from outskirts of Shucheng County?

“You, how did you appear here?!” Da Qiao panicked. It is true, she had a favorable impression of Liu Mang and even fell in love with him. But that feeling is worthless because she had been engaged to Sun Ce from the very beginning. And today, she was going to be Sun Ce’s wife, so all she can do is bury her feelings for Liu Mang forever.

But just now, in this wedding room, on the wedding bed they were both relatively honest with their feelings.

Liu Mang finally knew why when he touched her earlier in his “dream”, her skin was very familiar. Because he had touched her a lot of times before, when bandaging her! Also on Qiao Yu’s chest, there is a faint scar mark which had started to heal up.

“Miss He Yu, no no no. I should call you Madame Qiao. If I said I entered the wrong room, would you believe me?!” Said Liu Mang while smiling bitterly toward Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu also understood, a moment ago when they slept together, his partner is Liu Mang not Sun Ce.

“Da Da Da Da!” Suddenly there were footsteps in courtyard.

If he was discovered entering wedding room, being killed on the spot would be considered a gift. Even if he managed to run away, how can he possibly stay in Lu Bu’s army? People invite you to a wedding but you sleep with the inviter’s wife?! In this day and age, both adulterers included in Fornication must be castrated.

“Madame, I will explain to you later, but right now, please put on your clothes ASAP! Otherwise, both of us are going to die!” Liu Mang was really afraid Qiao Yu would not quickly react. To be honest, Liu Mang still had a way out if he was discovered. He could just go back to the present, but Qiao Yu’s fate will be death. Sun Ce is a warlord, so it is impossible to let this matter go, so he could only kill Da Qiao to appease his anger.

Fortunately, Da Qiao also knew that the situation is very serious. After she listened to Liu Mang, she quickly put on her wedding attire again. The steps are getting nearer every second. Liu Mang then hid behind a closet, with a sword on his hand.


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