My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 88 - Wedding“s End
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 88 - Wedding“s End

Chapter 88 – Wedding's End
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“How can Milord be so drunk?!” Huang Gai and Han Dang, who are both of Sun Jian’s retainer, are watching Sun Ce sleeping from intoxication. They watched Sun Ce grow up since childhood until he became the warlord that he is now.
So for Sun Ce, they are his elders. Seeing their child like this, how can they not worry? It is true that this is Sun Ce wedding day, and he needed to drink wine for courtesy, but one cannot drink this much. Both of them can’t help but blame Sun Ce.

“It was General Lu. Milord accompanied General Lu to drink many bowls!” Said Sun Ce’s personal bodyguard shyly.

“General Lu?!” Han Dang and co really did not expect this outcome. At first, they thought Sun Ce had made His Highness Prince of Shu drunk as revenge for those scholars, but who would have thought that his father-in-law toasted him for his son-in-law’s revenge, and finally made Sun Ce drunk as a skunk. Sun Ce wasn’t much of a match for Lu Bu in terms of drinking prowess.

“Ah, forget it! Forget it!” Those veterans really do not care at all “Hurry, take Milord to the wedding room!” The first night as a groom equals to a thousand nights as a man. So it must not be delayed by any means.

“Yes sir!” Then several maids helped Sun Ce stand and walk to wedding room.

“Thirsty, give me water!” Sun Ce was a general whose strength has reach super-class. Even though he is drunk right now, he was still conscious of what was happening. When he opened both his eyes, he saw Qiao Yu who is wearing a red wedding attire with a phoenix embroidered on her cloth.

“A real beauty!” Sun Ce was taken aback with Qiao Yu’s appearance, but then his intoxication started to take over, dropping his consciousness. “Hey, this is my happiest day, so this is my wedding room right? And the one who sits on the bed is my wife? So, I will rush her right now!” With that thought, Sun Ce rushed to his room, wanting to plunder his war spoils. She be a mother of his descendant which will safeguard Sun clan’s existence and footing in history.

“Hehehehe! Da Qiao is my wife!” Hey, this is one of Jiangdong’s most beautiful women. How could Sun Ce not be proud of his achievement?

Actually he has seen Da Qiao’s appearance. At that time, he was really startled by her beauty. Especially when two sisters stood together, it can make the moon blush when seeing both of them.

Therefore, once he has conquered Wancheng city, Sun Ce set an engagement with Lord Qiao. At that time, Zhou Yu was also with him. Why they became friends, even the best of friends, simply because their interests and hobbies are the same, and that goes value in a women’s beauty.

If, at that time Zhou Yu was not present, it is possible for Sun Ce to have both sisters’ hands.

Listening to the footsteps getting closer and closer, Liu Mang who was currently hiding behind closet, began to panic more and more.

“Oh, my wife, wait for me to lift your red scarf!” Sun Ce cannot wait to consummate his marriage, but his mouth is very parched, and his head is still very groggy. Seeing there is a jade jug on the table, he quickly drank it to quench his thirst.

“Milady, here I come!”

Listening to footsteps sound getting nearer and nearer, Qiao Yu had a very different reaction to Liu Mang, she did not panic at all, but instead a kind of calmness.

Her scarf was lifted, and it revealed a jade-like face, beautiful and alluring.

In front of Qiao Yu there is a very handsome man, taller than Liu Mang. Liu Mang’s appearance can be described as an average person, if he was lost in crowd, he would not be recognized at all. Sun Ce was different, with height of 190 cm, his placement would be a GaoFuShuai (tall, rich and handsome) kind of character. Even Dao Ming Si of F4 can be counted as an average person compared to him.

He is the boss of all Jiangdong, of course he is rich. His subordinate’s numbers in the thousands with numerous excellent people, and on the top of it there is Zhou Yu as the chief of those talented people. His height is 190 cm (enough to be a celebrity and basketball player), his strength is at super-class, his eyebrow is beautiful and his facial cast is very good looking (this is his handsomeness)

If Sun Ce did not grow up to be this handsome, how could Yuan Shu want him to marry his daughter? It is because Sun Ce is so handsome, even men are also attracted to him.

And if Liu Mang was compared with Sun Ce. Liu Mang’s would be a featherweight compared to Sun Ce’s who is a heavy-weight. His battle prowess is only 5 points, no no no, after training, Liu Mang’s battle prowess already risen to 50 points, but if he ran into Sun Ce, he’ll die by one move.

If you compare appearance, you can say, Liu Mang is a comedian like Stephen Chow and Sun Ce is an idol and actor like Andy Lau.

If you compare government positions, Liu Mang’s is higher than Sun Ce, because he is Prince of Shu, but in this chaotic time, Prince of Shu is not valuable at all because it cannot attract soldiers and retainers to serve for him

Liu Mang’s men is only Cheng Yu, a second-class general, but Sun Ce?! He had a lot of valiant general under him and numerous veterans.

Liu Mang’s division is only Urban Army with total of 3,000 people. Sun Ce, lead an army of hundreds of thousands and that is not including his naval units and cavalry units.

However even with this big gap, in Qiao Yu’s mind Sun Ce does not exist, only Liu Mang exist.

Eileen Chang once said once a woman led by a man on her first pleasurable experience, she would not be able to forget it. These words which written in her novel Lust/Caution is correct, because women will remember her first night to be most profound of all nights, especially if the first partner is gentle.

TL: Eileen Chang (modern novelist)

“Milady, you are very beautiful!” Sun Ce is really infatuated with the beautiful lady in front of him. He then extend his arm to touch and feel the beautiful skin of his wife.

But Da Qiao unconsciously moved her body to back, avoiding Sun Ce’s arm.

“Does my breath reeks of wine? Is that why, milady is avoiding my touch?!” Sun Ce shook his head and kept looking at Da Qiao. He thinks that Da Qiao unconsciously avoided his touch because he reeks of liquor.

“Milady, this is our first night together, we should not waste this time, ‘okay?!” Sun Ce’s face is paralyzed due to intoxication and now forcing himself to smile, exerting his last effort. Suddenly, he disrobed his clothes to consummate his marriage as quickly as possible. So fast, that when he disrobed his wedding cloth, the nearby red candle was extinguished by a gust of wind produced by his movement.

“Milady, I am coming to you!” Said Sun Ce while plunging himself to Qiao Yu.

Outside wedding room, there are a few veterans who are eavesdropping the wedding room. Sun Ce’s personal guard can only smile wryly watching those veterans.

“What do you think, is Milord capable of drinking that much wine?!” The owner of the voice is an old man, but his voice is full of anger.

“How can he not be capable? A Long time ago, we also drank that amount of wine with the old lord, remember?!” Said a few veterans while laughing, because they are among those who understand Sun Jian and Sun Ce the best.

“And now Milord is striving to be as good as our old lord, how can he not be capable of handling that amount of wine?!” Finally Huang Gai opened his mouth. From the beginning, he was just silent and listening to his compatriots.

“You see it, now!!! Milord has extinguished the candle! So right now, he must be enjoying his wife!” Said a bunch of veterans, who understood the meaning.

“Okay then, it is good already. We go!” Eavesdropping is not a good thing. However the one who is marrying is your old lord’s son, how can you resist the temptation not to eavesdrop?! Let alone they are Sun Ce’s new retainers or Sun Jian’s former subordinate. Inside the wedding room, Da Qiao was pinned down by Sun Ce.

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“General Sun, Hello, General Sun?!” Qiao Yu is shouting cautiously. Has Sun Ce discovered that she is no longer virgin?!

“Bofu?!” Qiao Yu called his courtesy name, yet he still had no reaction. “Husband?!” Qiao Yu called with an alluring voice, but still no reaction at all. Qiao Yu is being pinned down by Sun Ce. Sun Ce’s height of 190 cm has covered Qiao Yu small stature completely. Therefore Qiao Yu could not see what Sun Ce is doing right now.

“Wheet!” Qiao Yu is whistling in Sun Ce’s ear with the sound larger than thunderclap, to check on Sun Ce’s condition.

“Did he fall asleep?!” In Qiao Yu’s mind, she thought on how ridiculous this person is. He fell asleep on the first night? He fell asleep in the wedding room?!

Qiao Yu then put her hand on his breast. Seeing that his pulse is constant and stable, she finally determined that Sun Ce has fallen asleep.

She had exhausted all of her strength when she slept together with Liu Mang. So Qiao Yu feared that Sun Ce would be awakened by the noise. Therefore she continued to be cautious. Her hand has been sweating profusely when she tried to touch Sun Ce.

Sun Ce is asleep and is now snoring. Beside the bed there is a broken jade jug. That jade jug earlier was filled with newly-married wine for a couple. Seeing the wine pouring on the floor, but with only a little liquid left implied one thing, Sun Ce drank up the whole jug.

Qiao Yu really cannot understand it at all. Actually when Sun Ce was almost sober, he was very thirsty and when he saw a jade jug on the table, he just drank it thinking it was water. Drinking that much wine without getting drunk? It is an impossible feat for any person.

“Oohh, he is drunk as a skunk!” In Qiao Yu’s heart there is a sigh of relief. That pretty lady now sitting on the bedside with moonlight shining her, was almost like a goddess who descended to earth.

Anyone would wish to hold this celestial female in their bosom, and would love to relieve all her sadness. If a man saw this, he will definitely be charmed by her expression and he will wish to hug this goddess relieve all her sorrows.

“Come out!” Qiao Yu calling toward the closet.

A naked man holding a long sword showed himself. It is Liu Mang who hid behind the closet. It is good that Sun Ce is drunk, otherwise Liu Mang will probably kill Sun Ce from the back using the long sword.

“Speak, how did appear in my newly-wed room?!” Qiao Yu said coldly to Liu Mang.

“Madame Qiao Yu, the truth is, I was just wandering here, and I could not find my guest room!” Liu Mang smiled bitterly. Then he said that he did not know this Administration office is so big with many-many crossings. He really only wanted to find a room, so he can sleep. But who knew, that he went into wedding room and slept with the bride.

From Liu Mang’s liquor breath, Da Qiao also believed that Liu Mang was lost and accidentally entered the wedding room however the matter that has occurred is very difficult to undo.

“Now, what we should do?!” Da Qiao frowned on the bed. Sun Ce is still snoring, he drank too much liquor.

Liu Mang was watching Da Qiao bite her teeth realize that he had made a huge mistake someone’s wife. Furthermore, this is not the modern age, even in the modern age, the punishment for rape is very strong, he could be imprisoned for lifetime, but this is the ancient age punishment for an adulterer like this will result in him being castrated and the girl being tortured.

Should I kill her?! This is not a modern time, it is ancient time. So, this time, there is no good forensic techniques. If Liu Mang kills Qiao Yu, I believe Sun Ce will take a very long time investigating the case. But Liu Mang could not do it, because it is his mistake from the very start. Qiao Yu is innocent, moreover, can killing Qiao Yu solve the big problem? Once exposed, Liu Mang’s death will be worse.

“Come with me, elope with me! Let’s find a place where nobody could find us!” This is Liu Mang’s other suggestion. Liu Mang and Da Qiao could escape and live in seclusion or he could hide her in his division and set out to Hanzhong furthering Lu Bu’s plan. Liu Mang believed that he, as a general, can support a girl.

“I cannot go with you!” Qiao Yu shook her head. Before, she had a very good impression of Liu Mang and her heart has already been fallen for him. Now Liu Mang has also asked her to be with him, you can say that she has completely dedicated her heart to Liu Mang, and of course, she also wanted to go with Liu Mang. But she cannot, if Sun Ce could not find her, he will definitely hold her father responsible and possibly shun her whole family, so for her family, she could not go.

“Then, I kill Sun Ce now!” This is Liu Mang’s last suggestion.

“If you kill Sun Ce, our clan will not be able to live!” Sun Ce is Jiangdong Army’s boss. If Liu Mang kills Sun Ce, then he will make the entire Jiangdong his personal enemy. If one can find the connection between Liu Mang and Da Qiao, then the Qiao clan will also suffer very big consequences.

“You go!” After thinking about it for a long time Da Qiao finally said it.

“I go?!” Liu Mang said his doubts “I go, but what about you?!” If before Da Qiao has not seen Liu Mang, Liu Mang may run away, but Liu Mang did not want to leave her now, if he went then what about her?

“Today Sun Ce is drunk! So I decided that as of tonight, I do not know you and you do not know me, you may never appear before me, and you did not come to my wedding room tonight. There is only me and Sun Ce, never you!” Said Qiao Yu with a cold tone. Actually she is shivering when she said those words, because she just denounced him who stole her virginity and heart.

“Eh?!” Liu Mang stunned.

“Am I not clear?! Forget everything about tonight, forget everything about me!”

Liu Mang deeply looked at the woman called Qiao Yu and said “I understand!” As of today, Liu Mang does not know Qiao Yu, and Qiao Yu does not know Liu Mang, they have taken their paths separately. This is the best solution for both of them. This woman’s heart is really magnanimous!

Liu Mang remembered when Qiao Yu was wounded deeply, she did not scream at all, because she did not want to make her younger sister worried and now she can forget tonight’s event for the sake of her family and Liu Mang too.

“I go now, please take care of yourself!” Liu Mang then get dressed, ready to leave.

“General Liu!” Suddenly Qiao Yu called Liu Mang.

“En? “ Liu Mang stopped.

“Please take care!” Said Qiao Yu.

“You also!” Liu Mang nodded and left the wedding room.

Qiao Yu is very tired and wanted to sleep but right now she knew that she cannot rest. So suppressing her drowsiness, Qiao Yu removed Sun Ce’s clothing and removed her own clothes, leaving only lingerie behind and then separated her body and Sun Ce and laid again to sleep.

Her eyes closed and this time she fell asleep.

Soon, morning came.

Sun Ce slowly opened his eyes to the sun’s warmth and then shook his head fiercely. Wine really left a very bad aftertaste, as of now Sun Ce head is very sore.

Who drank wine with him yesterday?! Is it Lu Bu? Right, it is Marquis of Wen Lu Bu. Sun Ce started recollecting his memory. How many bowls did he and Lu Bu drink? 10 bowls? 20 bowls? Damn, that man’s alcohol tolerance is really scary. Sun Ce wanted to laugh bitterly but suddenly found out that he is wearing nothing but his underpants.

The bed quilt is red, the room is red and even the decorations are all red.

Yesterday was my wedding banquet. Sun Ce remembered that yesterday he and Lu Bu had a drinking bout, so he must have missed his first night.

He thought, yesterday Da Qiao must have waited a very long time and now he thought since he missed it, he wanted to wake up Da Qiao to make up for first night, but he was suddenly startled, because at bed corner there is a red stain on his white silk bed sheet.

Right, there is a red stain on the white silk. The white is the silk original color, but the red stain was blood.

This stain is from her defloration last night, so Sun Ce understood it, every first night, there must be this stain. Was he not drunk last night? How can there is a stain?! Sun Ce really had a doubt. Did I do it last night, without me remembering it?!

Sun Ce was completely dumbfounded.

Sun Ce’s movement on the bed affected Da Qiao. Last night, she was deflowered, so at morning it is still very painful and Da Qiao cannot help but moan and wrinkled her brow in her sleep.

“Is this pain from being deflowered?!” It was now more believable to Sun Ce that yesterday night he consummated his marriage unconsciously. If he did not consummate, how would her face have that painful look? While Sun Ce is pondering it, suddenly his personal bodyguard shouted “General Sun, General Lu and Prince of Shu are waiting outside for you!”

“Are they?!” Sun Ce touched his head. Hmm…. Still a little giddy. They come to say farewell right?!”

“I have to change clothes!” Sun Ce afraid to disturb Da Qiao. Went to his concubine’s room to change his clothes into a formal one after that he went to the main hall.

At the main hall, there are some military officials who attended last night’s banquet stayed at Administration office. They are mainly veterans and are headed by Huang Gai. Seeing Sun Ce come into the hall, Huang Gai winked “Milord, how was your sleep last night?!”

“Quite OK, but because of the wine, I cannot remember anything!” Responded Sun Ce. These veterans had seen him grow up, so if they continue to gossip about last night, they will bring down their lord’s dignity with them.

“Drinking liquor, but can also blow out the red candles??? WOW!” Han Dang said frankly.

“Yigong!” Those veterans wanted to prevent Han Dang, because this veteran may tell their lord that they eavesdropped last night.

TL: Han Dang’s courtesy name is Yigong
“Cough!” Although Sun Ce did not say anything, but he knew that these veterans eavesdropped on his wedding room. One can say that these veterans are Sun Ce’s uncle and Sun Ce’s family. So Sun Ce just helplessly heard their conversation, but from a few of them, he knew that last night he was not sober.

But because Da Qiao’s virginity is lost, he did not suspect anything further.

“Uncle Lu! Your Highness Prince of Shu!” Sun Ce greet Lu Bu and Liu Mang who have been waiting inside the hall “Last night, did you rest well?!”

“Yes, I rested well!” Lu Bu has not spoken yet, but Liu Mang already spoke out of guilt.

“Eh?!” Lu Bu felt that Liu Mang today is very strange but he could not say put his tongue on it.

“My worthy nephew Sun Ce, we have been disturbing you for a few days, so today, we must start again our journey!” Lu Bu said it straight to the point.

“Eh?! Uncle Lu, why don’t you stay a few more days?!” Said Sun Ce out of courtesy. Actually Sun Ce was also looking forward for Lu Bu to leave, because he spent too much grain and provisions of this Wancheng city, making Sun Ce very distressed.

“No, your wedding day has passed, and we have been delayed too long in our journey!” Lu Bu refused Sun Ce’s courtesy and he and Liu Mang returned to his army camp.


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