My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 95 - Major Event in Jiangxia
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 95 - Major Event in Jiangxia

Chapter 95 – Major Event in Jiangxia
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“CRASH!!!” Inside Huangzhou city, a young man is full of anger and throwing, destroying anything that is made of porcelain and jade, shattering them to pieces.

The entire room is already in ruins.

“Abominable, damnation. Why, WHY DOES FATHER NOT LISTEN TO ME, WHY?!” This young man Huang She has been roaring for some time now. He already notified his father Huang Zu of Jiangxia that Huang Zhong is possibly collaborating with the enemy, if not how can Huang Zhong say that he is defeated a few days ago.

But Huang Zu did not completely trust Huang She’s report, instead he kept Huang Zhong as appointed commander-in-chief and only reprimanded him through a letter, in order for Huang She to be satisfied as quartermaster.

So, it can be said, Huang She’s restlessness is caused by Huang Zhong’s appointment as commander-in-chief.

“Report!!!” This time there is a guard coming in to his room. Huang She glared an angrily at this guard. This guard was planted by Huang She into Huang Zhong's army, so he can be informed of Huang Zhong’s every action and movement.

“How, huh? Was the army defeated?!” Huang She currently expected Huang Zhong to lose. If Huang Zhong lost, then the position of commander-in-chief would automatically be transferred to him.

“No, our army did not lose!!” The guard looks strangely at the little master. Did he expect them to lose? If the army lost, how can he still standing here? Maybe at that time, his escape route would have been cut off. Then the guard continued “Old General Huang Zhong has clashed with Lu Bu’s army again and has repelled the enemy!”

“If he is not defeated, then why have you come back here singing praises about that old fart Huang Zhong before me, huh? An ordinary man compared to me!!!” Huang She’s eyes started to turn red, killing intent emanating fiercely from his body. His face looked like he wanted to eat a person.

“No, this servant did not have the slightest intention, Eldest son!” The guard became very scared, he is afraid that this eldest son may kill him. “The Old General Huang, just before both armies clashed, some of Lu Bu’s army scouts shouted that among Lu Bu’s army, there is a doctor who can cure Old General Huang’s son!”

“Huang Zhong’s son is sick?!” Huang She is puzzled. He and Huang Zhong have had big disputes recently so naturally he cannot inquire about Huang Zhong’s family.

“How did Huang Zhong respond?!” What Huang She wanted to know is how Huang Zhong responded to the news.

“Old General Huang is very excited at first, but later I informed him that our Jiangxia also has a famous doctor to cure General Huang Zhong’s son’s illness!” Honestly the guard also very much admires General Huang Zhong.

“Very excited, eh?!” Huang She did not have a clear reason as to why Huang Zhong appeared in Jiangxia. He is Liu Pan's subordinate. Although Huang She disdained Liu Pan very much, he had to admit that his vision is good. Because he is able to persuade such a valiant general to serve under him obediently.

Huang She also recognized Huang Zhong's skill. If Huang Zhong was not opposing his idea again and again, Huang She really did would not mind if that brave general guarded Jiangxia.

But now, it looked like it is not Liu Pan who recommended Huang Zhong to his father, instead it was because Jiangxia has a famous doctor who can treat Huang Zhong's son illness, therefore Huang Zhong requested to transfer to Jiangxia.

"Good, good!" Huang She smiled suddenly, finally he knew there is a weakness that he can exploit.

"Eldest son?!"The guard is very strange as to why the eldest son smiled suddenly.

"You go back to your post!"Huang She waved his hand signaling the guard to return.

“Famous doctor, eh? Huang Zhong's son!!! HEHEHEHE, you will be my, Huang She's, leverage!!! Old fart you just wait!!! I will make you relinquish your military authority to me!!!” Said Huang She's with very cold eyes look at the sky.

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“They can cure my son's illness?!” In Jiangxia's army main tent, Huang Zhong is holding his head, he had a deep headache. What Huang Zhong is most worried in this world is certainly his son Huang Xu.

When Huang Zhong had Huang Xu, he can be considered already middle age (20 years old). Therefore Huang Zhong wishes to pass Huang Xu, his skill, so he had been very strict to Huang Xu.

TL: Life expectancy in Eastern Han Dynasty is not high, therefore 20+ is considered middle age.

But, who can predict such strictness would actually bring illness to Huang Xu?

Huang Zhong's training regimen is too stressful for Huang Xu's body. The phase of hammering bone was done in the wrong way, so that caused his illness. So Huang Xu starting from his childhood had been exposed to a lot of medicine.

Huang Zhong did not belong to any clan, so in his whole life, his only heir is Huang Xu.

Because Huang Xu has been sick all these years, it made Huang Zhong worry so much. All of his hair turned white and his it caused appearance to be much older than his age.

This time, he went to Jiangxia because there is a rumor that Jiangxia has a famous doctor, therefore he requested Liu Pan to transfer him to Jiangxia.

But up to this day, he still could not find the famous doctor to cure his son.

Now Lu Bu’s army, he did not know where they got information about his son being sick or his sickness, but they said that they have a cure for Huang Xu's sickness! How can this information not make Huang Zhong excited?

If Huang Zhong is not affiliated with anyone currently, maybe Huang Zhong would kneel before Lu Bu, asking him to cure his son, even if he is to be cattle or a horse in the next life. But currently he is a commander-in-chief of an armed force, and they are enemy opponents and Huang Zhong's principle made it impossible to for him to surrender to the enemy.

So, after repelling Lu Bu’s army attack, Huang Zhong fell into a deep depression in the main tent.

“Old General Huang!” At this time Su Fei walked into main tent.

Su Fei see Huang Zhong in a distressed state while seating on the commander's seat. He also knows Huang Zhong had a son. His son is a very talented person, Su Fei knew that when he paid a visit to Huang Zhong's mansion.

Huang Zhong's son Huang Xu is a good seedling. He has a natural talent for war, but it's a pity that his body cannot support his aspirations.

That appearance now, is just like as Su Fei remembered when Huang Xu coughed up blood and Huang Zhong is worried.

“Su Fei, you are here!” Huang Zhong nodded.

“Old General Huang, are you thinking about that matter just now?!” Su Fei really did not know how he should could his opinion. On one side, he hoped that what Lu Bu said is real, so that Huang Xu could be saved but on the other side, he hoped the news is false, so Old General Huang did not worry so much.

Hearing Su Fei said that, Huang Zhong just waved his hand to say no. “Su Fei, please do not raise that matter again today!” Huang Zhong currently is very agitated and upset, he no longer wished to speak about this matter. He knows that this maybe a scheme to lower the troops morale, but he really cannot hold his excitement down.

“Um, I know!” Su Fei also knew that currently, Huang Zhong needed to dispel his agitated state. If Huang Zhong kept thinking about the news that Lu Bu has a medicine for his son, it is the end.

“Report! Reporting to General Huang, outside of main tent, there is a person claiming to be your house steward seeking an audience with the general!” A guard came relaying a message.

“My house steward?!” Huang Zhong's brow wrinkled. How is he here? Why did he not stay in my Jiangxia's mansion? “I accept his request, let him come in!”

The man who wore the house steward's clothing quickly entered the main tent and knelt before Huang Zhong “General, General, Zhao Qian is incompetent!”

“Zhao Qian?!” Su Fei knows that this servant is Huang Zhong's family steward, having people as his house steward, it can be said that Huang Zhong is also wealthy. This person has been following Huang Zhong through fire and water, risked his life with Huang Zhong as a personal bodyguard. Afterward, when his prowess has been wasted by age, he was taken in by Huang Zhong as his house steward.

With Zhao Qian to appearing here, did an accident happen in Huang Zhong's mansion?

It was exactly as Su Fei's suspected, hearing Zhao Qian's words, he discovered ill news. Huang Zhong's son, Huang Xu disappeared!


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