My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 99 - Jiangxia’s Destruction is Coming
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 99 - Jiangxia’s Destruction is Coming

Chapter 99 – Jiangxia’s Destruction is Coming
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Today, Jiangxia army really showed off their prowess, especially Xu Zhi. This person can fight a general in Lu Bu’s army into a standstill, an invincible person.

When he returned to the city, Huang She rewarded Xu Zhi with 100 gold, promoted his title to a first-class officer, and expanded his influence from commanding 2,000 troops to 5,000 troops. The scenery right now is very festive.

“Heh, it seem like Lu Bu’s army is only mediocre!” Said Huang She while looking at his subordinate, his valiant general Xu Zhi. So, he cannot help but to rise his heroic spirit.

The battles that have happened these two days are very satisfying for Jiangxia's army. Huang She had found a really big talent which can be explained with him having a mind for tactics. If he did not send the testing squad, how can he have these big victories?

“Messenger, send a report to my father, Jiangxia is victorious! And say that our army repelled Lu Bu army’s offense several times and killed 300... Wait!!!” Huang She thought again “No, you say we killed 3,000 enemy troops and our army casualties was only 200 troops. We will make sure Lu Bu’s army will retreat as soon as possible, no need for father to be concerned!!!”

Those 300 troops perhaps, the complete summation of casualties for Lu Bu army since the first day of siege. But Huang She bloated that number from 300 to 3000, in order to further increasing his merit.

As for 2000 people of Jiangxia's army’s casualties, it was reduced by Huang She to 200. So in order to complement the loss who were falsely reported, Huang She forced 1800 citizens from Huangzhou city to conscript themselves into the army.

“Come, General Xu Zhi. Huang She offers you one cup of wine as a respect. You have shown our Jiangxia's army strength and prowess today as you are able to push back Lu Bu’s army! Thank you for your trouble!” Huang She is patting Xu Zhi’s shoulder continuously. Because with this person, Huang She will be able to win against Lu Bu’s army.

“Much thanks, little lord! Xu Zhi is glad he can be a help for you to overcome your difficulty in repelling Lu Bu’s army. Even if it is really tiring, Xu Zhi is also willing to fight again for the little lord!” Xu Zhi patted Huang She’s ass directly.

“Wait a minute, what did you just call me?!” Huang She suddenly grabbed Xu Zhi’s hand. His cold gaze is staring at Xu Zhi, making him tremble. Xu Zhi then thought “Oh, no, did I address him wrongly? Did I said the wrong words?!”

Earlier today, he was almost cut down because he hesitated to bring 2000 soldiers out, and right now he has been blessed, not to die in the enemy’s hand. Why must he now die in his master’s hand because he address Huang She as “little lord”?

Old General Huang Zhong just kept silent, he do not dare to offend Huang She for fear of his son’s safety.

“I address you as little lord, little lord!” Said Xu Zhi trembling.

“Say it again!” Huang She tightened his grip on Xu Zhi’s hand.

“It is little lord, little lord!”

“Hahahaha!” Huang She suddenly laughed. His happy expression made Xu Zhi breathe a relief sigh. If this second-generation of Jiangxia's rule is angry, Xu Zhi himself may be unable to survive anymore.

“Good, very good, Xu Zhi. You have the talent of senior general and also have the attitude of a senior general!!!” Huang She’s mood is really good, really good. These two days, he went to war, won two battles consecutively. This evening was brought by this Xu Zhi.

Addressed as Little lord! Although Huang She is Huang Zu’s eldest son, he was only called Eldest son She, and now there is a person who called him little lord for the first time. Huang She being called little lord, represented that he is already Jiangxia’s legitimate successor, the next lord of Jiangxia.

“Thank you very much, little lord. Praise the little lord!” Xu Zhi sees that this Huang She liked to be called little lord, naturally will call him little lord again and again.

“Hahahaha, do not worry about your future. As long as you follow this little lord. I will make my father entrust heavy responsibilities to you!”

At one side, Huang She and Xu Zhi is really happy. It is different with Huang Zhong who have been drinking wine all this time to drown his sorrow. Su Fei had just gone to the naval unit’s main camp, therefore there is nobody to accompany him to drink. His son is still in the hands of Huang She, so he did not have any interest in the current jovial state. Then again, is today really a victory?

Huang Zhong really had big doubts in his heart. Is this Xu Zhi really strong? Two times, a first-class general was defeated by a second-class general. This kind of predicament raised doubts in Huang Zhong’s heart.

“Are they feigning defeat?!” Huang Zhong guessed. What is Lu Bu army trying to gain by feigning defeat? Is it in order to swallow those 2000 troops that act as a test?

If that is the case, then it is too much, it is like fussing a minor issue with a big response. Dealing with 2000 troops that Huang She sent is a very easy matter, that general can annihilate them ASAP.

While Huang Zhong is still pondering, the answer to why Lu Bu’s army is feigning defeat is revealed.

He saw Huang She stand up and screamed heroically “This little lord has decided. Tomorrow open the main gate. We will do a decisive battle with Lu Bu’s army!!! A battle to decide the victor!!!”

“Decisive battle! Fight to decide the victor!!!” They have been successfully brainwashed by Huang She. In their eyes Lu Bu’s army is nothing and Lu Bu’s terror is yesterday’s news and is not worth mentioning.

Bing Province Heavy Cavalry, the trump card of Lu Bu’s army, is unable to show their might due to topography of Jiangxia, The remaining divisions are 10,000 infantries including the 3000 troops of the Formation Breaker and 3000 troops of the Urban Army.

These land-lubbers are nothing, if they are suppressed from land and water.

Also, for the retreat path, Huangzhou city has many waterways. If they are defeated, they can just jumped into the river and enter Huangzhou city through waterways.

“Humph!” Huang Zhong just humphed coldly in low voice. If their ploy is that simple, can they truly he called as Lu Bu’s army?!

Huang Zhong and Lu Bu are not long acquainted, but he knows that Bing Province Heavy Cavalry are unable to display their might due to topography. However, he is also aware of the elite infantries that Lu Bu has. The Formation Breakers and the Urban Army.

Huang Zhong has paid more attention to the Urban Army. Although he had not seen the Urban Army do battle, he has seen their organized steps. It is a much disciplined army and definitely can be called as an elite team. The only question that he had in mind is why the Urban Army had not yet become a division that can be dispatched at any time.

To hell with Huang She, he can lose this battle and die in a river for all I care. All Huang Zhong wanted is for Huang She to return his son back to him after this battle ended.

To hell also with military authority, take it Huang She if you want.

Dig your fucking grave with your own hand.

At the naval main camp. “WHAT? This military order, orders us tomorrow infantry and naval unit coordinate our attack to do a decisive battle with Lu Bu army?!”

Su Fei is really uncertain with the order he received. Old General Huang, why now? A few days ago, you decided to play defensively, in order to exhaust Lu Bu’s army’s grain and provisions but why now, did you decide to do a decisive battle?

Su Fei has a hunch that this is not Old General Huang’s order, but when he saw the tiger seal mark, he dispelled his doubt immediately. Su Fe is a really clueless as to what happened in main camp, after he went back 2 days ago.

“Xingba! Prepare the naval unit. Tomorrow we need to coordinate our attack with Old General Huang’s offense. We are going to fight a decisive battle!” Su Fei said that order toward the young man who wore silk clothing.

“BUMP!!! BUMP!!! BUMP!!!” Battle drum finally thundered in Jiangxia's army. The signal announcing an offensive strike.

Slowly 10,000 troops flushed out from Huangzhou city, forming formation one by one. The naval unit also have been prepared on river side from their camp with archers ready.

Giant crossbows also already prepared.

Lu Bu then speaks "Hahaha, finally the day of Jiangxia’s fall has finally come!"


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