My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 106 - Plundering of Jiangxia by Sun Ce
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 106 - Plundering of Jiangxia by Sun Ce

Chapter 106 – Plundering of Jiangxia by Sun Ce
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto
Sponsored by Tommy I of Western Australia & Suood K of UAE

Inside Sanjiangkou naval units’ main camp, Sun Ce is currently reading all the documents and Intel. He was truly lost in thought.

“Bofu, anything happen?!” Zhou Yu puts down his battle helmet. A moment ago, he is inspecting the main camp. The reason why they can be ready at any time is because Zhou Yu led the inspection personally and because of that, it sped up integration between soldiers and their generals. That merit is truly attributed to Zhou Yu alone.

With Sanjiangkou being occupied, those generals of Jing Province in Wuchang commandery will also surrender in a few days. With Wuchang commandery surrendered, Xiakou town will immediately surrender too. With that said, the entirety of Jiangxia was already acquired by Sun Ce.

Xiakou towns’ current state is in total distress. This feat was only possible because of Marquis of Wen, Lu Bu. So we must say thanks to him. Huang Zu's senior generals Su Fei, Huang Zhong and Gan Ning are those who can withstand Jiangdong's naval units, but currently they had all transferred to Huangzhou city by Huang Zu. With Huangzhou city defeated, Jiangxia’s troops morale dropped to the bottom.

Sanjiangkou initially had 10,000 naval units, but 5,000 were transferred to Huangzhou city and currently being assimilated by Lu Bu’s army, becoming Lu Bu’s navy. The remaining 5,000 naval units were not led by a competent commander.

And as a result, Zhou Yu won this battle easily.

“You calling Marquis of Wen, uncle, did not end in vain right Bofu? I am right as always, right?!” Zhou Yu teased “After your Honorable Uncle forms an alliance with us. Those 5,000 Bing Province Heavy Cavalry will be your sharp blade!!!”

“HAHAHAHA, form an alliance? Gongjin, we had an accident!” Sun Ce smiled bitterly. He wanted to obtain that 5,000 Bing Province Heavy Cavalry, Formation Breaker and the Urban Army. Those divisions made Sun Ce drool. But thinking about getting it is a completely different matter than obtaining it.

“Here, you can see for yourself!” When Zhou Yu had doubts, Sun Ce quickly passed over his bamboo slips to him. When he opened the letter, Zhou Yu brow wrinkled and suddenly got angry.

“Lu Bu killed Chen Duan? He truly killed Chen Duan!!!” Zhou Yu did not want to believe this news. “Does this Lu Fengxian seriously not care for his life?!”
He had offended Huang Zu. Then Sun Ce under the pretext that Lu Bu and he formed an alliance, quickly attacked and occupied Sanjiangkou to intimidate Xiakou town.
For Sun Ce’s army to have big harvest today, half of it was Lu Bu’s army’s merit. So it can be said that Huang Zu hates Lu Bu to the bone.

So Sun Ce sent out Chen Duan to contact Lu Bu in order to force him to ally with Sun Ce. If Lu Bu's side is slightly “smart” or truly smart, they will definitely form an alliance with Sun Ce, even if it is uncomfortable. With Lu Bu and Sun Ce allied together, Jiangxia will definitely be a no problem and after Jiangxia had been conquered, Sun Ce will give Lu Bu two options to leave or to stay.

But, who would have thought that Lu Bu killed Chen Duan. It's the same as clawing Sun Ce's army's face!
What profit is there to be gain with Lu Bu’s army offending Huang Zu and Sun Ce’s army?
Sanjiangkou is in Sun Ce's hands. Lu Bu’s army is king in land warfare but in naval battle, they are zero. Once Sun Ce blocks Sanjiangkou, Lu Bu’s army does not have an escape route.

“We sent Chen Duan to force this Marquis of Wen Lu Bu, but it is just to threat this tiger a little. But this Chen Duan actually bared his fangs!!!” The bamboo slips on Sun Ce table wrote about the event clearly.

When Chen Duan arrived in Lu Bu army, he put out four conditions.

First, is to hand over Huang She; Second, is to form alliance; Third, is to marry Lu Bu's daughter as a sister wife; Fourth, to hand over the Imperial Seal to Sun Ce.

Sun Ce remembers that he ordered Chen Duan to pressure Lu Bu with the first two. The first is handing over Huang She. If they handed over Huang She, Lu Bu’s army will have to cancel their destination to Xinye, because they will make Huang Zu their mortal enemy and subsequently a mortal enemy to the Jing Province.

The second is to form an alliance. Besides Jiangxia, the entire Jing Province is not to be underestimated. Although Liu Biao is a person who only wanted to maintain his inheritance, his performance actually had made Jing Province the wealthiest place in all of the 9 Provinces of China, and in this times of chaos, they are still able to maintain stability.

Because of chaos caused by war, all of the common people, famous scholars and talented person sought out asylum in Jing Province.

If there is no Liu Biao and his family making every effort so that Jing Province maintain their wealth, perhaps those people who sought asylum, will live in uncertainty to this day.

With Jiangxia occupied, Jing Province will definitely make every preparation to counter attack. So Sun Ce wanted his and Lu Bu’s army allied at this critical point.

The third is marriage, Sun Ce can only shake his head and smile bitterly. He lamented that he should never ever have sent Chen Duan to negotiate. Chen Duan is an excellent negotiator, but his personality is not a good one. He had been made angry by Liu Mang to the point of almost vomiting blood and also he has become a laughing stock in every corner of Jiangdong.

So the third point obviously was added by Chen Duan himself for revenge against Liu Mang.

Let Lu Bu's daughter become Sun Ce's sister wife? A concubine? Chen Duan really is crazy. He spat on the fact that Lu Bu's daughter has been engaged to the Prince of Shu, Liu Mang. If Lu Bu's agrees, then how would the entire nation see Lu Bu? A person who threw away everything for riches, right?

The fourth point, Sun Ce had obtained news that said after Yuan Shu died, the Imperial Seal vanished. But here is the point, after Yuan Shu died, suddenly in Lu Bu’s army appeared Yuan Shu's chief official Yang Hong, so this Yang Hong was suspected by Sun Ce to carry the Imperial Seal with him.

But only suspected without any hard proof, but Chen Duan actually coerced Lu Bu for it.

Finally, he also threatened Lu Bu. Who is Lu Bu? He is a mighty tiger. If you threatened this mighty tiger, you are really seeking for death.

So Chen Duan's death is not undeserved. Zhou Yu quickly said “Bofu, immediately send someone to your Honorable Uncle to explain clearly our intention!!!” Although Chen Duan is one of five top advisers in Sun Ce army, he is also Jiangdong senior statesman. He could be seen as a representative of Sun Ce’s army and his plans.

“Um!” Sun Ce also nodded. Lu Bu’s army is vital to his ambition. What Sun Ce wants is the entire Jing Province not only Jiangxia.


“Emergency report? Quick, give it to us!” Zhou Yu and Sun Ce were stunned. An emergency report from Jiangdong? Jiangdong is located between 4 provinces, which are Yang Province, Xu Province, Yu Province, and Jing Province

Half of Yang Province has already assimilated by Jiangdong. The remaining place is Shouchun which had been dilapidated and desolated.

In Xu Province, Cao Cao and Liu Bei are fighting like a raging fire, it’s impossible for them to send troops to Jiangdong.

At Yu Province only have Liu Pi of Runan, but that person is only a dog, Yuan Shao's dog. Without orders from his master, he does not dare to attack Jiangdong. Moreover, if he dares to move. Will Cao Mengde let go such good opportunity to annex his rear pass by?

Jing Province is currently focusing on the defense now, they cannot attack Jiangdong.

“Abominable!!!” Sun Ce quickly threw this emergency report on the table after reading it.

“Eh?!” Seeing that Sun Ce that angry, Zhou Yu knows that an emergency matter happened. He maintained composure and carefully read that emergency letter that Sun Ce has thrown off.

“South?!” Zhou Yu also dumbfounded when reading this letter.

Lu Bu’s army unexpectedly abandoned Huangzhou city. His army is currently moving to the south. His goal? You don't have to be a genius to guess it. It is definitely Wancheng city!!! Lujiang's capital, Wancheng city.

Although Wancheng city is a strategic place, their military strength was insufficient. Wancheng city needed to be defended by two places which are Jiujiang and Chaisang. But currently those two places have deployed all of its soldiers toward Wuchang commandery and Sanjiangkou.

Lu Bu now goes to the south, once his army reached the city. Wancheng city will be broken.

”ARMY RETREAT!! ALL ARMY RETREAT!!!” Sun Ce drew out the sword on the wall. “This brute Lu Bu has bullied me majorly. When he comes to pass Lujiang, I did not receive even a single coin, but I prepared him grain and provisions, hot food and I even threw a banquet for him. Unexpectedly, he redirects his army south to seize my city now. If I do not taste Lu Bu's blood my heart will be difficult to calm down!!!” Sun Ce is so angry that he forgot the big advantage that Lu Bu's army had given him

“All army retreat?!” Zhou Yu thought while holding the table now and tidying up many things that had fall to the ground “Bofu, now we cannot full retreat!!!”

For what reason did they amassed troops in Wuchang and Sanjiangkou? Isn't it to plunder Jiangxia in order to capture Jing Province? If they retreat now, then these efforts will be in vain. Next time when they attack Jiangxia, it will not be so easy like this. They will not have Lu Bu's sharp blade to help them. No, without Lu Bu's help, Sun Ce will not be able to win Jiangxia.

As far as they knew, when Lu Bu has not yet come, even though Sun Ce won so many wars with Jiangxia, he never got this far. This time, Sun Ce can is knocking on Jing Province's door because after this Jiangxia will be his.

Moreover they are assembling troops here in Jiangxia and Xiakou. Once they retreat, they do not only face Lu Bu’s army, but they will also face Huang Zu. It will impossible for Huang Zu to throw away such an opportunity. He will definitely commence a pincer attack with Lu Bu.

“So, in your opinion, we just let this brute Lu Bu attack my Jiangdong?!” Sun Ce's heart now is very volatile. His anger is maxed. He had planned for both sides to gain profit, but who ever thought that Lu Bu will get angry by Chen Duan and attack Wancheng city directly

“If now, we retreat, then all of our efforts are in vain!!! Just let Lujiang and Wancheng city be occupied by Lu Bu!!!” Zhou Yu then sneered “Lu Bu’s army is the king in land warfare, but in water, they are sitting ducks. Without naval units, he is unable to cross the river. We can just deploy our naval units in Wuhu Lake and Chaohu Lake. That is enough for stopping Lu Fengxian from going anywhere but north!!!”

TL: Wuhu and Chaohu, both are lakes in Lujiang vicinity

“Our present task is now to overcome Xiakou and devour Jiangxia. Once one succeeds, we only need to leave behind several senior generals to block Jing Province forces in Chibi. Then we return to Wancheng city. At that time, with our Jiangdong forces freshly resupplied, Lu Bu will perish quickly.

“Good then, let us make that brute Lu Bu live a little longer!” Looking at Sun Ce put down his long sword, Zhou Yu breathe a sigh of relief.
He feared that Sun Ce will quickly order for retreat and fight a losing battle with Lu Bu; disregarding his plan to spread Jiangdong's dominance.

Zhou Yu and Sun Ce then thought "Lu Bu, Lu Bu! We really underestimated you!!!"


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