My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 125 - Zhou Cheng“s Heavy Infantry Troops; The “Black Flag“ Moves
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 125 - Zhou Cheng“s Heavy Infantry Troops; The “Black Flag“ Moves

Chapter 125 – Zhou Cheng's Heavy Infantry Troops; The "Black Flag" Moves
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“REPORT!!!! Reporting to little lord! There is a news from the city!”

The messenger who came to Zhou clan’s mansion is dirty and unable to walk properly. His face is showing a horrified expression; the upper half of his body is bloody.

“News from the city? How?!” Zhou Cheng’s brow wrinkles, he did not have good feeling about the news.

“LU, LU, LU BU’S ARMY!!!!”

The messenger had not yet finished his sentence when a nearby middle-aged man quickly interrupted.
“Lu Bu’s army was annihilated by my private soldiers. On South Gate, none of Lu Bu’s army survived!” The one who said that is Yu Zheng, head of Yu clan. His responsibility is to occupy the South Gate, therefore he is the one who is most proud by now.

His private soldiers destroyed “3,000” of Lu Bu’s, his merit was suddenly boosted up so high. “Regarding the other gates, I do not know!” Yu Zheng said those words while looking at the other clan head with his eyes.

“Heh, sneering toward my advance on the North Gate, eh?!” The one who spoke was the head of the He clan, He Shuo. His face only showing resentful. What the hell he is talking about? How can he not know about the other gates?

This head of Yu clan really did not know his place. So He Shuo just counter-sneered toward Yu Zheng “OOOOWWWW, 3,000 troops of Lu Bu’s army eh?!” WOOOOOOOW, Yu Zheng, you are truly great, your skills are top notch! I, He Shuo, really admire you very much!”

Is it true 3,000 troops of Lu Bu’s army was decimated by the Yu clan private soldiers? That number is the entirety of Lu Bu’s army inside Wancheng city. And this Yu Zheng said he has killed all 3,000 troops. Who would believe him?

Yu Zheng’s face become red from embarrassment. His private soldiers only killed less than 300 troops of Lu Bu’s army, and the rest of the numbers came from killing commoners. Yu Zheng not only obtained the heads of commoners but he also obtained the land from those commoners who just died.

Those who are stay dead stay dead. No one can claim their land especially if they have no heir. They usually merged the lands of these dead people into one huge plot and sold them.

At the same time in the corner of the room, there is someone who was discontent with the way He Shuo’s sneered. He then said “He Shuo, Yu Zheng can say number 3,000, but what about the He clan’s number of kills?!”

The one who spoke is head of the Lin clan and he is responsible for subjugating the West Gate. These three nobles are the largest nobles in Wancheng city, beside the Zhou clan, Liu clan and Lu clan and also Chen clan.

“Boss Lin, why do you cover for him? I know, you must be in cahoots with this Yu Zheng to belittle me!” He Shuo got very angry.

”Even though you are not in cahoots with Yu Zheng. But Boss Lin, why don’t you tell us clearly what is your intention?!” Although these clans are now collaborating with each other to dispatch their own troops.

They know that when Wancheng city fall into Sun Ce’s hand once again, the division of power and influence will shift very great. Those whose merit are biggest will get a bigger portion. So, even though they are now allied, but they must still be on guard against each other.

“ENOUGH!!!!” Zhou Cheng hit the table as hard as he can as he stood up. “Are you going to keep fighting? If you need to quarrel, get out of my sight!” Zhou Cheng’s brow wrinkled intensely, he is angry now. This messenger had not spoken anything regarding the army’s movement, but these three clan heads quarreled endlessly. If these three people were not clan heads, perhaps Zhou Cheng will draw his sword and cut them one by one.

Hearing Zhou Cheng’s anger, these three people quickly shut their mouth. They know who the person responsible for Wancheng city’s re-subjugation. This young person is Zhou clan’s little lord, he is Zhou Yu’s cousin. His clan is one of the powerhouse clans in Jiangdong. With his words, those clan’s merits will perish immediately.

“You, continue your message!” After looking at those three people stopping their bickering, Zhou Cheng pointed to the messenger and said those words.

“Yes, sir! Enemies are flushing from the East Gate. Whenever they see us, private soldiers, they kill us instantly. They are merciless, even if we beg for mercy or surrender, they still kill us. The brothers, all of them unable to resist!” Said this soldier, his heart is wrenching.

His merit by beheading commoners and his valuables that he gained by snatching was lost immediately. But if he did not leave his valuables, perhaps he will have died from Lu Bu’s army by now.

“Eh, East Gate?!” Zhou Cheng finally got an answer to his restlessness. “Wasn’t that place the Liu clan’s responsibility?!”

“Darn it, Liu Kai is truly useless! Defeated by Lu Bu army!” Yu Zheng started to boast his own merit.

“USELESS CLAN. The Liu clan is bigger than us, but they unexpectedly were unable to take the East Gate. Where can we put our face as Wancheng city’s nobles?!”

“Furthermore, they are one of Han Dynasty’s royalty and a descendant of Prince Jing of Zhongshan. Bah, this is really unexpected of them!” These three clan heads finally unified and toasted a drink together. The Liu clan’s size and influence is bigger than the three of them combined. They want to further gain influence but was blocked Liu clan. Therefore they must join up together, in order to match their influence with the Liu clan. And Liu clan unexpectedly was beaten, how can those three not be rejoicing now?

With the topic changed suddenly, Zhou Cheng’s hand was trembling from holding his anger. He feared that he cannot hold his anger and cut down one of these three people. But he immediately calmed himself down, what he didn’t expect was the next piece of information would hit his gut very hard.

“The Liu clan, the Liu clan is the one who leads Lu Bu’s army!” The soldier have ended his weeping. Because when he thought about those who died because of their greed, he is truly relieved that he is still alive.

“IMPOSSIBLE, HOW CAN THAT BE!?” Zhou Cheng denied immediately. The Liu clan is Wancheng city’s oldest noble family. When Lu Bu exterminated the Chen clan, the Liu clan certainly wanted to kill Lu Bu from their heart. They will definitely agree to ally with us.

Moreover, during that night banquet, when Lu Bu army robbed granary from various clans, the loss of the Liu clan was the biggest. Robbing people’s wealth was equal to murdering their parents. Moreover, at that time, Liu Kai also participated in that acting that night, in order not to give Lu Bu grain and provisions.

He had offended Lu Bu’s army completely. How is it possible that they surrendered to Lu Bu’s army?

“No, it is the truth, it is the truth!” The messenger argued. “I am one of the Zhang clan’s private soldier, I have seen him when my master attended the dinner in Liu clan’s mansion. I have also seen him again in banquet that night in Administration Office, so I am certain Liu Kai is with Lu Bu’s army. But I also see him riding beside a golden-armored general!”

“Golden-armored general?!” Zhou Cheng stood up. He had seen a golden-armored general before. This type of helmet and armor only existed in Lu Bu’s army. If he had not seen him personally perhaps whatever this soldier said, Zhou Cheng would not believe it.

“Golden-armored general!!!” Those clan heads nearby also panicked. They had gone to the Administration Office to attend the banquet. They have seen, beside Lu Bu, there was an armor hung beside him. Is that golden armor from that time?

This means…. LU BU HAS RETURNED TO WANCHENG CITY!!!! Lu Bu already stroke terror in these clan heads’ heart. He can kill people as easily as breathing. If Lu Bu kills them, who among Wancheng city can help them?

“DO NOT PANIC!!!!” Zhou Cheng knew that this big news is not good, but he calmed himself down and said “Gentlemen, this golden-armored general might be not Lu Bu!”

He can said that, because he saw Lu Bu leave Wancheng city with his own eyes and went to Wuwei Village. And also he has gotten news that said after Lu Bu cut down Zhou Kang, he stationed himself in Wuwei Village. The distance is quite far, so it is impossible for Lu Bu to return so quickly.


Zhou Cheng should have been angry but was actually relaxed. If he dies now it is better to die with honor. If he did not have the determination to die, how could he plot to take over Wancheng city again? Even if it is Lu Bu, Zhou Cheng did not mind to die by his hand.

A person with a halberd and a good horse can strike fear in all of people’s heart. In Xiapi and Kaiyang, 100,000 troops of Cao Cao army was besieging them, but Lu Bu can still go out kill Cao Chun and Li Dian. Making Cao army return to their HQ disabled. If Cao’s elite 100,000 troops cannot defeat Lu Bu, how can these rabble soldiers have a chance against him?

But Zhou Cheng also remembered regarding golden-armored general, beside Lu Bu, there is another person who wore golden armor. That is his son-in-law, Prince of Shu, Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang.
“It’s may be his son-in-law!” Zhou Cheng then said.

“Eh, Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang?!” The three clan heads, Yu Zheng, He Shuo and Lin’s clan head, froze a moment. “Isn’t he the winner of the war of words at the opening banquet by Milord? The one who made Qin Song and Chen Duan vomit blood?!”

When Lu Bu arrived at Wancheng city at first time, Sun Ce held a banquet for him. At that time, those clan heads saw that this Prince of Shu is only a scholar level character. How can he become a military general?!

“Yes, it is him!” Zhou Cheng sneered heavily. Hearing the Prince of Shu’s true name was just like hearing a thunder in all of Jiangdong noble clans. This is a person who humiliated Sun Ce’s two top advisors and also the one who humiliated all of Jiangdong’s student scholars to the extent, they are unable to show their face in the public.

To be honest, Zhou Cheng also did not care for those two advisors and those scholars, he even had a happy expression because finally all of those people were given a lesson. The truth is, since it was times of peace time, he wanted to meet this Prince of Shu personally and drink liquor heartily with him.

However that longer feasible to meet him peacefully! He must retake Wancheng city and must sweep all the obstacles before him, no matter how good his impression is toward the Prince of Shu! He decided Lu Bu’s son-in-law must die.

“He leads the Urban Army, eh?!” Zhou Cheng has obtained Intel regarding Urban Army. They emerged in Mt. Bagong battle. Their casualties is more than half and was almost annihilated. But they were able to hold Chen Lan and Lei Bo’s assault.
“Heh, that division only formed several months before, and their numbers are only less than 3,000 troops and still he dares to fight against me?!”

Zhou Cheng’s expression revealed a hint disdained. So, what if they defeated Chen Lan and Lei Bo? They were only a bandit mob, no an organized unit at all. Can they stand against my 3,000 elites?!

“FINE THEN, since you, Lu Bu, stretched out your palm. I will cut off your fingers!” Zhou Cheng said coldly. Wancheng city only had 20,000 troops. Private soldiers from various clans amounted to 15,000. 3,000 are elites of the Zhou clan. These 3,000 troop unit is called the Black Flag, because 3,000 of them were personally trained by the Zhou Clan from childhood. These people were cultivated by the Zhou and is one of Zhou clan’s trump cards to survive these times of war.

They were given by Zhou Yi to Zhou Cheng. They have infiltrated Wancheng city at the time Lu Bu’s main army was still in there. They were dressed as merchants and commoners to enter Wancheng city and after that they were quickly gathered in the Zhou clan’s mansion.
3 of 4 gates of Wancheng city were taken thanks to them. They were the black-uniformed men that surrounded Old Wu and Han.

“Lu Bu, oh Lu Bu, you better quickly rush back here to prepare for your son-in-law’s funeral!” Zhou Cheng’s face already emitting killing intent. “Pass my military order, the Black Flag is to follow me to annihilate Lu Bu’s army!”

“YES, SIR!!!!” Everyone is standing after receiving the order. If normal people were to hear about war and battles they would naturally be frightened. However these elites had no place for fear. If they showed fear, it will only give the enemy a big advantage toward them.

When these elite troops heard the word “War”, their blood thirst only rose. Even if their hand only held a wooden sword or hammer, they can dig out their enemies’ flesh and blood.

These elites are just like the Bing Province Heavy Cavalry, Formation Breaker and the Ferocious Cavalry before they were destroyed by the Bing Province Heavy Cavalry. Now Black Flag was about to show their elite status!


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