My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 161 - Chen Wu Has Fallen
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 161 - Chen Wu Has Fallen

Chapter 161 – Chen Wu Has Fallen
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Cough, cough!!!” Liu Mang struggled to stand. That Dong Xi, only one injury made him berserk. Chen Wu can only focus on Dong Xi, hoping Dong Xi did not kill or eat Liu Mang; bringing him huge repercussions.

“DIE FOR ME!!!” Dong Xi dropped his great hammer toward Liu Mang. Liu Mang rolled to the side while suppressing his pain to evade his strike. The great hammer made a hole at the ground of city wall.

As he rolled Liu Mang's grabbed a spear with his hand, and plopped himself up to a stand.

“Die, die, die, die!!!” Dong Xi's huge body moved up again. His focus is completely on Liu Mang.

“WHIZ, WHIZ!!!” Two arrows were shot flying. Dong Xi did not hear nor notice those arrows, but Chen Wu however did and managed to deflect the arrows.

“SHAAA!!!” Two Urban Army soldiers charged toward Dong Xi, but Dong Xi also did not care, as his eyes are fixated solely on Liu Mang.

“HUMPH!!!” Chen Wu right now is very alert, so he quickly killed those two soldiers. He cannot let Dong Xi receive more damage, for he is responsible for defending Dong Xi.

When one person is attacked, he kept in mind when to do defend or attack. Those are the fundamentals of a fight, even if that person is a hyper-class general.

Dong Xi and Chen Wu realized that problem and became aware that they will not be able to reach the hyper-class status. So they focused on becoming a master in one aspect. One person did the offense and the other did the defense, with that combination, Chen Wu and Dong Xi are unstoppable.

“Darned insect!! DIE!!!” Dong Xi started pounding his double hammers again. If this hit connects, Liu Mang would instantly become a meat patty. It didn't help that he was currently cornered and had no chance to escape as his gold cloth was susceptible to blunt weapon attacks.

“Hoho, nice chance!!!” When Liu Mang saw Dong Xi approaching, he stayed calm and even smiled. The spear in his hand was already firmed toward Dong Xi's heart and if Liu Mang put all his strength on the spear trust, he could kill him in one clean blow.

A spear's thrusting speed is very fast. If it was only Dong Xi by himself, he would be pierced without enough time to react. However...

“Oh no you don't, you won't harm Dong Xi again!!!” Chen Wu sneered. He will not make the same mistake twice. Dong Xi already lost two fingers due to his negligence on defending him.

Chen Wu's iron rod quickly moved to defend Dong Xi's entire body.

“Hehehe, got you!!!” Liu Mang laughed happily. Suddenly both of his hand were twisting to change the direction, but strangely his bone was also making sounds.

“THE HELL?!” Chen Wu was stunned. What the hell is this Liu Mang going to do? Breaking his arm as a trump card? Is he forfeiting the battle? If one looked at the situation calmly, Liu Mang did not forfeit the battle, he was merely preparing himself to strike.

Liu Mang then exclaimed his move “Conqueror Destroy Cauldron!!!” This move is one of Lu Bu's skill with his ji halberd. The many cases when Lu Bu pulled out this move, a general always died. Dong Zhuo also died b, y this move, it destroyed his heart completely, like being shot by an anti-tank sniper rifle.

This move centralized all of the strength into the spear and that strength is used on a thrusting move while spinning as if it was a drill. If Liu Mang's strength had reached at least first-class, then it will not harm Liu Mang at all. But Liu Mang only had third-class general strength, so the recoil from this move cost him a dislocated arm and his muscles ripping from the force of the move.

“DIE!!!” Liu Mang showed a fierce expression. The pain of having one's muscles being torn was a pain not any mortal can endure. However, Liu Mang had to do this in order to survive.

“THIS KIND OF SPEED, IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Chen Wu quickly pulled out his iron rod, but it was already too late. Liu Mang's speed was too fast. It far surpassed the speed a third-class general should have.

During the battle with Dong Xi, Chen Wu also observed Liu Mang and decided that this Prince of Shu Liu Mang's skill in wushu had only reached third-class general. Only a third-class general was appointed as a commander-in-chief, where was the logic? If Chen Deng or Su Fei were the ones who were appointed, it is still logical, as their strength is about second-class generals, save for Su Fei.

So when they engaged in battle earlier with Dong Xi, he concluded that this was an easy battle to win. Even with those Urban Army defending him, it still should have been an easy feat.

However, Chen Wu was truly stunned because Liu Mang managed to force himself to reach first-class. In battle, a soldier needed to have skill and high amount of experience. Good skill can improve the chance to survive in battle and can kill more enemies. However, even if your skill is good, if you meet with a general, that is also useless.

An elite soldier managed to fight 10 enemies. Add more, then that elite soldier will die. But Liu Mang is using a skill of 1000 people.

“Cough!!!” Liu Mang vomited blood. His head also emitting cold sweat but it did not affect the movement on his hand. Liu Mang has indeed leveled up. He had been in how many life and death situations? Each battle served as his experience to level up and his skill in wushu did not deteriorate even a bit. During the battle with Zhou Tai, Liu Mang impossible not to level up, but he just not used to with his new level.

Both Chen Wu and Dong Xi also give Liu Mang much more experience and to familiarize with Liu Mang's own toughness in order to understand his body better and better.

The Conqueror Strike Cauldron is Lu Bu's battle skills and was taught by Lu Lingqi to Liu Mang. Lu Bu always said to Lu Lingqi that this skill is only for male but she is able to learn it and pass it to Liu Mang.

Liu Mang's primary weapon was a shield, but it does not hinder him to use other weapons. His great shield was lost, but he found a spear and it is a very good opportunity to display his skill in spear now.

In Liu Mang's eyes, Chen Wu is a cauldron waiting to be destroyed. Liu Mang will not choose Dong Xi as a target. He knows if he stabs him, he will also be slain by the hammer. But luckily there's Chen Wu. Chen Wu's task is to defend and will definitely put all of his focus to protecting Dong Xi, so therefore when he tried to protect Dong Xi, his own defense will be opened and easy to be killed.

Originally Liu Mang also afraid because of his twin rod, but right now he just do a full thrust in order to kill him. A do-or-die feat.

“HUMPH, so what if you force yourself? In the end, you must die!!!” Chen Wu also getting crazy as if Liu Mang's strike can be deflected. He is also regretted a lot. He has been full of himself twice in this battle and this will cost him big price. He is also regretted that he already do not have enough time to react. Chen Wu's face is completely fierce and tried to receive the spear in order to do counter. He calculates it will be a small damage or at the worst one severely wounded. As long as can counter attack Liu Mang, it is worth his sacrifice.

Dong Xi had also discovered Liu Mang intention wants to help Chen Wu, the great hammer in hand try to help Chen Wu, but a person of his main attack can have the major function. Dong Xi also realized Liu Mang's intention and started to attack at Liu Mang's strike, it managed to destroy the tip but it did not hinder anything and right now it is aiming at Chen Wu's chest.

“GO DIE!!!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed. “IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Chen Wu could not believe it at all, as the strike is almost reached him.

“WHO SAID BROKEN SPEAR CANNOT KILL PEOPLE!!!!” Liu Mang just casually said the words, however due to his arm in pain, he is speaking as if shouting right now.

“POOF!!!” Chen Wu spurt out blood from his mouth and his body is thrown away from his initial position while spinning his body due to the momentum of that strike, his blood also mixed with black fragment from his internal organs. Liu Mang managed to pull off “Conqueror Destroy Cauldron” move perfectly. Usually due to armor, a general is not that easy for his heart to be stabbed or hit. But Conqueror Destroy Cauldron move when done without the tip of the spear is similar a pole hitting his heart. So, the aftereffect is Chen Wu do not have damage on his outer body, but his heart is destroyed from inside due to his heart being stabbed by his lungs bone.

“Go to hell!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed. Liu Mang really had no more stamina left as that move had drained him completely. If Chen Wu did not die, then Liu Mang's skill is wasted.

“HAHAHAHA!!! THIS IS UNEXPECTABLE OUTCOME!!! REALLY UNEXPECTED!!!” Chen Wu is bleeding internally but he managed to laugh. His heart is already destroyed but what made Chen Wu able to laugh is only his indomitable will.

Earlier Chen Wu still very confident that he can kill or capture Liu Mang, but never he expected that his fate is to die by this third-class general. He is not willing to admit any defeat or death, for his mission is to retake Wancheng city, not die. So Chen Wu just let out an ironic laugh but every time he laughed, he coughed out blood profusely.

“If I am to die here, then you also die here!!!” Chen Wu spouted his last threat. From able to fight changed into dying, this contrast is too great, no one can bear this kind of humiliation especially for a general.

“Dong Xi, kill him for me!!! Dong Xi, kill him for me!!!”

“CHEN WU!!!” Dong Xi also startled because Chen Wu's appearance is truly scary because Chen Wu is spurting blood nonstop and blood also oozing out from all of his orifices. Liu Mang really managed to kill Chen Wu.

“He killed me, Dong Xi!!!!!!!” Chen Wu's last sentence is very incoherent as he kept spurting out blood nonstop and finally after that last sentence, he breathes his last. He died with a feeling of disbelief. Disbelief that he would die on the hand of a third-class general, died on the hands of an unknown general.

“CHEN WU, CHEN WU!!!!” Dong Xi screamed Chen Wu's name as he is holding his body. Chen Wu is always together with Dong Xi, acting as Dong Xi's shield. Now that shield is destroyed to pieces, how can Dong Xi be protected from harm while he is doing assault? How can a body survive without a brain?

“YOU!!!!! YOU KILLED CHEN WU!!!! YOU DIEEEEEE!!!!!” Dong Xi screamed while doing final charge toward Liu Mang.

“HAHAHA!!!!” Liu Mang just laughed weakly while looking at Dong Xi and thought “Want me to die, eh? Come and claim my life now, at least your Chen Wu also follow me to death!!!”

“Bump, bump, bump!!!” Suddenly there is a sound of drum beating signaling to retreat from Sun Ce army.

“Kill him? Retreat? Kill him? Retreat?” Those words were muttered by Dong Xi while he is uncertain of what to do, and Liu Mang himself just stay silent and closed his eye, waiting for certain death.

“General, drum already signaled retreat!!! Quick, we run!!!” The remaining of Danyang Zuo soldiers said to Dong Xi to lead them to retreat.

“Yes, run, yes, drum the signal to retreat!!!” Dong Xi nodding profusely while being absent-minded. He quickly holds Chen Wu's corpse and quickly scaled down the ladder, following him is the Danyang soldiers.

“What the hell happened?!” Right now Liu Mang is unable to comprehend anything because of fatigue. How the hell did they retreat after winning this kind of difficult battle?

Afterwards, Chu Jie told Liu Mang the information that he obtained from Lin Danda and Er Gou Zi. They are saying that Chen Wu and Dong Xi are like conjoined twins. One is the brain and one is the body. Liu Mang realized that he did not make the wrong decision when he killed Chen Wu as killing Dong Xi will only enrage Chen Wu but Chen Wu is the one who died, so Dong Xi is confused and do not know what to do.

Also Liu Mang really have been saved by retreat drums and Danyang soldiers. Dong Xi who was once started to berserk, when hearing retreat drums sound quickly reminded by the surrounding Danyang soldiers to retreat. So as of now, Liu Mang's life have been twice saved by Danyang soldiers.


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