My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 164 - Subjugation Of Black Flag, Black Flag Agrees As Reinforcemen
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 164 - Subjugation Of Black Flag, Black Flag Agrees As Reinforcemen

Chapter 164 – Subjugation Of Black Flag, Black Flag Agrees As Reinforcement
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Xu Sheng finally realized what Liu Mang has been talking about so far. With this prison, which was made from the highest quality materials, Liu Mang can just kill those 3,000 Black Flag by starving them alone. The material for creating this prison was the same material used for the main gate, city wall and also for the mausoleum.

Once you are locked within, even a hyper-class generals cannot open it. What Xu Sheng did not expect was that this Wancheng city prison was also made with the same material from main gate’s materials. And that meant, once this prison is locked, one can forget to escape from here as the main entrance will be completely blocked. 3,000 Black Flag troops will starve themselves to death and no one will hear their screams at all. Provided they have not yet eaten in two days.

“You did not fear heavy sin?!” Xu Sheng asked while his gaze is fixated toward Liu Mang.

“HAHAHAHA!!!! Afraid of heavy sin, huh?! I am a general. I have killed more soldiers under my orders and I have so many soldiers under my command die!! I have sinned more than any of you here!!! What is the difference between ordering my men to die and killing enemies and starving and burying you right here and now!!!” Liu Mang just sneered coldly toward Xu Sheng.

“No, this is different!!!” Xu Sheng argued with Liu Mang. On the battlefield, you are forced to be ruthless because if you don’t, your life will be lost. But now Liu Mang is going to bury them alive. This is a similar situation when General Bai Qi of the State of Qin during Warring States period. At that time, after the Battle of Changping, Bai Qi ordered 400,000 soldiers of the Zhao state who surrendered and Shangdang commoners to be buried alive under the false pretext that they are going to revolt.

Now Liu Mang will bury them alive these 3,000 Black Flag with no reason at all in order to threaten them

“THIS IS NO DIFFERENT AT ALL!!! These are the times of war, not the times of peace!!! Killing 1 person is an act of killing, killing 100 people is also an act of killing, killing 10,000 people is also an act of killing. XU SHENG, I WILL NOW TEACH YOU INTIMATELY, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE WORD “TO SIN” AND WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE OF THE SIN BETWEEN KILLING ONE MAN, TEN THOUSAND MEN, ONE MILLION MEN!!!” Said Liu Mang while revealing extreme killing intent.

Xu Sheng who kept his sight at Liu Mang started to tremble. Liu Mang will really bury them without any hesitation these Zhou clan elite private soldiers whose capabilities is not lower than the Formation Breaker and Bing Province Heavy Cavalry.

If Liu Mang can win them, then good. If he leaves them behind, they will definitely be rescued by Sun Ce’s army and at that time, Lu Bu’s army will suffer innumerable casualties.

Seeing this hopeless situation, he might as well bury the enemy alive with them. Will I get an infamous reputation for doing this and be called a butcher in all the historical archives? I no longer care about reputation, fuck them. All I need now is victory and to survive for the next day. thought Liu Mang.

But then again, maybe Liu Mang will become deified by the Tao religion due to his reputation after a millennium has passed, much like Guan Yu

“TO KILL ONE PERSON IS A SIN, TO KILL 10,000 PEOPLE IS ALSO A SIN, TO KILL 1,000,000 PEOPLE IS ALSO A SIN!!!” All people on the scene are trying to understand the words. Liu Mang is right, killing a person is a crime. There are many heroes in Three Kingdoms history who started as a criminal. Such people were Xu Shu, Dian Wei, and Guan Yu. All of them were criminals because they once killed a person and was forced into hiding and in order to avoid government troops, Xu Shu even concealed his name into Shan Fu. When Xu Shu worked for Liu Bei, he thwarted Cao Ren’s assault and killed 3,000 troops of his. When Cao Cao heard this and heard of his criminal record, he was not angry but instead he schemed with Cheng Yu to bring Xu Shu to his side and even invited Xu Shu’s mother to Xu Chang. When Xu Shu arrived at Xu Chang, he did not say a word at all, but because of Cao Cao’s respect of him, his name was written among history books of Cao Wei Kingdom. Guan Yu also historically, he beheaded 6 generals and walked through 5 passes in order to rejoin Liu Bei who was just expelled by Yuan Shao. At that time, Cao Cao still did not put a bit if hatred toward him, in fact, he even praised him for his loyalty.

After Guan Yu was executed by Sun Quan, he buried him with the honor of a warlord, even more extravagant than Yuan Shao’s and also honored him as Guan Gong or Duke Guan. Dian Wei also got the same treatment like Guan Yu. Although he died early, killed by Hu Che’er. Before he died, he killed so many people in order to create an escape path for Cao Cao. When Cao Cao heard of his demise, he wept bitterly and screamed that he is his E’Lai.

For Huang Zhong and Huang Xu, their interpretation of Liu Mang’s words was that Liu Mang had a lofty ambition and was not afraid to kill people in order to fulfill his ambition.

For Liu Kai and Liu Neng, Liu Mang’s words meant that this Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang is a person who is in complete control of his own destiny and knows where his path will lead. They really thought that when this Liu Mang is on top, with just a breath of his anger, he will be able to kill people from thousand miles distance.

But those words made Xu Sheng afraid to the extreme!!! This person who is standing in front of him, is spouting words like “Killing 10,000 people is a sin, Killing 1,000,000 people is also a sin” with a straight face as if he did not care about death at all. Perhaps in his eyes, these Black Flag troops are only a number in his eyes.

“In the end, what do you want to do with us?!” Xu Sheng finally admitted his defeat and said those words in softly as he hung his head, his heart is screaming that he do not want to die. He is still young and still wanted to live and show his aspirations. These 3,000 Black Flag also wanted the same thing, they should be dispatched to quell this times of war not to be killed in this place like rats.

“Heh, what else, huh? I want to kill all of you and that is the final decision!!! Wancheng city will fall by tomorrow, I have not much longer to live. Heh, perhaps this Liu Mang’s head will be the one hanging alongside Zhou Cheng by tomorrow!!! But I am not afraid!!! I have 3,000 Black Flag soldiers to go to hell with me!!! Oh, that’s right, how about I burn you all to death? Just like King Zhou of Shang Dynasty did with his palace and treasure!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!” Laughed Liu Mang coldly while his gaze still fixated at Xu Sheng.

The more Liu Mang laughed, Xu Sheng become much more afraid, because when Xu Sheng saw his eyes, he concluded that this person will kill them decisively without blinking an eye.

Then Liu Neng poured fuel on the fire and said “Little lord, the number is a mistake!!! Not 3,000 people but 60,000 people!!!”

“Oh, 60,000 people?! That many, huh?!” Liu Mang pretended to be surprised.

“Yes, that number is correct, little lord!!!” Liu Neng nodded. Liu Neng really found out one of Liu Mang’s true character to be completely different from what he imagined. He had an image of Liu Mang that was a person always hiding behind Lu Bu. All of the Han Dynasty Clansmen were just like that, also, he had been sealed as Prince of Shu by the government.

With all of those titles, it should have meant that he will stay behind Lu Bu even more and avoid battle altogether. Also if it were not him taking a liking to Lu Bu’s daughter, how can a royal person marry a peasant’s daughter? Also according to Liu Neng, he is an undecisive person as he is also easily swayed by emotion, much like his father-in-law.

However, that image is shattered now. Where the hell did that undecisive person in Liu Neng’s mind go ti? It changed into a vindictive and murderous person in front of him. This person is the one who decisively annihilated all of the noble clans and commoners who participated in rebellion except for Lu, Han, Liu and Xu clan with a total casualty count of 60,000 people. And now these 3,000 troops will also be killed in one breath.

Even Cao Cao who was most famous for being an oversuspicious person only killed less than 10 people by himself! Also, when Cao Cao’s father Cao Song died in Xu Province, Cao Cao only massacred three counties and even then it only 3,000 people that were killed and that managed to scare Tao Qian.

But this little lord of his had the blood of 60,000 people and if you added those enemies who died on the battlefield, the number amounted to 100,000 people.

Hearing Liu Neng’s words, Xu Sheng final mental defense finally crumbled and started to tremble while holding the prison bars and started to speak incoherently “General!!!! No, Your Highness Prince of Shu. You will not die. Wancheng city will not fall. IT WILL NOT!!!!”

“Oh, now you say this Wancheng city will not fall, eh? Xu Sheng didn't you just say to me that in my hand, I only have 1,000 troops and majority of them are wounded. You also said that I will not last tomorrow afternoon right? Let me confess to you, it is the truth. Tomorrow, this Urban Army will perish from Han history!!!” Said Liu Mang while smiling bitterly. If tomorrow no reinforcements come, then the Urban Army will fulfill their oath and will share death and honor along with their general.

“No,no,no. Not only 1,000 troops!!! You, you have us!!! We are willing to help you defend this Wancheng city!!! WE ARE WILLING!!!” Xu Sheng said those words while shaking the prison bar violently. Xu Sheng right now was like a person who is grasping his last straw. As long as they agree and are willing to defend Wancheng city, they will not be buried alive by Liu Mang and Urban Army will not lose.

“HAHAHA!!!” Liu Mang laughed along with Liu Neng. Both of them had been waiting for those words all this time. When they arrived at this Wancheng prison earlier, they m agreed that they had to threaten these Black Flags. No matter how long or short the duration, if one has been imprisoned, their psyche will have turned into that of an angry man and with Black Flags already hungry for two days, their anger is at its peak now. If Liu Mang used a standard method to subjugate them such as telling their predicament straight away, they will falsely agree and when they were released from their prison, they will rampage this Wancheng city and will also open the main gate to welcome Sun Ce’s army. Placing destiny in another's hands is definitely not Liu Mang's style.

“Well, you can be their representative!!!” Liu Mang said that while calmly looking at Xu Sheng.

Xu Sheng really feared Liu Mang. The more calm Liu Mang was, the more afraid Xu Sheng is. Xu Sheng realized that from 8,000 defending troops there were only 1,000 troops left, and perhaps, even these 3,000 troops will not last until daytime tomorrow, but what choice did Xu Sheng have other than saying “Very well!!!” while gritting his teeth. Xu Sheng has now become the Black Flag’s supreme commander after Zhou Cheng died.

Actually, when they surrendered to Liu Mang after one of their comrades’ eyes was destroyed, Xu Sheng wanted to kill Zhou Cheng personally due to his inhuman treatment to them, but seeing his comrades are not moving, Xu Sheng opted not to move as well as he is also unable to endure inhuman treatment from Zhou clan.

Liu Mang then nodded toward Liu Kai and said: “Give them the key!!!”

“Little lord!!! Please think thrice!!!” Said Liu Kai. Liu Kai is also an overtly suspicious person because he needs to preserve his clan existence.

Liu Mang then said Lu Bu’s principle while taking the key from Liu Kai’s hand “Listen to me all of you. My father-in-law’s principle is to never suspect those who you use!!! The same principle will be used by me from now and forever!!!” And then threw the key inside the jail and said “Xu Sheng!!! In one stick of an incense time, I want to see all Black Flag fully equipped and gathered outside of Wancheng city prison!!!”

“Yes!!!” Xu Sheng took the key from the floor. After he responded, his gaze kept at Liu Mang and wondering what kind of a person he is.

In less than one stick of incense time, all of 3,000 Black Flag troops were fully equipped and standing in amazing a formation outside Wancheng city prison. They are truly worthy to be called professional elite soldiers whose training began since childhood. Liu Man was really satisfied with these 3,000 people.

Huang Zhong and Huang Xu also nodded and agreed that this unit is truly elite.

“Reporting to Your Highness Prince of Shu, all 3,000 Black Flag troops are present and accounted for. We wait for Your Highness Prince of Shu’s instruction!!!” Xu Sheng reported to Liu Mang and now finally having a clear view of Liu Mang’s face.

“All of you can call me little lord like all of them or can call me general just like my Urban Army division!!!” Said Liu Mang casually toward Black Flag. Liu Mang was still not comfortable being called Your Highness Prince of Shu.

All of Black Flag did not respond but continued looking at Liu Mang especially Xu Sheng. They are sparking their anger toward Liu Mang for killing their lord and defeating them also for trying to kill them all.

”Little lord, it is dangerous!!!” Huang Zhong quickly stood between Liu Mang and Black Flag but Liu Mang just stayed calm and gently shoved Huang Zhong’s body.

“Old General Huang, it is okay, return to the line!!!” Said Liu Mang while continuing his shoving.

“But!!!” Huang Zhong wanted to argue but was halted by Liu Mang.

“I said it is OK, no need to worry!!!” Said Liu Mang calmly. 3,000 strong people now stood in front of them, yet they are but five people. Even with Huang Zhong’s presence, it is impossible to fight 3,000 strong men, let alone Xu Sheng leading them.

“You really are not afraid that I will go back on my words and tie you up now?!” Xu Sheng barked his threat while looking at Liu Mang.

“Hmph, if you wanted to do that, you would have done it earlier else you would not be barking threats now!!!” Liu Mang already concluded that Xu Sheng is barking empty threats as he only saw fear in his eyes, but then he continued his speech “You are Xu Sheng, the native of a small village in Ju Commandery in Langye. Since childhood, you had been poor. In your family, there is only your old father Xu Lang. Your mother has long passed away due to famine. You are the sole heir of Xu family, you have no brothers or sisters. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, you emigrated from Langye to Wuxian, Jiangdong with your father Xu Lang….!”

The more Liu Mang said about him, the more Xu Sheng’s face got paler and paler, because what Liu Mang said is correct. He even knew of his dead father’s name Xu Lang. A person who knows this matter in this world should not exist, but there is one now who poured out these precise facts about him.

“So, you still want to tie me up?” Liu Mang smiled toward Xu Sheng.

“How, how, you do you know all of this?!” Xu Sheng asked in confusion.

“HAHAHA, just guess where I got the information!!!” Said Liu Mang while facing toward the sky and asked again “Actually, the only thing I want to know is, how from Wuxian, you appeared inside the Zhou clan’s private army?

This private army should only consist of troops who were cultivated by the Zhou clan since childhood, not recruiting adults who were cultivated outside of the clan!!!”

Xu Sheng told Liu Mang “my father contracted a serious illness. I needed medicine, but I had no money. I sold myself to buy medicine!!! But, when I got money, my father already died!!! So I bought a nice coffin and buried my father with the money I got, then left with him as a slave!!! The man who bought me was the from Zhou clan!”

That person who bought Xu Sheng had seen his skills in wushu and when he saw that Xu Sheng was a filial son, he concluded that Xu Sheng had a big future as a valiant general

Liu Mang was really not afraid that Xu Sheng would back off on their promise. They are the Black Flag of the Zhou clan. They are supposed to fight to the death for Zhou Cheng, but because of their surrender, Zhou Cheng’s head was hanging on Wancheng city. Even if they surrendered to Sun Ce, they will not escape punishment from Zhou Yu.

Moreover, Xu Sheng is a person of his words, he certainly will not break their own oath to Liu Mang.

Liu Mang then walked past Xu Sheng and started his speech in front of 3,000 Black Flag “Brothers of Black Flag!!! I know that you know me as an enemy and I know that I am the one who defeated you!!! However, that is already in the past!!! We are now comrades, brothers-in-arms!!!”

“My name is Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang. Han Dynasty’s Prince of Shu and this Lu Bu’s army’s little lord!!! Right now, Wancheng city is almost broken through. I am unable to give you much, not even nobility. But I can give you one thing for certain and that is the dignity of being a human!!!” All of Black Flags were stunned by Liu Mang’s speech.

On the outside, people say that they were the Zhou clan’s private soldiers but in reality, they were the Zhou clan’s slaves and that can be seen from Zhou Cheng’s final treatment to them. Whipping them like bulls in order to make them fight again.

“Human dignity?!” All of Black Flag kept muttering those words.

Liu Mang continued his speech “You can see the division under me!!! My Urban Army!!!” When Liu Mang said the Urban Army, he cannot help but raised his voice and become more spirited in his speech and said “I have given my commitment to them to live and die together!!! Those same words, I will also give them to you!!! From now on, you are not slaves but comrades, brothers-in-arms. You are this Liu Mang’s brothers, this Liu Mang’s comrades. This Liu Mang will not let all of you go hungry. This Liu Mang will share his food with you and his bed with you!!! Together we share life and death; Together we share rich and honor!!!”

“Together we share life and death; Together we share rich and honor!!!” Xu Sheng first shouted and was followed by all of the Black Flag troops and their shouts roared throughout this Wancheng city.

Huang Zhong, Huang Xu, Liu Kai and Liu Neng all looked at each other and nodded. This battle took a really interesting turn.


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