My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 170 - Black Flag Re-emerges!!! Calamity Has Come To Nobles
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 170 - Black Flag Re-emerges!!! Calamity Has Come To Nobles

Chapter 170 – Black Flag Re-emerges!!! Calamity Has Come To Nobles
Translated by Bloodfalcon

“GODDAMMIT!!!!” Liu Mang kept holding the third arrow. Liu Mang’s reaction time is too late after he jumped to avoid second arrow and now it is want to claim his life.

“GO, GO, GO!!!!” Bao Zhong encouraged his arrow to pierce Liu Mang. Finally Liu Mang just turn his head to the left and let arrow struck his cheek that is covered with armor. “BANG!!!!” The impact it made is so strong that it made Liu Mang fall down to the ground and lost consciousness
“Splash!!!” Liu Mang just fall down with face first and not moved in 2 minutes.

Seeing that Liu Mang did not move, Bao Zhong then ordered “Soldiers, please cut down His Highness Prince of Shu’s head!!!” Bao Zhong is really satisfied. With this merit, Bao clan can be promoted to become Jiangdong’s oldest noble and when Bao Zhong thinking what his father’s expression will be made him more happy.

“YES SIR!!!” Bao clan’s private soldier quickly go toward Liu Mang position to cut Liu Mang’s head.

“HAHAHAHA!!!!” This soldier want to offer his ancestors, Liu Mang’s head. And this gold armor will help him to buy several-mu farmland.

With that thought, he brandished his sword toward Liu Mang’s “corpse”.

Suddenly “PUFF!!!” that soldier head is flying and his smile is not yet receded. Liu Mang then stood back up slowly.

“WHAT?!!!!” Bao Zhong really surprised that golden-armored Prince of Shu had not yet died!!! How can that be?

But Liu Mang almost died under that arrow a moment ago! Liu Mang quickly firmed his stand. That arrow almost claim his life. That arrow is really too dangerous and more deadly than the oxybeles he created. Liu Mang now really feared arrow subconsciously because that kind of arrow is really unpredictable and almost soundless.

“Lucky Bastard!!!” Bao Zhong curses and his complexion become cold. Bao Zhong realized that his arrow hit his cheek which covered by helmet and was knocked out by its impact. It is evident by Liu Mang’s right cheek is dented.

Also Liu Mang’s luck is really good because before that arrow reached his face, his face turned to left. And because that arrow is spinning like drill, its power also decreased, furthering his luck now.
Bao Zhong then saw his arrow lying beside Liu Mang’s feet. With this chance, Liu Mang prepare to go forward to kill Bao Zhong but Bao Zhong who has been vigilant all the time, he ordered his soldiers to halt Liu Mang’s advance and to buy him some time to salvo again.

“HUMPH!!! So what if you managed to survive earlier? I will kill you right now!!!” Bao Zhong humphed coldly. He is confident that right now, he will be able to kill Liu Mang now and make his name really famous.

But Bao Zhong’s idea is completely destroyed as soon as Bao Zhong shot his salvo arrows again, the nearby also got whiz, whiz, whiz sound, targeting his arrows.

“Clang, clang, clang!!!” As soon as Bao Zhong released his salvo. On the right side, there is also got a person who takes down his arrows.

“WHO?!” Bao Zhong screamed. Bao Zhong felt there is a master archer who is able to intercept his arrows and he felt that his skill is much higher than him and the one on his sight is a young archer. Shooting arrow off the sky is a very difficult task as the arrow have very high velocity and unable to be seen with normal naked eye due to small and thin size. Bao Zhong concluded that this person must have excellent eyesight and master archery skill.

And then as if replying to Bao Zhong’s inquiry, that young archer releases three arrows flying toward Bao Zhong. This is the same three arrows that Bao Zhong unleashes toward Liu Mang but blocked completely by him.

“SHIT, MY SKILL IS COPIED!!!!” Bao Zhong curses again. Bao Zhong’s skill is archery is very high, even Sun Ce praises his skill to be first class and now Bao Zhong finally knows that his opponent skill is higher than he is. That three arrows is his own unique skills but was copied to perfection by that young archer with only one look.

“Hrm?!” While Bao Zhong has doubts, Liu Mang really excited. Because this archer is saving him from his fate. In Lu Bu Army, there are only 3 people with this skill, first is Huang Zhong, second is Huang Xu and third is Lu Bu. Right now Huang Zhong is on the other gate doing slaughter and the one who saved him now is none other than Huang Xu.

And soon Huang Xu pulls out his arrow again and put up stance as if he is saying “Your opponent is me!!!”

“FINE, LET’S HAVE A BATTLE!!!” Bao Zhong’s heart is excited. Bao Zhong skill in wushu is middle class but he is really proud with his archery skill. Until now, he declared himself that he is peerless among the heavens in archery but right now, appeared a very strong enemy, how can it not made Bao Zhong want to test his skill against him?

Liu Mang then nodded toward Huang Xu. Huang Xu has rescued him many times, but Huang Xu himself feels that his debt is much bigger toward Liu Mang. Really the ancient truly appreciates favors.

Seeing himself already safe, suddenly there is a sound from Liu Mang “Cough, cough, cough!!!” Liu Mang coughed blood but mixed with 2 piece of white bone-like thing. 2 of his wisdom teeth fall down because of the impact by Bao Zhong’s arrow.

Seeing Liu Mang coughed blood. Several noble clans reps and private soldiers become really excited. Earlier they are disappointed because they all thought that Liu Mang will die by Bao Zhong’s arrow, therefore destroying their merits and come home empty handed. But now, it is really good because Bao Zhong has been stuck by an archer and Bao Zhong managed to damage Liu Mang severely in their opinion.

“HAHAHA!!!! A severely wounded general and with very less men!!! This is easy!!! Charge everyone!!! SHAAAAAA!!!!!!” All of noble clans reps started charging toward Liu Mang along with their soldiers.

“Injured?!” Liu Mang tried using his tongue. “Heh, my wisdom teeth are missing eh?!” Liu Mang just opted not to speak as it is still painful and will bleed more and more.

“PUFF!!!” Liu Mang slashed four soldiers. After fighting yesterday’s annihilation battle and killing Chen Wu, Liu Mang leveled up to second-class general whose steps right now is refining strength.
Li clan rep, Li Ren, has big doubts when observing Liu Mang “How can this be called injured?!” Liu Mang has been bloodied in every place of his body but he is still vigorous and killing their own men, striking fear to their own soldiers and themselves.

“EVERYONE ATTACK HIM TOGETHER!!!! EVEN IF HE IS GOD OF WAR, HE WILL DIE THIS TIME!!!” Some people voiced their ideas and quickly attack him together, even older noble clans reps also joining the fray to attack Liu Mang.

The result of their attack is Liu Mang really injured. His arm already losing its strength and now he is just forcing himself again and again. His injury is so much that it made some cracking sound on his bone. Right now he is just huffing and puffing due to tiredness.

“HE IS OUT!!!! HE IS OUT OF STAMINA!!!” The nearby people screamed. Liu Mang already out of gas and his strength is already depleted. But no soldiers or nobles dared to get near him. One soldier tried to attack him and was stabbed by him.

“Your Highness Prince of Shu gives yourself up!!! We will not defile your corpse and bury you with full honor as you are one of Han Dynasty clansmen!!!” A noble clan rep speaking to Liu Mang from a distance.

Zhang De also continued “SEE AT YOUR SOLDIERS!!! THEY ALREADY SCATTERED AND DEFEATED!!! WHY MUST YOU PERSIST TO DO A LAST STAND? JUST GIVE US YOUR HEAD AND BE OVER WITH IT!!!” Zhang De is a military commander and his word actually has weight right now.

Liu Mang also see that his Urban Army is already exhausted but some of Urban Army still live and still fighting for him.

“DAMMIT!!! I REALLY CANNOT PERSEVERE EH?!” Liu Mang said to himself slowly. His duty of avenging his brothers is complete. If Urban Army did not vent their anger, perhaps they will become bloodthirsty and become a beast. If other division soldier, becoming a beast is very good as it will only increase their ferocity in battle, but for Liu Mang? It is the same as becoming a beast themselves.

What Liu Mang needed is a group of brave warriors, not animals. Animals cannot be organized and will result in complete destruction for both sides and when this times of war ended, they must be eliminated with extreme prejudice. Too pitiful their fate, those who born in this times of war at the end of Han Dynasty. In the end, they must do fratricide in order to maintain their survival.

“Okay then, just commit suicide!!! After that, we will weep for you and bury your corpse honorably!!!” Zhang De said it with full confidence. Liu Mang then thought “Pah, bury my corpse honorably? Not defile my corpse? You are delusional. Dong Xi will definitely eat me for killing Chen Wu and Jiang Qin will definitely make my body a “human swine” for killing Zhou Tai!!! You just speaking bad things with good words.”

“So, you really want me to decide, eh?!” Liu Mang just said it casually. He has thrown down his sword and put his great shield on his front.

“Oh, even if you do not decide, the fact is that you are unable to win!!! And because of your sins for killing nobles, you must be killed by slow cutting, but this Zhang De will give you option to die peacefully!!!” Zhang De said it proudly. Earlier, he made alliance with Bao Zhong to break Wancheng city and share 50% merit, but since breaking Wancheng city is impossible to be obtain again, he is very looking forward to get merit by killing Liu Mang.

“Oh” Liu Mang just calm down and put down his great shield.

Looking at Liu Mang’s surrender gesture, Zhang De smiled happily. He really do not want Liu Mang to put up last stand. Although he can kill Liu Mang, his loss will not be small. Maybe each of Zhang clan’s private soldiers right now will be killed by Liu Mang. Zhang De cannot afford to have that loss.

“Surrender?! Really, you thought that, huh?!” Liu Mang just teased Zhang De.

“Your Highness Prince of Shu, are you really looking to be dismembered?!” Zhang De really confused. He really do not understand, because in his eyes, Prince of Shu already in surrender mode. Why must he persist to tease me?!

“HAHAHAHA!!! I will also give the same words to you, General Zhang!!!” Liu Mang laughed. Liu Mang did not know Zhang De’s name, but he saw the banner Zhang lifted by his flag-bearer, so he just called him General Zhang.

“It is futile to do last stand, as you are unable to win this battle!!! Death by dismemberment is very painful, better for you to commit suicide!!!” Liu Mang said those words back to Zhang De. After he said that, he whistled.

“Fine then, since you ask for dismemberment, then die!!!” Zhang De’s face become very bad. Since Liu Mang did not give face to his offer, then die by dismemberment. Zhang De did not want his corpse, he only want merit for recapturing Wancheng city. Zhang De then opened his big offer “KILL HIM, CUT HIM TO PIECES. WHOEVER CUT HIS HEAD WILL GET 1,000 TAELS OF GOLD. WHOEVER CUT HIS BODYPARTS WILL BE GIVEN 50-MU FARMLAND!!!”

“SHAAAAA!!!!” Those soldiers who feared Liu Mang suddenly began excited again. Liu Mang has been injured and no longer wield any weapon so there is nothing to fear. They began charging toward Liu Mang.

But suddenly “Thump, thump, thump!!!” the city wall’s ground vibrate violently.

“What is this sound?!” Zhang De also felt the city wall is vibrating. Is there any earthquake?

“Thump, thump, thump!!!” The sound getting more nearer and nearer and vibration become more violent.

Liu Mang looks to one of Zhang private soldier and said “Surrender now, maybe I will spare you!!!”
“SURRENDER?! JUST GO DIE!!!!” The soldier really fierce and unwilling to do Liu Mang’s request. In his eyes, Liu Mang’s head is 1,000 taels of gold. In his head there is only future plan to buy farmland and become a landlord with 1,000 taels of gold.

“How pitiful ignorant people is!!!” Liu Mang just shook his head.

“DIE QUICKLY!!!” The sword already approaching Liu Mang’s head. As long as it connects, Liu Mang head will fall and merit will be his.

“WHIZ, WHIZ, WHIZ!!!” One after another arrows coming from Liu Mang’s behind. Killing his executioner and soldiers surrounding him. In just one salvo, 10 people died.

“WHATTT???!!” Zhang De’s uneasiness finally revealed. A flock of black beast is coming toward them like a monster and the arrow from Liu Mang’s back, come from those black beast.

“Heh, finally here!!!” Liu Mang’s entire body is painful, he is too tired and do not want to move anymore. When he saw the Black Heavy Infantry leader, he smiled.

“BLACK FLAG!!! DESTROY ALL ENEMIES, SHAAAAA!!!!!” Xu Sheng screamed. That familiar voice is now voicing his anger.

Zhang De rubbed his eyes many times because it is really unbelievable. Black Flag who should be fighting side by side with them as Zhou clan’s private soldiers actually attacking them right now.
These 3,000 Black Flag are all Heavy Infantry and the king of land battle. All of them are wearing 100-jin equipment and each of them wielded long dao. Everywhere they battle, disaster follows.

Liu Mang did not dispatch them earlier because he knows their stamina is limited. If he unleashes them earlier, they will not have stamina to fight prolonged battle much like heavy cavalry but the burden on their body is heavier because heavy infantry is using their own body to carry 100-jin equipment. Therefore the correct analogy for them is like a ballista. Once shot, one must pull again the bowstring and it took very long time for them to reload ballista. Liu Mang also will not use them to open front door and directly attack Sun Ce, so he can only use them on city wall. Fortunately Wancheng city’s wall is not only big and robust, but it is very broad, enough for 4 carriages to walk side by side.

Liu Mang’s plan is like this. Liu Mang are luring all of today’s battle forces which are nobles. He also made Urban Army to fight first in order to vent their anger and also in order to confuse Sun Ce army, made them think that they only have 1,000 Urban Army and have no more defenses. The plan worked and it made Sun Ce army dropped their guard. Liu Mang also observed that when 12,000 troops has reached the city wall, suddenly there is no more soldiers climbing up. So, the time is ripe to unleash Black Flag. With Black Flag as enemy even though their noble private soldiers numbers are greater, one should know the result of this battle. A one-sided slaughterfest.

Black Flag is really riding the wind this time. Those noble private soldiers did not stand a chance. One by one was thrown from the city wall like just being hit by a C4 explosion.

“SHAAAA!!!!” Black Flag really inspired terror inside their heart. 12,000 noble private soldiers unable to escape and the only escape route is by scaling ladder. They are all really afraid and started killing their own friendlies in order to reach scaling ladder.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Screamed some of soldiers. Another problem then happened when those soldiers climbed down scaling ladders. The ladder which could not hold the accumulated weight quickly break down and those people who were still on scaling ladder were splattered and become meat patty.

Those who have good courage shouted “Brothers, fight to the death!!!” They all thinking, since they are going to die, might as well die fighting. 100 troops then ran toward Black Flag and the result?! They become meat patty immediately.

On the city wall, there are many internal organs, intestines, blood and bones flying everywhere, changing the entire color of the wall. Those who are saying that Wancheng city is easy to take back, now they are finding themselves in hell!!! Liu Mang shown them hell and made those soldiers scared stiff.


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