My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 184 - 3 vs 3
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 184 - 3 vs 3

Chapter 184 3 vs 3

Translated by Gamer

(TL Warning and note: If you are a sensitive person with a possible sensitive stomach, do not read this chapter before/during/after meals. If you do, do not blame me for any loss of appetite or food. While I am at it, I’d like to say I am a firm believer of ‘When you put down your weapon in the middle of a fight, someone would stab you’)


“Little Lord!” Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng saw who shouted the cry.

It was Liu Mang! Liu Mang’s hands is trembling as he held his shield. He was not afraid. He was angry. Especially when he can see Sun Ce and Dong Xi.

“Little Lord, you..!” Xu Sheng is a bit worried. He does not know exactly how strong Liu Mang is at fighting but Liu Mang definitely does not have an imposing presence as powerful as Dong Xi. Even though Liu Mang has also refined his body, this fat Dong Xi is more talented. With that huge body, even without military training, he would be able to lift a thousand jun with both hands

(TL: Ancient unit of measurement. 1 jun is about 3 pounds and 1000 jun is about 1360.7kg . So says google)

Honestly speaking, Xu Sheng is willing to fight Taishi Ci but does not dare to fight Dong Xi. Although being big sized would mean that the chances of being hit is higher, it would also mean that the layers of meat and flesh would allow Dong Xi to withstand more attacks.

The layers of fat can allow a person to withstand more than a dozen knives provided that none of the knives hit a vital part. Not only that, with one swing the giant mace in his hands would send unlucky victims to meet with their ancestors immediately.

At this moment, wouldn’t Liu Mang be a burden! Originally Xu Sheng and Huang Zhong would have difficulty fighting the 3 opponents. Now not only do they need to fight 3 opponents but also defend Liu Mang!

“Relax! I will kill this Dong Xi! You all just look after yourselves!” Liu Mang said in a cold voice. Dong Xi, Chen Wu! About a thousand Urban Army soldiers under Liu Mang lost their lives to these 2 people. It could be said that it is their fault the Urban Army is currently in a terrible state. Especially Dong Xi, his maces are red in color. The redness came from the flesh and blood of Liu Mang’s brothers-in-arms.

Dong Xi did not wash his maces or perhaps he was unable to wash his maces.

“I am unable to live and die together with you all, but I can avenge you all!” Chen Wu was already killed by Liu Mang. All that is left is Dong Xi. When Dong Xi is killed as well then the dead would be able to rest in peace!

“Liu Mang? Prince of Shu!?” Taishi Ci has only seen the enemy commander from a distance.

Does this age already belong to the Shu King? Taishi Ci heard the story from Jiang Qin. This harmless looking Prince of Shu killed Zhou Tai and hang his head on the walls of Wan Cheng after mincing the rest of his body into meat. At last, the head was taken down from the walls and minced into meat as well.

This were not the rumors that gave Taishi Ci an impression. After all, the two armies have always fought until the brink of death. The one that gave Taishi Ci a bad impression on Liu Mang is his order to massacre the nobles in Wan Cheng City including the servants and private soldiers. Tens of thousands of lives were lost that day. Although young he is already a butcher! If I meet him I will definitely kill him! Taishi Ci looked at Liu Mang murderously.

He did not know or has already forgotten that his lord Sun Ce promised of 3 days of indulgence after capturing the city. He also did not know about Sun Ce killing the slaves and servants remove any witness in his plan to swallow up the nobility.

“I remember you!” Dong Xi may be stupid but he is still able to remember people. When he saw Liu Mang he immediately remembered. “It’s you! You killed Chen Wu! Killed Chen Wu!” Dong Xi breathing became heavier. He also remembered Chen Wu’s last words. Kill him! Kill him! Because of the order to retreat, Dong Xi’s brain was in a mess. To listen to Chen Wu’s last words or listen to the order to retreat. In the end, Dong Xi retreated with the remaining Danyang troops and spared Liu Mang’s life. Now the situation is different. There is no retreat order, there is no Danyang troops to hold him back. All that is left is Chen Wu’s final words “Kill him! Kill him!” Dong Xi started breathing heavily with his mouth. Violence is the only thing occupying his mind. Kill him! Kill him!

“Chen Wu! Chen Wu! Kill you. Kill you!” Holding his giant mace, Dong Xi rushed towards Liu Mang. The ground also shook in response to Dong Xi’s physique. Two unfortunate Danyang soldiers that were in his way could not respond in time and was blown away. The luckier one fell on the walls and broke his leg. The other soldier was not so lucky and was hit by Dong Xi’s mace. Half his body fell to the ground and he spat out his internal organs. One look is enough to tell you that this man cannot be saved.

“Little lord!” Xu Sheng wanted to help Liu Mang immediately.

“Do not go!” Huang Zhong stopped Xu Sheng.

“Old General Huang! What are you doing!” Xu Sheng got angry. Did he not see that the little lord is in danger? If the little lord dies, then what was the point of this war?

“You will not be able to help him!” Huang Zhong said as he tried to calm himself down. He was more worried of Liu Mang compared to Xu Sheng. To Huang Zhong, Liu Mang is his family’s savior. He was the one that rekindle Huang Zhong’s hope of living. It was Liu Mang who cured Huang Xu and made sure the Huang family has an offspring. Therefore, Huang Zhong does not only consider himself one of Lu Bu’s men but he considers Liu Mang as a family. This is why Huang Zhong is pledging his life to Liu Mang. If Huang Zhong wanted to lead the troops, Lu Bu would have already given him troops to lead. Huang Zhong is not only a martial artist but is also capable of leading the troops. He could have been a commander in chief that is worthy of respect from his Huang ancestors and would lead 20,000 soldiers out of Lu Bu’s 40,000 soldiers.

This did not happen because Huang Zhong wants to be at Liu Mang’s side to save him repeatedly.

Xu Sheng also knows he is unable to help. This is because Sun Ce and Taishi Ci is looking for an opportunity to strike. The 4 of them are masters and know that whoever moves, would expose an opening for the opponent. But how could they just silently watch their master die? Although Xu Sheng has just surrendered, he is unable to stay silent. This is because he is already deeply impressed of Liu Mang who is willing to die for his friends.

“Believe in Little Lord!” Huang Zhong is still holding Xu Sheng to prevent him from running off. Xu Sheng would need to fight Huang Zhong if he wanted to past but how could they start fighting each other at this moment? “Liu Mang may be fine!” Huang Zhong was also worried but for some reason he has the intuition that Liu Mang will win!

“But!” Xu Sheng still wanted to object.

“Do you not believe in the Little Lord?” Huang Zhong asked directly to stop Xu Sheng from moving. Because he knew Liu Mang is the lord Xu Sheng thinks that he may be prepared. There may be a profound meaning in his actions! Xu Sheng can only calm himself down like that.

Preparation? Profound meanings? If Liu Mang knew what Xu Sheng was thinking about right now he would thank Xu Sheng for his trust and praises. In actual fact, he himself is not sure if he could kill Dong Xi. Even two days ago he almost died at the hands of Dong Xi.

“Kill you! I will kill you!” Dong Xi continued to wave his giant maces as he approached. The giant mace send out a strong wind which made Liu Mang’s clothes under the armor flutter.

“Come!” Liu Mang shouted with firm eyes. Dong Xi wanted to avenge Chen Wu. Liu Mang also wanted to avenge the two thousand Urban Army troops that died to protect him. His hands tightened on his shieldblade.

*Clang* The giant mace smashed into the shieldblade and Liu Mang felt a heavy force. The thenar space on his hand broke. Blood flowed from the handle of the shieldblade but Liu Mang continued to grasp the handle tightly. He must not let go of his shieldblade. Without a weapon, his death will not be far away. (TL: Thenar space is the space between the thumb and the index finger.)

“Should be me!” Dong Xi’s maces smashed onto the giant shield and blood dripped from Liu Mang’s hands. However, Liu Mang did not feel the pain on his hands and instead repelled the maces with his shieldblade. At the same time, he swung his shieldblade at Dong Xi, forcing him to retreat.

In Liu Mang’s hands was the shieldblade that seemed a bit slanted. Dong Xi’s body is too large and the shieldblade was also large. In a fight between two large monster, the winner will go to the one with more strength.

“Die!” Dong Xi may be big but he is also flexible. With only a moment to react, he knew his maces would not be able to counter in time. He raised his two large maces up and blocked the hit from Liu Mang’s shieldblade. But the shieldblade’s attack did not come only from the front. The shieldblade is not blunt. On the surface of the shield, a blade came out and cut Dong Xi’s stomach. Dong Xi’s stomach was ripped open.

Bloody fat was torn open and the internal organs can be seen, exposing half the intestines.

“Too bad!” Liu Mang lamented. He wanted to kill Dong Xi in 1 strike like he did to Chen Wu. He is not a superclass general or masters of combat like Huang Zhong and Sun Ce. He cannot test the enemy’s abilities slowly before going for the final decisive confrontation like those two.

For Liu Mang, the start of the fight is already the decisive confrontation. His physical strength is definitely not a match for Dong Xi. In terms of strength, Liu Mang also has innate talent. Unfortunately, it is not as powerful as compared to Dong Xi who can even destroy body armors. In the realm of military might, Liu Mang is the worst. He cannot allow Dong Xi to test him. He needs to kill Dong Xi in one hit.

Unfortunately, Dong Xi avoided being hit at his vitals. If it was not because of the giant shield’s chain, it is possible for Dong Xi chest to be cut open as well.

“Pain! Pain!” Severe pain made Dong Xi swing his maces wildly. However, swinging the maces did not alleviate the pain. Half of his intestines being exposed made Dong Xi crazy. This is because his intestines were swinging front and back of the body. Dong Xi dislike the pain and was very dissatisfied. With two hands he grabbed half of the intestines and with a sudden force, he tore out his intestines. (TL: Dong Xi, how many hands do you have? Four?)

“Are you mad!” Half the intestines fell to ground but Dong Xi did not care. His intestines being torn made his eyes green.

“Eat! Eat! Eat!” Dong Xi immediately took half of the intestines and threw it into his mouth. Regardless of the excrement and blood inside the intestines, it is still human flesh. Even if it is his own meat, it stimulated Dong Xi’s fierceness.

“Roar!” Dong Xi roared with an inhuman voice. His eyes became completely green. Wild dogs that eat human meat will restore their eyes to something like their ancestors which is more like a fearsome wolf. The eyes will also turn green. Humans who eat human meat will also have their eyes turn green. This also applies to Dong Xi.

*Boom, Boom, Boom Boom* Dong Xi’s mouth was open with meat still inside it. He did not become slower despite his stomach wound. On the contrary, he became faster. Two giant maces continued to pound onto Liu Mang’s shieldblade. Liu Mang is unable to fight back. As this is the city wall, he has no way to avoid. He can only take the hits and resist.

As the attacks continued, the shieldblade is starting to become deflated. Besides that, the blade is starting to become smooth. This is because Liu Mang’s hands has cracked open and the flowing blood washed the blade.

*Cough Cough Cough* Liu Mang is starting to cough out blood. Even if there is a giant shield and the protection from Aries Gold Cloth, he is unable to take so much punishment. He can feel his internal organs slowly moving to the center of his body while the sweet blood gathered in his mouth.

“Little lord!” Xu Sheng was flustered and raised his long spear. He was ready to go over to Liu Mang but was stopped by a halberd.

“You go!” Taishi Ci held two halberds in front of Xu Sheng. The halberd seemed to radiate light. Xu Sheng did not doubt that once he moved to the back, Taishi Ci would not hesistate to pierce him with the halberd.

“Your opponent is me!” Taishi Ci regrets that he cannot personally kill Liu Mang. However, the opponent in front of him is not bad. Taishi Ci is also a general. A general’s wish is to fight!

“Get out of my way!” Xu Sheng also knew that if Taishi Ci is not defeated, he cannot find the opportunity to help Liu Mang. Xu Sheng did not hesitate. He swing his long spear at Taishi Ci to get past him “Shaa!”

(TL: In case anyone forgets, Shaa means kill. But as it is used more like a war cry, I leave it untranslated)

A long spear is a spear. The difference is that his spear has a long blood trough. Xu Sheng made this blood trough himself. It is like a thorn that will make you bleed more than common weapons.

(TL: Imagine a blade, with holes in the middle of the flat part of the blade. That is the blood trough)

Taishi Ci did not expect Xu Sheng to strike out suddenly and suffered an injury. His arm that was hit by the long spear started to bleed, forming a column of blood and turning his arm red.

“Gh!” Taishi Ci groaned. His eyes stared at the long spear and the blood trough. He knows that he cannot be stabbed by that weapon again. Even a small wound will pull out a big flesh.

Taishi Ci was truly a master of long spears. He held his weapon as if he was not injured. He exposed a flaw in his defenses. Xu Sheng took this opportunity to attack Taishi Ci’s shoulder. At that moment, Taishi Ci also took the opportunity and swing his two halberds at Xu Sheng.

“What!” Xu Sheng was surprised for a moment. Taishi Ci sandwiched the long spear with his twin halberds while Xu Sheng approached.

“Die!” One short halberd was used to deflect the long spear, the other halberd was advancing towards Xu Sheng.

At that time, Xu Sheng twisted at a strange angle to avoid the first short halberd.

Because the short halberd was not at the site of attack, Taishi Ci deceived Xu Sheng to avoid. Xu Sheng twisted his body magnificently to avoid but at the same time, his field of vision decreased.

All that is left is Taishi Ci’s certain kill technique. “Pincer!”

*Swoosh* The short halberd pierced the air and straight into Xu Sheng’s armor. Xu Sheng may not be wearing heavy armor but light armor was pierced directly into his left chest.

*Cough Cough* Feeling bursts of pain, he coughed blood out.

“N?” Taishi Ci frowned. The killing blow did not finish Xu Sheng but his short halberd has obviously pierced Xu Sheng’s chest. Could it be? Xu Sheng and Zhou Tai’s heart is on the right.

One hit not being enough, Taishi Ci sent out his short halberds again, this time he did it much faster.

“The same trick will not work twice!” Xu Sheng’s eyes grew cold. His heart was not on the right like what Taishi Ci had guessed. Xu Sheng survived because of an item. It was a piece of copper inscribed with his name which his father gave him! The name was personally carved into the copper by his father. It is for him to represent his identity. Now it is broken at the hands of Taishi Ci and his short halberd.

“Rgh! Then try and avoid it this time!” Taishi Ci’s face also showed the intend to kill. Xu Sheng’s long spear can be dominated. At that time, Xu Sheng won’t have anything to block with.

“Oh really!” In Xu Sheng’s hands was the long spear. This time it did not move.

“It’s no use!” Taishi Ci attacked with his short halberd. This time, the halberd did not go towards the chest but to the head. The hearts can change sides but not the skull.


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