My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 239 - Stakes
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 239 - Stakes

Chapter 239 – Stakes (Continuation of Charisma)

“Hahaha, smart move, SMART MOVE!!! Made your subordinate get out of the danger zone!!! In this big tent, who can stop this mighty Wei Yan?!” Shouted Wei Yan with arrogant tone. Looking at both old and young generals exit the tent, made Wei Yan beaming with arrogance. Wei Yan is really a person who doesn’t know his place. This person want to display his might, want to climb to high place. If one said this kind of attitude nicely, they will say “nice motivation”, if said it negatively “what a narcisstic prick!!!”

“Stop you?!” Liu Mang smiled and continued “You want to leave? Just try it yourself.” Liu Mang just standing on one side with no change in his expression at all. His ass is still hurting and no he cannot sit down. Wei Yan then lowered his voice “You really think I cannot force my way out?!” Wei Yan then began to move toward the bed post where his armor and guandao were placed. The expression on Liu Mang’s face made Wei Yan really sick of him. That face with no expression as if everything is in his hand, that kind of expression is an expression of disrespect to Wei Yan. Wei Yan disliked disrespect the most and Liu Mang made this kind of expression made him seething with anger. In the original history as well, Yang Yi gave him this kind of expression and unconsciously made himself to be Wei Yan’s archenemy.

Force your way out, eh? Thought Liu Mang and he give a very smug smirk. Liu Mang still not paying attention to Wei Yan. With face still expressionless, he just put out another external wound medicine pouch and heated it up under candlelight. This external wound medicine was named Jin Chuang Medicine (literal translation: Golden Medicine for Pain. TN: Pah, really mouthful). This Jin Chuang Medicine were created by boiling the material first then sealing the juice of raw material by using oil paper and roast it slowly until the it burned all out and become juicy paste. (TN: Really? no more explanation given for this meaningless trivia, I might as well a few words) [With that meticulous preparation, it is a very expensive medicine at this era and Liu Mang is willing to part with it easily.]

Wei Yan then growled again “I..TOLD..YOU!!!! DON’T…LOOK…DOWN…ON….ME!!!!!!!!!!!” Wei Yan got really angry, then his speed become really fast and even though his ass is still bleeding but did not hinder his skill. Wei Yan quickly retrieved his armor and his guandao. At that time, Wei Yan may rush toward Liu Mang and make Liu Mang as his hostage in order for him to escape the tent. His movement in the big tent is so loud that it agitated Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng. Both of them also held contempt toward Wei Yan, so when there is a sound of metal clanging, they quickly rushed in.

“Anything wrong?!” Xu Shu said to himself and quickly rushed toward the tent. His speed is not as fast as those two generals as he wear scribe’s clothing (literal translation: long gown), but he managed to catch up with them and quickly enter the camp with Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng. Both of them then screamed “Little lord!!! Danger!!!!” They already saw Wei Yan has grabbed the hilt of his guandao and already armored up, currently he is walking toward Liu Mang. Wei Yan who is already halfway toward Liu Mang, stopped his steps and swallowed his saliva. Everything is fucked up now, thought Wei Yan. Huang Zhong is unbeatable by himself and now there’s two. His plan for taking Liu Mang hostage fall apart and even if he increased his speed, he cannot match Huang Zhong who is already in front of Liu Mang. Right this time, Liu Mang speaks.

“Hey, who allowed you all come in?” Liu Mang said it, feeling annoyed. Liu Mang’s brow pressed tightly and said “Get out again. Now!!!”

“Little lord, this….!” Huang Zhong protested. Thought Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng That Wei Yan is started to be unruly and now little lord asked us to be outside again? What is little lord really thinking?”

“Come generals, Let us stay at outside!!!” Xu Shu voiced his opinion, because he saw Liu Mang is disturbingly really calm. Even though there are Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng protecting him, that Wei Yan already held his guandao, his lord should become at least slightly agitated but Xu Shu saw none of it on Liu Mang. Xu Shu’s guess now is right, his lord wants to subdue Wei Yan.

“Yes, sir!!!” Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng quickly retreated and the tent become peaceful again.

“Want to try again?” Said Liu Mang while smiling toward him. The Jin Chuang Medicine on Liu Mang’s hand already become hot due to roasting under candlelight.

“HUMPH!!!!” Wei Yan snorted coldly. Wei Yan was still stubborn. There is a gate god outside, Wei Yan did not dare to go out again, but Wei Yan still a prideful person, so can only snorted to Liu Mang. Wei Yan then growled again “What actually do you want to do?!” But right now he is like a sick tiger put into a cage, together with Liu Mang and if Liu Mang did not give him a satisfactory answer, that tiger will put everything to his attack and would rather die together.
“What I want to do? HAHAHAHAHA” Liu Mang replied while laughing heartily and continued “I don’t want to do anything to you. See, the gate is there, go out of your own convenience. Just promise me one thing, that you don’t create an exit by yourself, I will be most thankful for that. This tent was bought using money and if it is ripped open then my soldiers will spend a lot of time sewing up the tent.”

“You really are going to let me go?!” Replied Wei Yan curiously. Wei Yan is chewing Liu Mang’s words and according to him, Liu Mang’s words meant to let him go and not ripped open the tent. Liu Mang then responded “Heh, why would I want to keep you here?!” and showed an expression not caring at all. Liu Mang then continued “You see, the front door is there. You can just get out of here, no one will stop you!!!”

“But they….!!!” Wei Yan then pointed toward Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng. Liu Mang then said this in a toneless voice “Relax, they are my subordinate. I am their little lord and they will obey my words. You can leave any time!!!” Wei Yan then walked toward front door but when he lifted the cover, he saw Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng drawn their swords. The coldness it radiated were splendid. It made Wei Yan stopped his steps and said “Hrn?!” Liu Mang then turned his head toward the front door and waved his hand and said “Let him leave”

“Yes, sir!” Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng sheathed their swords and stand on the front door side. “Is he going to let me go?!” Wei Yan’s heart whispered while he continued his steps. When he just get out of the big tent, suddenly Liu Mang’s voice opened “Wait a minute!!!”

Wei Yan then turned back and laughing with disdainful face toward Liu Mang “HAHAHA, SEE!!!! I KNOW THAT YOU WILL NOT LET ME GO SO EASILY!!!! YOU, A LITTLE HYPOCRITICAL VILLAIN!!!!”

“Heh, then leave!!! Just leave anytime you want!!!” Said Liu Mang while he stretched out his hand and making gestures with his hand as if he is seeing a guest out and he continued “But before you go, let me put on some Jin Chuang Medicine for you!!! Although your punishment is of your own making, but I don’t want other people gossip that Liu Mang and Lu Bu army is a big bully.”

“Hrm?!” Wei Yan’s pressed his brow again. He really cannot discern whether this Prince of Shu is a medicine peddler or anything else. He not only let him go away, but he also want to paste the Jin Chuang Medicine on him? Wei Yan’s ass is truly painful and it is no lie. He want to quickly left the camp and go find a good doctor and search for another Jin Chuang Medicine. But now Liu Mang himself want to give him, will the medicine be poisoned? Wei Yan felt skeptical.

“Don’t worry, I will not kill you!!!!” Said Liu Mang while smiling. Liu Mang then put down the Jin Chuang Medicine on the tea table. Liu Mang then continued “If I want to kill you, I can just order them directly!!! Why would I need the Jin Chuang Medicine to just do that?! This Jin Chuang Medicine is our army’s secret medicine!!! Killing you by poison, is just wasting precious resources!!!” Liu Mang’s recipe for his own Jin Chuang Medicine is really a top secret and the cost of making it, is really high. If he want to kill Wei Yan, he can just simply order Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng and be done with it, no need to trouble himself at all.

Liu Mang then do a hand gesture toward Wei Yan and said “Come back in!!!” With Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng are blocking Wei Yan’s way, he can only walk back into the tent. Wei Yan found himself silently agreeing with what Liu Mang just said. To kill him, Liu Mang won’t even need to poison him, he can just order both of them and be done with it. Wei Yan then reached the tea table. He really realized that if he did not use this Jin Chuang Medicine now, he will not be able to leave. So he just gritted his tooth and take it, even if it is poison, he will also need to take it.

Right here, all men. So Wei Yan pulled down his pants and quickly

applied the Jin Chuang Medicine to his ass. The Jin Chuang Medicine already been roasted by Liu Mang using candlelight and already become a paste. Because Wei Yan were using it while standing, the paste is trickling down from his ass. Then Wei Yan’s pupil enlarged suddenly, the paste still very hot, although if it contacted with regular skin, there will be no issue. But currently his ass is really hurting, so, imagine for yourself how painful it is.

Seeing Wei Yan’s pupils enlarged, Xu Shu’s face changed. Is it really poison? No, it is not possible. Thought Xu Shu. Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng had used that Jin Chuang Medicine before, but Xu Shu not yet used, so it is not possible for him to know its effectiveness and its process on healing the wound.

Xu Sheng laughed out loud, he knew that Wei Yan will immediately paste the piping hot medicine paste to his ass. Huang Zhong want to laugh as well but he restrained himself. Liu Mang then said to Xu Shu “See, he did not die!!!! Did not harm himself at all!!!” Liu Mang don’t want Xu Shu to misunderstand that Liu Mang is a foul person.

“Ouch!!!” Wei Yan cry painfully. This is really bothering him a lot. He felt that he had suffered a lot just by being here. He came to find a job but his ass was beaten. His ass is now being hurt by the piping hot medicine paste. As pitiful as he is, Liu Mang also don’t care for him. (literal translation from author writing: This is bothering him a lot, injured on the chrysanthemum flower by this boiling Jin Chuang Medicine, Pitiful child, and Liu Mang could not handle him. PS to Mr. Author: Please kindly wrote better grammar) (ED(?) note: Please improve your grammar as well Mr. Translator.)

“See, front door is there, just go, nobody will stop you. I must leave now!!!!” Said Liu Mang while walking toward the exit. Xu Shu then suddenly intercepted loudly “Milord, do you really want him to leave?” Xu Shu is a very smart man. He had been observing from the very start, from Liu Mang’s dialogue with Wei Yan, his treatment to Wei Yan. He already guessed what Liu Mang want to do. Liu Mang sighed in his heart “Xu Shu is really deserved to be called Xu Shu!!!” So, if Zhuge Liang is called Sleeping Dragon and Pang Tong is called Fledgling Phoenix then Xu Shu is worthy to be called the Qilin. Such skill to read their lord’s mind is only top adviser can do. (TN: Dragon, Phoenix and Qilin = 3 mythical beasts that had great reputation in China)

Liu Mang then intentionally answered “Yuanzhi, state one reason on why I should not let him go?!” (literal translation. Why I should not let him go?)

Xu Shu then responded in kind, being already knows that Liu Mang want “He came to answer your job recruitment, sir.” The nearby Wei Yan also listened although his ass is hurting really bad, he wanted to hear what things are that Liu Mang and that scribe are talking about. Liu Mang then laughed in a mocking manner and said these words in a very disdainful tone “Hahaha, the job advertisement is for those who have ability and not those who are lacking of it. Those who are lacking can only be kept as a freeloader!!!! Although the Liu Mang army are not lacking food, I am not willing to feed idlers!!!!”

Wei Yan who just heard that, enlarged his pupil again and his chest is seething with anger. The hell? I am not an able person? I am a freeloader? AN IDLER!!!! Wei Yan is a mighty warrior so his hearing is very good, it is impossible for him not to hear Liu Mang and Xu Shu’s dialogue. Wei Yan is a very prideful person that proud of his own strength, a narcissistic person and is very full of himself although he did not have Bo Le to appraise himself as a magnificent steed. But this Liu Mang just insulted him as a person with no ability, a freeloader and an idler!!! This insult is unbearable to Wei Yan. (TL: Bo Le, a very good appraiser for horses, he often appeared in China folk story). Suddenly “BANG!!!!!” Wei Yan kicked over the tea table and wield his guandao and stand in front of Liu Mang, blocking his path.

Liu Mang showed annoyed face and said to him “Hrm? Already want to left huh? See, the camp main gate is over there, you can leave Hefei from there!!!!” He already said he must leave but was blocked by Wei Yan. Wei Yan gave a death glare full of anger to him while his hand is already holding his guandao, the nearby Huang Zhong, Xu Sheng and Xu Shu quickly stand in front Liu Mang to protect him. Liu Mang then continued “Why you still not left? Anything else?” Liu Mang then frowned intentionally and said “Is it because your wound not yet dressed? Oh, I know!!!!” Liu Mang then clapped his hand as if he just realized something and continued “Then wait a minute okay, I will order the quartermaster. They will give 10 coins and a dozen meatbuns. After that you leave, ‘kay?!” Ten coins? A dozen meatbuns? This is like giving alms to beggar!!! No!!! Even giving alms is much better than this, this is a driving out a person in its purest form. This shameful treatment made Wei Yan 100% angry.

“Not enough?!” Said Liu Mang with smug smirk and shook his head and said “I will add another 10 coins and give you 30 meatbuns!!! I believe, it is enough for you to go back to where you came from!!! Just follow the guide to the quartermaster and we’re good okay?!” Said Liu Mang while pointing him toward the guide.

However, Wei Yan still standing there motionless. Liu Mang then makes a very annoyed and impatient face and said “NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!! I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO, I DON’T WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU AGAIN!!!!” But Wei Yan still standing there motionless. Liu Mang then sneered “Hahaha, what kind of a person are you?! I already said you are free to go, but you are still here… Perhaps you want to die?! If you want to die, let me grant your wish” Liu Mang then shouted orders to his two generals “Huang Zhong, Xu Sheng, END HIM!!!!” “YES, SIR!!!!” Both of them acknowledged the order and move toward Wei Yan together. If Wei Yan still not make way, perhaps their swords will be plunged toward his body. It was then Wei Yan finally opened his mouth and screamed “I AM NOT A GARBAGE, I AM NOT A FREELOADER, I AM NOT AN IDLER!!!!” Every word that Wei Yan spoke was accompanied with death glare and a beast-like expression toward Liu Mang. Liu Mang then waved toward his two generals to make them stop.

Liu Mang then give a very uncaring answer “Yeah, yeah, you ain’t any of those people!!! NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!! Really, my job advertisement only attracted these kinds of people!!!” Liu Mang then complained to himself “All I asked is only to recruit talented people, ONLY RECRUIT TALENTED PEOPLE. Why did it attract a garbage with a bloated pride who think he is standing above anything else?!” “BANG!!!!” Wei Yan slammed the butt of his guandao as hard as he can and kept giving death glare toward Liu Mang. Wei Yan screamed “I AM NOT!!!!! I ALREADY SAID I AM NOT A GARBAGE!!! AMONG YOUR SUBORDINATES BESIDES THOSE TWO AND THE ONE WHO ATTACKED ME AT THAT TIME, WHO IS MY MATCH?!!!!” The one who attacked that Wei Yan refer is of course Gan Ning.

“Yeah, yeah, you are good!!! I take back my words. You are a talented person! An able person!!!” Said Liu Mang still uncaring but with addition of impatient tone. “I WON’T ACCEPT THOSE WORDS!!!” Screamed Wei Yan. Wei Yan then said this, while still locked-on Liu Mang “I want you to say it earnestly!!! Otherwise, I will kill you in front of your subordinate here and DIE!!!” Wei Yan is not joking at all. A warrior can be killed, but not shamed. A scribe can be shamed and he also can be angry, but the most important thing that differed them is, if you apologize to the scribe enough, you still can ho back home.

For warrior, it is the exact opposite. That is why when Wei Yan shamed Zhao Yun’s family, he wants to kill him for that insult solely and Zhao Yun is a good natured person. So, Wei Yan can only pledge that he will kill this Prince of Shu even at the cost of his life. Wei Yan is a mighty warrior. (TL: Yeah, yeah author. I already ESTABLISHED that Wei Yan is a mighty warrior, but must you establish again here?!) If he goes all out, he will fight to the death. Although he may not able to kill anyone, but Xu Sheng or Huang Zhong will definitely get injured, this is a situation unwanted by Liu Mang.

Liu Mang then clapped and said “Yes, you are great!!! I wholeheartedly said that you, Wei Yan, Wei Wenchang is not a garbage!!! You are a talented person and the greatest of them all!!!!” Now Liu Mang’s words is acceptable in Wei Yan’s ears. “HUMPH!!!!” Wei Yan humphed. Although Wei Yan knows that he did it halfheartedly but he also knew that it is Liu Mang’s limit of his patience, if he force him to do more, it will only create more conflicts. So, Wei Yan picked up his guandao and prepare to leave. The guide then pointed and walked toward quartermaster and said “Over here!!!” But Wei Yan just ignore him. He is not so poor to receive alm of 10 coins and a dozen of meatbuns.

Wei Yan step by step walked toward the camp main gate, he must return to Jing Province. He really cannot believe that there is no wise lord who will use him. When Wei Yan about to leave, from his behind there are voices. Xu Shu is the one who opened his mouth, saying “Milord, are you really driving Wei Yan out?! That person’s martial arts is really good!!! He will be a great asset in our force!!!” Hearing Xu Shu praise himself, made he felt a bit comfortable and a bit satisfied. Still after hearing further of their conversation, Wei Yan’s face turned really sour. Because after that, that damned Liu Mang speaks.

Liu Mang speaks “Asset? PUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! He is only an ordinary man. An ordinary man with no ambition with martial arts skill can only be a platoon leader at most, his whole life will be stagnant like this!!!!” Platoon leader!!!! Liu Mang’s words reached Wei Yan’s ear. That word is really stinging his ears, although Wei Yan is a gate captain, his men numbered on 10+. Is not it insulting him to be a small platoon leader? Xu Shu then protested for Wei Yan “In Shu’s opinion, he should not be that much of a failure!!! His martial arts is very strong, Milord!!! You will not be wrong!!!” Liu Mang then speak in a very disdainful tone “Yuanzhi, you know about the phrase “If you throw enough mud on the wall, none will sticks?!” That man is exactly like the mud on the wall. Just give a few days and the mud will be gone.” Since Xu Shu is also a poor family children, naturally knows such phrase.

“But he is still young!!! Still can turn into ceramic!!!” Xu Shu continued his argument. Now Wei Yan’s age is not too high. In the original history, When Wei Yan met and welcomed by Liu Bei, The Escapist Liu, into his army, he is already middle-aged. And that time, was the beginning of Three Kingdoms era. Liu Mang then laughed disdainfully “Hahaha, not being ambitious now, is the same being not ambitious after 100 years. This Liu Mang give him a chance, to be a replacement for nobilities. This prince wants to use him, want to give him heavy responsibilities, but no lofty aspirations, what’s the point? What good being an ordinary man with only skill in martial arts to be proud of? The final outcome for him is to die. A soldier who did not have any ambition to be a general is not a good soldier!!!! This prince is better off attracting other talents or other warlords.” Liu Mang then sighed “Ai, being a poor family, so hard to change one’s destiny.” Liu Mang then pat Xu Shu’s shoulders and said “Yuanzhi, come with me, we see our other genuinely talented person. Let not waste anymore time with this waste!!!!” Then he prepared to leave with Xu Shu, Xu Sheng and Huang Zhong.

But after only a few steps, that figure is standing again in front of Liu Mang and co. Liu Mang then get really angry and shouted “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT AGAIN, HUH?! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT LIU MANG, LIU HANYANG CANNOT KILL YOU?!” Hearing Liu Mang’s voice also unleashed Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng’s anger. This Wei Yan has been rude, unruly a lot of times toward their little lord. Once Liu Mang give order, they will kill this Wei Yan. “Splash!!!” Wei Yan threw down his guandao and removed his armor. Wei Yan then kneel down and said “Wei Yan, Wei Wenchang of Yiyang, paid respect to Milord!!!”

“Haha!!!” Liu Mang’s heart is laughing. Liu Mang then looked Xu Shu and he responded in kind as well. But Liu Mang still not paid attention toward Wei Yan. “Get up!!! Your lord is not here!!!! You are Jing Province soldier, naturally your lord is Liu of Jing Province!!!” Said Liu Mang uncaringly. He did not even help Wei Yan to stand on his feet unlike with Xu Shu. Liu Mang is really excited that Wei Yan is willing to kneel under him, but he actually still showed disdained face. Wei Yan then responded “Wei Yan, Wei Wenchang of Yiyang, paid respect to Milord!!!” with voice even louder than before. Liu Mang then said “THIS…IS….HEFEI, part of Yang Province and not your lord. Your lord is in Jing Province, in Xiangyang!!!!” Wei Yan again responded “Wei Yan, Wei Wenchang of Yiyang, paid respect to Milord!!!” Liu Mang said a lot of sentences to drive him away, but Wei Yan kept repeating the same exact sentence. Liu Mang grew tired and angry and said “So fucking stubborn!!!” And then prepared to leave. While Liu Mang is walking farther from him, Wei Yan shouted from behind “MILORD, IF YOU DON’T ACCEPT WEI YAN, WEI YAN WILL KEPT KNEELING!!!!” Then Liu Mang shouted his response “THEN KNEEL AND DIE!!!!”

“Milord, this….!” Said Xu Shu. Xu Shu don’t understand Liu Mang. Before, he knows that Liu Mang want to play drag and pull in order to catch Wei Yan. This Wei Yan’s skill in martial arts is very strong. Xu Shu said that when that duel happened, Wei Yan and Zhao Yun fought first, then he fought Huang Zhong and finally fought Gan Ning and can be said he is victorious in that duel. Finally, he is captured but still showing combat effectiveness beforehand. When he was visited by Liu Mang, Liu Mang treat him with disdain, despise and contempt in order to destroy Wei Yan’s arrogance. This person is a very unruly person! If he was to be recruited just like that, he will be very arrogant and will destroy Liu Mang and his army’s reputation. Therefore, Xu Shu and Liu Mang, as if telepathically connected, agreed that to recruit him, his arrogance need to be busted clean, and the end result can be seen, that Wei Yan can only kneel down in front of Liu Mang.

If all is according to the script, Liu Mang should accepted Wei Yan by now, but Liu Mang did not even look at him and instead led them all to leave, this made Xu Shu not understand. Liu Mang then smiled toward Xu Shu and said “Yuanzhi, you must be wondering on why I don’t accept that Wei Yan Wei Wenchang right?! Later, I tell you.” Liu Mang want to accept and use Wei Yan for himself, but it is exactly Liu Mang want to use Wei Yan, that Liu Mang not accept him now. An arrogance and unruliness of a person was not formed in just one or two days, it is formed and nurtured for a long time. Take Zang Ba for example. When Zang Ba was young, he dared to disturb official court offices, perform robbery and finally become a leader of Mt. Tai bandit brigade. At that time, his arrogance has become very big as he is very imposing. So imposing that the Xu Province Governor at that time, Tao Qian, were helpless and can only appease him at the most. But Zang Ba’s good luck ran out when he met Lu Bu. Lu Bu, Lu Fengxian is a god of war and his belief is fist talk louder than words. If you are arrogant, then I will beat you to a pulp. So at that time, Lu Bu beat him without using Sky Piercer, using only ordinary sword and another one, with his one hand tied behind. Again and again, Zang Ba cannot beat Lu Bu and many times he had been dropped down to the soil until he submit to Lu Bu.

Liu Mang’s honorable father-in-law Lu Bu’s skill in martial arts is godly and he will definitely can hit Wei Yan. But Wei Yan’s arrogance is bigger than Zang Ba. If today Liu Mang accepted Wei Yan, he possibly will be grateful and humble himself. But after that, since Liu Mang will entrust Wei Yan with heavy responsibility, at that time, Wei Yan’s arrogance will re-emerge and maybe will damage the whole army. Therefore, Liu Mang must humbled Wei Yan in order to uproot his arrogance. Even if there is left any arrogance of him, it must be directed to the enemy, not to ally, therefore Liu Mang did not receive Wei Yan now.

Xu Shu then asked “Milord, you did not afraid that he will flee in rage?!” Liu Mang is a fool not to worry on the possibility Wei Yan fleeing out of rage. That person is a mighty warrior (TL: Again author, clap clap clap). If he joined enemy, it will be really difficult.

“If he wanted to flee, he would have already fled earlier. He would not wait until now!!!” Liu Mang said it in confident tone. Actually, Liu Mang is also afraid, he is afraid that stubborn donkey will flee in anger. If that happens, Liu Mang will send out Huang Zhong, Xu Sheng and Gan Ning to intercept Wei Yan and kill him.

A person of talent unusable by me, can only die!!!!! So Liu Mang is gambling right now, if he wins, he get a senior general, if not, he can only trouble Huang Zhong and others and endure the loss of a Wei Yan. A loss that can be accepted by Liu Mang as he is currently not a part of Liu Mang’s troops.


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