My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 261 – Calculating Person From Behind The Scenes
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 261 – Calculating Person From Behind The Scenes

Chapter 261 – Calculating Person From Behind The Scenes

With his task completed, the butler-attired man quickly vanished inside the crowd. However, when one looked closer, one can see that the butler-attired man and that middle-aged man who debated with him earlier, chatting in a very friendly manner but after that, they also disappeared, leaving the crowd yelling that they must emigrate.

However, their actions did not miss a certain dignitary who then said “Hmm, speaking so eloquent. Even giving comparison to cloth to fertile farmland. Is that butler-attired man is His Highness Prince of Shu?!” The person opposite him said while shaking his head “Prince of Shu Liu Mang! No, he is not! I have met him! I also have been imprisoned by him. So, I can say for certain that is not Liu Mang!” That guy is Lu Su, who has been fighting Battle of Wancheng against Liu Mang army. He lost in naval battle, was captured and imprison. While he is imprisoned, he is pondering nonstop of why he lost and finally understood that he lost because of ballistae as Jiangdong also had obtained the same technology from the one who invented it.

After he returned to Jiangdong, Sun Ce promoted him to be Zhou Yu’s subordinates as his vice-general. The reason he promoted him, is although Battle of Wancheng ended up in complete annihilation, the mistake lies not in Lu Su’s body, because a surprise and unknown factor of ballistae played a big part here. However, the final stratagem of Lu Su in order to retake Wancheng, worked brilliantly, and were not their naval unit annihilated, they will have occupied Wancheng again now. A vice-general is not to be underestimated as it is higher than Huang Gai. However Lu Su rejected the promotion politely, as he wished not to serve under Sun Ce. He found out during the Battle of Wancheng, Sun Ce is a good wise lord as Sun Ce is walking the path of Conqueror, his path is extremely bloody, similar to Emperor Han Wudi. Some historians said that Han Wudi raised the prestige of Han Dynasty to the point the Xiongnu did not dare goes to Central Plains for even a step, while the other said that Han Wudi loved to wage war until everyone is unable to eat properly. However, everyone had their opinions, and Lu Su is searching for a wise lord who walk the path of benevolence. So, Lu Su reasoned that he want to continue his study, but Sun Ce is not going to leave Lu Su alone, therefore under Zhou Yu’s urging, Sun Ce sealed him as Inspector of Wuhu County.

Putting Lu Su as an Inspector of Wuhu County, is a waste of his talents. Wuhu County is not rich in paddies, but have good natural harbours and naval units can be stationed properly. Therefore Lu Su is coordinating provisions and because of this, everything is in good order. However, the reason that Inspector Lu comes out is because he is accompanying Sun Quan. In all Jiangdong, there are a lot of person with high status like Lu Su, such as Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Zhou Yu, Zhang Zhao, etc with Zhou Yu and Sun Ce as the frontline and Zhang Zhao as the rearline, managing provisions and etc. When Sun Quan in Jianye, he is very bitter and astringent, he is talented and wanted to display his talents to the world, especially in this chaos times. But there is a brother in front of him whose skills also very splendid. If when Sun Jian died, Sun Quan had shown his brilliance, then it is already good, but it did not happen. Sun Ce is great in military warfare and conquering while Sun Quan is good at internal affairs. What can Sun Quan do, in order to make Jiangdong recognize him? That is the question he has been pondering a lot. Adept in internal affairs, can obtained commoners’ love, can got people to support him, however, when Sun Quan’s prestige start to shine bright, he will compete with Sun Ce’s brightness, then what next? The most logical thing to happen is a creation of barrier between brothers and will ended in swordfight. Historically, after Sun Ce died, his son Sun Shao have inherited Sun Ce’s merits and should let him to become Chancellor, but Sun Quan, in order not to let any succession problems arise, he was suppressed by Sun Quan himself.

But his mother intervened, as nobody would disobey her. Before, he carried out his plan, his mother had a very deep heart-to-heart talk with him. Even when he become lord of Wu, Lady Wu still very influential.

So, Sun Quan is very depressed and asked Lu Su to accompany him to drink. They had been a very good friend during their stay in Hueiji. With many years of friendship, their sentiments runs deep. Otherwise, when Zhou Yu died, he is impossible to appoint Lu Su as Jiangdong viceroy also Lu Su had chosen Sun Quan as his wise lord. Since there is a big event just now, naturally they discussed it together. Lu Su’s impression of Liu Mang is he is worse than Sun Ce. Evident when he ordered killings toward nobles’ soldiers who just surrendered. 10,000 soldiers become victims of his bloodlust as he didn’t accept their surrender.

Lu Su said again “That man should be Lu Bu Army’s negotiator, Yang Hong!!!” Lu Su had seen Yang Hong and had low opinion of him, as when he is in Yuan Shu’s army, he proposed several non-effective strategies, but that person actually can play Zhang Zhao to the extent. Although they had reached an agreement plus 2,000 craftsmen in order Lu Bu army not to sell blueprint to Jing Province, they played them again, by selling the prototype ships to Jing Province and as the result Zhou Yu was expelled from Sanjiangkou and Jiangdong Army was almost annihilated.

A truly hateful person!!! Also in additional, Lu Bu army intelligence army now twofold, one led by Chen Gong and Yang Hong. And those two person, were Liu Mang’s scouts!!! They played their part so well that it is difficult to spot fakeness among them. Sun Quan then asked Lu Su “Zijing, what do you think about Liu Mang’s incentive? 30% grain tax and no additional tax?!” 30% is really low and was perfect, but the commoners tax was paid by paddies. And now 30% tax was used by Lu Bu Army to raise army. Lu Su replied “30% is possible!!! Lord Quan, don’t you hear those people’s words? Rather than something worthless, better to gain a portion of something. Yuan Gonglu had damaged Shouchun and its vicinity but it is in Huainan. Huainan had been known as a very fertile land and since Prince of Shu occupied Shouchun, naturally he must find him people to cultivate the land for him, therefore he dishes out this generous plan. As for no additional taxes? That is impossible!!!”

30% grain tax will definitely not stay for a very long time, because when your people start to pile up, you will need to raise tax for your own needs. Also, only first 50,000 people who receive 30% grain tax, definitely will attract a lot of people but when it is already reached quota, they will definitely raise tax to 70% – 80% grain tax. This is a very poor performance.

Sun Quan then smiled maliciously and said “Zijing, suppose if we make this His Highness Prince of Shu, will never add any additional taxes? What do you think?!” Lu Su is a bit confused and asked “What is Lord Quan meant?!” Sun Quan then said “Let us sing praises for His Highness Prince of Shu!!! Said that his virtue is very excellent, he is our Han Dynasty exemplary. He is a Sagely King that only took 30% taxes and will never add any additional taxes!!!”


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