My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 266 – Liu Bei Submits A Memorial To Emperor
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 266 – Liu Bei Submits A Memorial To Emperor

Chapter 266 – Liu Bei Submits A Memorial To Emperor

Right now, Sun Ce’s letters already been received by neighbouring warlords, such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao and even Zhang Xiu. The content of it, is of course, to “help” Liu Mang fulfill his plans. Zhang Xiu and Liu Bei who governs half of Yu Province, they cannot afford their citizens to go to their place, instead they will help to glorify Liu Mang further. Regarding title, Liu Bei is the biggest of them all, holding the title of Imperial Uncle and General Of The Left while Sun Ce himself only held Marquis of Wu and General Who Exterminates The Rebel. Liu Bei’s words certainly held more power when presenting a memorial to the Emperor to make Liu Mang a Sagely King. He even wrote, to Kong Rong who is the 20th generation descendant of Confucius, to glorify Liu Mang among scholars. Right now, Kong Rong is no longer a warlord but an aide to Emperor Xian in Xu Du, when he saw a letter from Liu Bei, he is really happy as this might be his big break for rescuing the Emperor from Cao Cao’s clutches. Cao Cao’s influences in Xu Du’s court is too big, eclipsing Liu Xie’s own influence. Therefore, Emperor has requested Liu Bei to aid him, even giving a letter written by his blood. But this time, the letter is not filled with that. The letter is filled with praises toward Prince of Shu, Liu Mang. He also praised that Prince of Shu and Liu Bei shared one tree with the Emperor and will surely help him to regain the throne properly.

But that letter, confused the Emperor big time as he had yet to meet that Liu Mang in person. The Emperor’s treatment in Xu Du, although he is an emperor, is equal to house arrest by Cao Cao. His words meant nothing and there is no political power at all also Cao Cao hid almost everything from him. Even when Liu Mang was sealed as Prince of Shu and as General Who Attack The South, Emperor Xian know nothing of it as everything was composed by Cao Cao himself and even the Emperor’s own seal is confiscated by Cao Cao. The title given by Liu Mang is Cao Cao’s own stratagem of sowing dissention, in order for Lu Bu to kill him as Cao Cao was unable to obtain him, but that scenario didn’t happen as well. Lu Bu accepted that his son-in-law as Prince of Shu for it is more beneficial to him in every way. Prince of Shu can give titles as many as he wish and no one will be able to object it. Liu Mang also had title General Who Attacks The South, which means, he is free to set up his own sub-government, so Lu Bu can freely dishes out positions as he wished.

Since the beginning of time, those who had vast wealth controls people. Therefore if compared, Sun Ce is vastly big than Liu Mang. But, Sun Ce’s troops’ title is only officers at most. However, in Lu Bu’s troops, their title is varied with Cheng Yu (lowest title in Lu Bu Army) is higher than Sun Ce’s veteran generals’ titles. This treatment, really made Sun Ce’s side green with envy.

Emperor Xian knows that Liu Mang injured Cao Cao and swallowed Sun Ce’s 100,000 troops in Battle of Wancheng. That event itself, made the Emperor extremely happy. He thought Finally, light returns to this Liu clan. He didn’t think Liu Bei as a successful Liu clansmen as his defeats overshadowed his victories. Liu Biao, another imperial uncle, only suffers defeat after defeat against Jiangdong. Liu Zhang, only seeks to defend his own land. But Liu Mang did it, he defeated the mighty Little Conqueror. But the two had yet to see each other in eyes, therefore he still sees him as a stranger, even though that Liu Mang had said that he loved him as a brother.

The Emperor himself, had planned to contact Liu Mang in secret, but Liu Mang just fought with Liu Bei. That event made him really uneasy. They are supposed to be Han savior, why they fought with each other Thought The Emperor silently. But when he read Liu Bei’s letter which praised Liu Mang to no end, made him very happy. In the letter, he felt no hostilities and even Liu Bei petitioned to the Emperor, to give Liu Mang as a title as Sagely King. The Emperor complied almost immediately. At the Emperor’s side is Xun You. Xun You was assigned in Xu Du, to prevent the Emperor from misbehavior as whoever was sealed by the Emperor, will enjoy extreme benefits. Xun You didn’t inquire much for that letter, as Han Emperor didn’t have much power in his words. In Xun You’s face there is a complex expression, he really didn’t know who he should be loyal to, to his lord Cao Cao, the country of Han, or this young boy who sits as the throne. Sun Ce’s own letter was in Xun You’s hands.

Cao Cao read Sun Ce’s letter is one month after The Emperor gave title to Liu Mang, since he is busy fighting at Guandu. While Sun Ce’s plan is started in motion.


One month after the bustling event, we go to Lujiang, The City of Wancheng. Every city wall is already fixed and every guard post is already filled with sentries.

Also because Sun Ce have once attacked this city, Lu Bu ordered to tighten the defense patrol, therefore, usually there is about 1,000 soldiers. But this day, they have only 500 troops, therefore they are very relax this time. Those defenders veterans already go home from their shifts and right now, only new recruits remained. Those who are standing right now, just whistling and enjoying cold air, then there are loud noise from under the wall. It made everyone startled and said “Who’s there?!” When he heard that guard is alerted, everyone quickly don their spears and goes over there saying “Is there someone there?!” On the closer inspection, a white rabbit came out from patch of grass. “It is only a rabbit.” Said a lot of people from behind. Then a lot of people said disgruntled sound and return to their post.

Then the patrol said again “Who’s there!!!” Now the one responded are those veterans “Is it really people?!” This veteran knows how enemies will camouflage themselves, therefore he questioned that recruit while other people are really annoyed, thinking another false alarm. A vice-guard captain shouted “Can you be silent? Why causing a ruckus out of nothing? Any other rabbits?!” The recruit then said silently “I don’t know!!!” That response made the person angry and said “WHAT THE HELL?!” And gestured to want to slap him. The veteran then hold his hand and said “Enough. He is just being careful. Let us return!!!”

The vice-commander also retreated himself, while grumbling Damned boy, only rabbits cause this much ruckus. Suddenly there is a big sound under city wall “THUMP, BUMP!!” The sound is truly big because the sound is more or less like millions of footsteps combined together and included with screams of “SHAAA!!!!!!!!”. The veteran then saw the event and was really surprised.

“Damn, enemies attack!!!” Curses that veteran who quickly goes down to alert the squad who is responsible for the alarm. The veteran then exclaim “EVERYONE, TO BATTLE STATIONS!!! PUT ON FIRE ALARM!!! ENEMY INBOUND!!! TELL THE GENERAL, ENEMY ATTACK!!!” With that words, everyone quickly armed and sound alarm gongs exclaiming “ENEMY ATTACK!!!! ENEMY ATTACK!!!!” Lu Bu who just don his pajamas quickly goes outside and said “Enemy attack?” He is currently in Lady Yan’s room, discussing about how fortunate he is to have Liu Mang as son-in-law and how fast he is going to have grandchildren. Lu Bu’s brow wrinkled really tight, thinking What fools dared to attack at night? This City of Wancheng is defended by 5,000 Bing Province Wolf Cavalry. I will tear anyone who is foolish enough to challenge me. The peaceful City of Wancheng will start to become very busy again.


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