My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 269 – Hidden Intention
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 269 – Hidden Intention

Chapter 269 – Hidden Intention

Liu Bei’s eyes flickered and said “Eh, another 8000 gold? What is Master Pang meaning?! Is not our army is ripe already for confrontation?” A tribute to Zhang Xiu of 8000 gold earlier was only in words. The 4000 gold as half of it, were “robbed” by Lu Bu, who in actuality, is only a big gossip in order to make Zhang Xiu to despise Lu Bu. There is no way Liu Bei would give 8000 golds just to make Zhang Xiu hate Lu Bu to the max, however now Pang Tong said to give them 8000 golds as promised. Pang Tong then said “No, Milord. The time is not ripe yet. What we need now is to bury our knife into Lu Bu’s heart with Zhang Xiu as our shield and reinforcement in case of Lu Bu’s counterattack. Only at that time, Milord could stand in Central Plains firmly!!!” Pang Tong had thrown away his feather fan since his shock therapy, he is already decided not to imitate Kongming.
Sun Qian then said again “When is the ripe time? Is it when the time already become rotten?!” One cannot blame Sun Qian for being this aggressive, he had been deemed useless by Liu Bei and had been given a vague role. None can bear this kind of treatment. Liu Bei showed discomfort on his face, but did nothing to prevent him as Sun Qian was a senior officer in his army from his day in Xu Province and had never show false affection toward him. Even when Liu Bei was thrown out from Xu Province, Sun Qian and Jian Yong kept loyally followed him.
This Sun Qian Sun Gongyou is not a talentless person as he was recommended by a famous scholar Zheng Xuan. However in terms of advising prowess, he can only be considered as second-class adviser as everything would be seen from far away by the likes of Guo Jia, Chen Gong and Jia Xu. The talent that he has that he excelled, is he is really good at diplomacy like Yang Hong. But Liu Bei always relied on him as there is no better adviser than Sun Qian, but everything changed when Pang Tong came. Pang Tong’s presence shoved Sun Qian’s places as military adviser. As earlier chapters mentioned, military adviser controls almost everything in the army and can be seen as second-in-command as well as a ministry of internal affairs. When Pang Tong saw Liu Bei didn’t stop Sun Qian, he snickered in his heart and let Sun Qian continue. Sun Qian then said “Military adviser, you said to give 8000 gold to Zhang Xiu. Do you even consider that we are giving out half of our 15000 golds? That amount is enough for us to raise several thousand armies again!!!”

Pang Tong just waved his hand casually and said “This thing is a need to know basis, therefore Tong doesn’t need to explain. DON’T MEDDLE IN THE AFFAIRS THAT IS NOT YOUR POSITION!!!!” Pang Tong slapped him pretty hard, and by calling him Inspector Sun, it can be said that it said in derogatory tone toward Sun Qian. Usually he call him Brother Gongyou but he just called him Inspector Sun, in order for Sun Qian to know his place as Inspector. “DAMN YOU!!!” Sun Qian cursed as he pointed his finger toward Pang Tong. He is no longer military adviser, he was demoted into a mere Runan Inspector. Sun Qian really cannot accept the fact that his position as military adviser been stolen. Before when Pang Tong just came, Pang Tong is the Runan Inspector and he is the military adviser. The position of Inspector is actually not a bad position as Sun Ce himself was designated as Inspector of Guiji. Zheng Xuan, Sun Qian’s teacher, had appraised him and he will be able to do a lot for the benefit of the commoners.

The main problem of Sun Qian lies on he was demoted from high place to lower places as if he was thrown away like used goods. By doing this, every people will mock him for having no ability and it will made people to question Liu Bei for demoting people based on his feelings alone. All of Liu Bei’s subordinate can only offer the sympathy feelings silently. Sun Qian took a deep breath, and remembered himself as he is not a non-educated man, instead he just said “Very well then. After all, Qian is only an Inspector. Unlike military adviser who control great influence in this country!!!”

Hearing the words “Control Great influence” made Pang Tong seething with anger. Ancient philosopher Laotzu had written this idiom in his book Tao Te Ching chapter 60. The idiom said “ruling a large nation is like cooking a small delicacy” The idiom comes from an event when famous scholar Yi Yin was visited by the great King of Shang, Cheng Tang. Yi Yin said that governing a country is similar to cooking where everything must be in balance. After that Yi Yin was appointed as prime minister by Cheng Tang and with his help, he overthrow King Jie of Xia Dynasty. That is the road of good governance but Sun Qian left out “like cooking” in order to insult Pang Tong who was insulted by Liu Mang as Huainan Fried Chicken. In this time, no one shouts “motherfucker” like Liu Mang, but as proverbs say that one doesn’t hit face when quarrelling, Sun Qian deface Pang Tong immediately.
Liu Bei then stand and yelled “ENOUGH!!!” Earlier he is just staying still waiting for Jian Yong to speak, but Jian Yong didn’t know the whole problems so he just kept silent, therefore only Liu Bei is able to mediate. Liu Bei then said “Master Gongyou, you are my right hand, why must you quarrel!!!” Both sides are not good to offend, therefore he can only mediate “However Gongyou, you must understand that Master Pang is considering for our army, is that we need to sacrifice for the greater good!!!” Liu Bei’s tone sounds fair, but he is favoring Pang Tong big time.
“Gongyou understood!!!” Sun Qian then gestured toward Pang Tong to apologize. Pang Tong also said “Shiyuan also sorry to brother Gongyou. Shiyuan had offended brother Gongyou earlier, therefore Shiyuan asked for forgiveness!!!” All those words said while glaring coldly toward Sun Qian. Liu Bei then sit back down and said “Very good, Master Pang, please continue!!!” The very reason that Liu Bei need to peace them both is because Sun Qian represent his foundation, if both of them quarrel, it will shake them hard.
Pang Tong continued “Very well Milord. The rumor that we spread about Lu Bu robbed his gold, Zhang Xiu will certainly no longer believed it!!!” This is the stratagem to pit Zhang Xiu against Lu Bu. Zhang Xiu is not so foolish that he believed Lu Bu after the tribute of 8000 golds as Lu Bu already gotten big wealth from extorting Jiangdong and Jing Province, therefore, that kind of amount is small in Lu Bu’s eyes. Also, with Sun Ce sent Liu Bei this letter, this kind of letter would also be sent to Zhang Xiu and Zhang Xiu would want no part of Sun Ce’s ploy. As Lu Bu’s strength not small now, thus 8000 golds is needed. If 8000 golds is not enough, then we give him 16000 golds. While we prepared everything to delay another 6 months, we must do whatever we can for Sun Ce’s scheme to succeed. Shouchun and Lujiang will be hit like tidal wave and at that time, Zhang Xiu will be willing to attack Lu Bu and mortally wounded together. While we took all the spoils for ourselves!!!”

Liu Bei then clapped “Master is really great!!!” The memorial submission was Pang Tong’s idea and it succeeded. But this 8000 golds and another 10000 golds made Liu Bei bit reluctant. But it is enough to be traded with Central Plains for it can destroys his enemies altogether. Sun Qian then saw Pang Tong and saw eyes full of hatred and murderous feeling right now.


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