My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 294 – Chapter 294 Spoiler Title
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My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Author :大哥有枪
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Chapter 294 – Chapter 294 Spoiler Title

Chapter 294 Spoiler Title

Lu Bu entered Pang Tong’s encirclement. He called for a full charge when entering the woods. However, Pang Tong had already expected this. The long road in the forest made it impossible for the Wolf Cavalry to maintain their speed. It was just when the Wolf Cavalry slowed down when they were ambushed by two thousand five hundred White Eared and five thousand Qingzhou soldiers from the sidewalk. Loud shouting could be heard.

“What? Ambush!” Lu Bu glared. Why would an ambush appear here? On top of that, they look like Liu Bei’s White Eared troops. They were old acquaintances. During the battle at Xuzhou, the Wolf Cavalry suppressed them. When Liu Bei helped Cao Cao, they appeared once again. At that time, the White Eared soldiers were supporting players helping Cao Cao to attack Xuzhou.

However, Lu Bu knew the White Eared soldiers should not be underestimated. Liu Bei managed to escape so many times was because of their existence. It could be said that Liu Bei formed the White Eared soldiers but his achievements were all theirs.

“Marquis Wen. Long time no see!” A white armored general appeared from amongst the white armored soldier. He was armed with a spear, pointing it at Lu Bu.

“Chen Dao?” Lu Bu was very familiar with the generals under Liu Bei’s command. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were powerful and the one who is a formidable commander is Chen Dao. He was a man who knows how to train soldiers and was just like Gao Shun. He is also stronger than Gao Shun. This made the man frightening.

“The military advisor was right. You would either send troops to inspect the forest in front of you or charge in with your cavalry. So, we set up an ambush in the middle of the forest.”

“Military advisor?” Lu Bu was dumbfounded but he did not have the time to stop and think. “All soldiers. Echelon Formation. Make a detour.” Lu Bu shouted loudly. His Wolf Cavalry does not have enough horsepower at that moment. The charge earlier had consumed too much of their energy. Chen Dao’s words earlier was also to remind Lu Bu that he would not be able to charge his way out if his horse no longer has energy left. As it was an ambush, they did not want to fight recklessly. It would be a nightmare for both the Wolf Cavalry and the White Eared soldiers. Both wore heavy armors and if they fought, the final outcome would be one dead and one seriously injured.

Chen Dao breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lu Bu move away. If Lu Bu really rushed over, Chen Dao could only grit his teeth and fight desperately. Even if he won, the White Eared soldiers would suffer heavy casualties. When the Wolf Cavalry turned around, Chen Dao gave an enviously look. These are truly elites. Although Chen Dao was good at training soldiers, he felt inadequate when looking at the Wolf Cavalry. Chen Dao wanted the Wolf Cavalry who were the best in the world. The Wolf Cavalry’s formation was like a spear with no one falling behind.

However, Marquis Wen. Did you think you could leave so easily? If you did not fear direct casualties, it would still be possible for you to escape. But now you are trapped by the military advisor. “Pursue!” Chen Dao shouted. The seven thousand and five hundred soldiers pushed ahead.

Sure enough, when Lu Bu took the troops to make a detour and rushed out of the forest, another group of soldiers appeared. Leading them was a tall and shady man. “Slave of Three Surnames. Your grandfather Zhang Fei is here. Come and die!”

When Lu Bu heard his nickname, he did not need to look to know who was it that came. He was on Lu Bu’s kill list. It was someone Lu Bu hated and was the person who brought down his reputation. This was Liu Bei’s younger brother Zhang Fei.

“Traitor Huan!” Lu Bu would naturally not show weakness and curse back. Lu Bu observed the surroundings. Zhang Fei also had two thousand five hundred White Eared soldiers and five thousand Qingzhou infantry and blocked the road in front of him. Chen Dao was also chasing Lu Bu from behind. Lu Bu could only choose to go to the side.

“Brothers. Follow me!” Lu Bu took the lead and his subordinates followed.

“Aiya!” Zhang Fei would naturally not allow Lu Bu to leave. He wanted to grab his horse and rush over but then his deputy stopped him. “Third General. Milord and the military advisor had said not to allow you to stop the Lu Bu’s Army!” Liu Bei and Pang Tong wanted to stop Zhang Fei so that they would not need to fight a hard battle. The Wolf Cavalry’s horses do not have enough energy but they were still powerful and could cause damage. Liu Bei would be able to defeat the Wolf Cavalry but they still needed to capture Shouchun. Lu Bu’s Army would have come earlier if they wanted to trade the Wolf Cavalry to stop Liu Bei from attacking Shouchun.

“Damn! Damn the Slave of Three Surnames!” Zhang Fei cried out. “Elder brother and the advisor are also the same. Is my army supposed to be afraid of him just because he is strong?” Zhang Fei complained but acted obediently.

“Third General. Do not worry. The battle is later. Right now, we just need to follow the military advisor’s plan.” The deputy comforted Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei naturally knew to follow the plan. Otherwise, he would have already jumped out earlier and the deputy would not have been able to stop him.

Chen Dao and Zhang Fei chased with their troops. The gap left by Zhang Fei was the road leading to Baoqiu. If one were to take an overhead view, they could see that Chen Dao, Zhang Fei and Baoqiu would form a triangle.

“Baoqiu?” Lu Bu saw the hill in front of him. Although it was not large, it was still about ten meters high. It was very tall when compared to flat grounds but small compared to other hills and mountains.

“Milord. There should not be any ambushes in front of us! Should I still dispatch people to check it out?” Zhang Fan said to Lu Bu. They had already been ambushed on two sides. It was a possibility for there to be an ambush at Baoqiu. (TN: For those confused, ‘There should not be any ambushes’ in their interpretation meant ‘Though I doubt it, there may be ambushes’. Just like how ‘We love you, have more food’ by my family members pretty much means, ‘we cannot eat anymore, help us finish.’ Language can be weird that way.)

“Hm.” Lu Bu looked at Baoqiu but the people chasing were approaching. If he dispatched a scout, he would be overtaken by Zhang Fei and Chen Dao. At that time, he would face a hard battle.

“Just charge straight ahead!” Lu Bu made this decision because he believed there would be no ambush. Liu Bei’s most elite soldiers were the White Eared soldiers. Only the White Eared soldiers could stop him. Lu Bu did not choose to stay and fight because of them. Lu Bu also saw that the Chen Dao and Zhang Fei have half the number of the White Eared soldiers. This meant that Liu Bei had pretty much dispatched the entire army. Liu Bei would definitely not dare to ambush him. Even if there was an ambush, they would just be light infantries. Also, it would no longer be an ambush, it would just be courting death.

Five thousand Wolf Cavalry would dare to charge at fifty thousand light infantries. They could rely on their charge to break through.

However, Lu Bu was too confident in himself and the Wolf Cavalry. Besides that, the most important thing was that he had forgotten a person. That person was Zhang Xiu. He had forgotten to add in Zhang Xiu’s twenty thousand Xiliang Cavalry. Lu Bu ended up regretting.

As Lu Bu rode forward, he did not notice the scout on the side of the hill watching them. “Send the signal. Tell the General that the Wolf Cavalry is coming!” The man he was talking to then ignited a pile of firewood. A black line risen to the sky.

“They are here!” With a burst of excitement, Zhang Xiu saw the black smoke rising to the sky. “Brothers. Time to get up onto the horse. It is time to give our old friend, the Wolf Cavalry, a present!”

The Xiliang Cavalry all looked excited. The Wolf Cavalry led by the God of War Lu Bu had killed many of them before when Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo fought.

They had also become allies after Lu Bu killed Ding Yuan and joined Dong Zhuo. Both cavalries had helped Dong Zhuo to defeat the warlords at Hu Lao Gate. However, they were not allies for a long time. Dong Zhuo was killed by Lu Bu. The Xiliang Cavalry was taken by Li Jue and Guo Si. When they fought the Wolf Cavalry again, they won as they had more people.

So, the Xiliang Cavalry were not convinced. Due to Zhang Xiu’s eagerness to outshine others, he only had five thousand men at Baoqiu. This is to have a ‘fair’ battle against the Wolf cavalry.

“A signal?” Lu Bu was not a fool. When he saw the signal, he knew that the signal was for the enemy.

Lu Bu suddenly calmed down, realizing that the road in front of him may be perilous. His uneasiness did not last long when the earth started to shake. A huge vibration could be felt. The vibration signified the presence of a heavy cavalry.

“Milord. Look over there!” The Wolf Cavalry had just reached Baoqiu when they saw another cavalry. This cavalry has a red banner and the character Zhang. It is Zhang Xiu’s Xiliang Cavalry! Lu Bu gritted his teeth. Nobody else has such a large heavy armored cavalry. The people were also from Qiang and not Han.

“Haha. Lu Bu Lu Fengxian! Prepare to die! Perish together with your Wolf Cavalry!” Zhang Xiu was the first to sprint down the hill. The Xiliang Cavalry accelerated from the slope and they had high speed. Lu Bu’s Wolf Cavalry was just below. If they were to fight head on, the Wolf Cavalry would suffer heavy losses. However, it was already too late to change directions. Lu Bu could only grit his teeth and charge forward.

*Boom* The heavily armored cavalries collided like two iron creatures. The Wolf Cavalry fought foreigners and feasts on blood. The Xiliang Cavalry were also not bad. There were both people of Qiang and Han amongst them. They have also fought against foreigners before. Dong Zhuo had used the Xiliang Cavalry to frighten foreigners and silence crying children. It could be said that the Xiliang Cavalry were also very powerful.

The general of the Wolf Cavalry is Lu Bu. He was the God of War that held the Poseidon’s Spear. Meanwhile, the general of the Xiliang Cavalry, Zhang Xiu, was also not weak. He had studied under a marksmanship master Tong Yuan. Although he did not complete his training, he has about seventy percent of Tong Yuan’s strength. Zhang Xiu may be inferior to Lu Bu but by relying on his current advantage, they would be equal.

On the other hand, the Wolf Cavalry was facing difficulties. They already did a full charge before being intercepted by Chen Dao and Zhang Fei. The Xiliang Cavalry waited for them to tire out.

“Little Zhang Xiu!” Lu Bu swung his spear and knocked away the Xiliang Cavalry around him. Zhang Xiu was also not outdone and pierced many of the Wolf Cavalry with his spear.

As the two armies fought, the Xiliang Cavalry’s speed advantage would naturally be lost. Although they were a first class cavalry, they were no match for the King. Besides that, their armor and horses were also better. The Wolf Cavalry were also personally guided and handpicked by Lu Bu.

It was impossible for the Xiliang Cavalry to be on the same footing as their opponent. The Wolf Cavalry were good at cooperating with each other. However, the Xiliang Cavalry was made up of the Qiang and the Han. Their cooperation would naturally be worse. How would they be able to gain the upper hand?

“Damn!” Zhang Xiu looked at the dead and wounded Xiliang Cavalry. His face was ghastly pale. All this time, he did not believe that his Xiliang Cavalry was weaker than the Wolf Cavalry. Although they lost to the Wolf Cavalry multiple times, there were reasons for those. The first reason was Lu Bu. When Lu Bu charge into the Xiliang Cavalry, he already inflicted great damage on them. Besides that, Ding Yuan only dispatched the Wolf Cavalry on exhausted enemies. His belief was strengthened when Guo Si and Li Jue defeated Lu Bu’s Wolf Cavalry with the Xiliang Cavalry. This was why Zhang Xiu believed that the Xiliang Cavalry was as strong or even stronger than the Wolf Cavalry. But now, Zhang Xiu realized that he was wrong. Regardless of whether it was the general or the common soldiers, the Xiliang Cavalry was no match for the Wolf Cavalry. Even though they had the initial advantage, the Xiliang Cavalry was beginning to lose. Even now, they were at a stalemate.

Zhang Xiu really regretted only dispatching five thousand men. What fair fight? The ambush itself already made it unfair. If I had brought ten thousand with me from the start, the result would not have been like this. While Zhang Xiu regretted, another two men on horses approached.

The time, the one experiencing a headache was Lu Bu. This is because the two was Chen Dao and Zhang Fei along with their fifteen thousand soldiers. They had been chasing Lu Bu and finally caught up.

“Haha. Slave of Three Surnames. Your grandfather Zhang Fei has already said that you will die here!” Zhang Fei was very excited. He was already feeling very eager when he encountered Lu Bu. However, he had to let Lu Bu escape for his elder brother. Now that he caught up, he could finally kill. Zhang Fei rushed straight towards Lu Bu.

With the addition of Zhang Fei, the pressure around Zhang Xiu had loosened up. Zhang Fei’s presence made Lu Bu angry. Slave of Three Surnames. This was a taboo nickname for Lu Bu. He was originally known as the God of War or King of Wolves. However, after his encounter with Zhang Fei at Hu Lao Gate, he was stuck with this infamy for many years. Although Lu Bu killed two of his adopted fathers, people were originally profit seekers. If you do not kill others in these troubled times, they would kill you. Even Liu Bei, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao were also ungrateful. Han Yan, Tao Qian and Lu Boshe were also people that have died. However, Zhang Fei wanted to bite and hold onto Lu Bu. This was deliberately trying to garner hatred.

“Traitor Huan. I was truly blind to shoot my halberd for the Big Eared Traitor, forcing Yuan Shu’s Army to retreat. I should have let them sent you three brothers to hell!”

“Hypocrite. My elder brother took you in kindly. When my brother go to Yangzhou, you stole his Xuzhou. If you did not steal his foundation, my brother would not have begged you.” Zhang Fei was also angry. Liu Bei obeyed Cao Cao’s command to fight Yuan Shu. However, at that time, his own home was taken by Lu Bu. Besides that, Cao Cao who agreed to dispatch his troops as well ended up withdrawing. As a result, Liu Bei had nowhere to go. Yuan Shu was also not one to take insults. If Liu Bei were to dispatch along with Cao Cao, he would have been afraid. However, Cao Cao had already retreated. Naturally, he would go after Liu Bei. Liu Bei then went to Lu Bu for help.

“I stole your big brother’s foundations? Haha. You better ask your brother how he got this foundation. You should also ask if he took me in with good intentions. All he wanted was for me to become his guard dog at Xuzhou!” The two became angrier and angrier. This is all to increase their own strength. If it was just Zhang Fei alone, he would have been killed by Lu Bu. However, Zhang Xiu was also at the side. However, Lu Bu was soon unable to hold on as Chen Dao also joined the fray.

Zhang Xiu, Zhang Fei and Chen Dao were all first class generals. The three of them attacking together was definitely more than Lu Bu could handle. They had been suppressing him from the start. If Lu Bu did not have his sacred armor, he would have already been injured.

“Milord. Do not panic. Zhang Fan is also here!” Just as Lu Bu was struggling and unable to get away, the deputy of the Wolf Cavalry, Zhang Fan, rushed over. Originally, this position belonged to Zhang Liao. However, Zhang Liao current has heavy responsibilities at Shu Cheng. So, Zhang Liao’s brother Zhang Fan was the one that followed. The reason why Zhang Fan was not famous was because Zhang Liao was too good.

Although Zhang Fan was at the pinnacle of a second grade officer, he was not comparable to Zhang Fei and Zhang Xiu. However, he was enough to lessen the pressure on the God of War, Lu Bu.

Lu Bu was freed. However, the Wolf Cavalry was still surrounded by enemies four times their number. The Wolf Cavalry was also unable to use high speed maneuvers.

“Die! Slave of Three Surnames!” “Go to hell, Lu Bu!” Zhang Xiu and Zhang Fei both used their full strength trying to behead Lu Bu.

“You want me to die? You must be dreaming. Go and train for another hundred years. There is still none that can kill this Lu Bu!” Lu Bu focused on these two opponents. He managed to stab Zhang Xiu and tore open a wound on Zhang Fei’s arm. Blood flowed out but Zhang Fei did not seem to take notice of it. Zhang Fei was not a person to be trifled with. He had once killed Ji Ling and Xiahou Ba. Although Xiahou Ba was not a well known person, Ji Ling was still very strong. The Ji Ling from that time may have been physically weak but Zhang Fei’s fierceness could still be seen.

“Marquis Wen. Surrender! You do not have a stratagem for success!” Chen Dao spoke calmly. A Lu Bu that is alive is more valuable than a Lu Bu that is dead. If Lu Bu was killed last time, his army would disperse as they would be like a dragon without a head. However, they now have Liu Mang. Liu Mang would inherit Lu Bu’s will. Helping the Wolf Cavalry fall under Liu Mang’s leadership would be a stupid move. They would want revenge and the Liu Bei’s Army would be on the receiving end. At worse, they would abandon Lujiang and attack Liu Bei directly. The Liu Bei’s Army could not afford to risk this. Lu Bu does not have enough provisions for revenge? Chen Dao believed that their current ally, Sun Ce, would even help the Wolf Cavalry take revenge for Lu Bu and even feed the Lu Bu’s Army. After all, there are only interests in these troubled times. On the other hand, capturing Lu Bu would not only lower the morale of the Lu Bu’s Army but could also be used to persuade for Shouchun. The Wolf Cavalry here would also put down their weapons and surrender. There would only be good points for doing it.

“Surrender? I only die in battle! I will never surrender!” Lu Bu naturally understood Chen Dao’s thoughts. Once he surrenders, the Lu Bu’s Army would be finished. His two cities would also be finished. However, if he dies in battle, his son-in-law Liu Mang would inherit his legacy. Liu Mang would not only compete for supremacy but also avenge him.

“Then go and die!” Chen Dao was also angered. If forcing the other to surrender was not possible, then they might as well kill him. With Lu Bu’s head, they would also be able to affect the morale of Shouchun. Dealing with the ones that would avenge Lu Bu could be discussed another time.

Lu Bu is unable to fend off the attacks from these three fierce fighters alone. Besides that, they were also becoming smart and started to attack Lu Bu’s horse as well.

“Milord. Watch out!” Zhang Fan shouted. Zhang Xiu had managed to go around Lu Bu and thrusted with the spear. Although Lu Bu’s armor was amazing, there were still some exposed areas.

Zhang Fan knew that Lu Bu would not be able to react in time. Once Lu Bu is stabbed, the battle would only become even more difficult. Zhang Fan moved forward to block.

“Get lost!” Zhang Xiu did not care who was in front of him. The spear pierced through Zhang Fan’s hand and bones. It was then yanked at and the arm flew away.

“Zhang Fan!” Lu Bu responded and tried to save Zhang Fan. He fell back and blocked Zhang Fei’s attack.

“Milord. Run! Run quickly!” Zhang Fan resisted the pain and said to Lu Bu. “We are already half defeated. If we do not run now, there would be no time!”

“I know this but I cannot leave right now!” Lu Bu held Zhang Fan behind him and replied. The Wolf Cavalry is already surrounded. How are they supposed to leave? Lu Bu knew that the longer they fought, the one that would end up suffering would be the Wolf Cavalry. The Wolf Cavalry was unable to show off their might.

“Milord. Take our remaining brothers and rush out without sparing any effort!” Zhang Fan was not wrong. However, if they were to rush out like this, only a few would manage to do it.

“No! If I do that, what would you do?” Lu Bu shook his head.

“Milord. I cannot escape anymore. Look at my arm! I am now already a useless person!” Zhang Fan looked at his own arm with a wry smile. A general feared becoming disabled the most. Once disabled, they will die. Wu Anguo was an example. Although he was not killed in battle, Lu Bu had cut off one of his arms.

“Milord. I will take our injured brothers to cover your retreat.” There will be those covering the retreat. There will be those injured. There will be sacrifices. Zhang Fan was already prepared to become a sacrifice.

“Cover the retreat? When have I, Lu Bu needed to abandon my subordinates and need you to cover my retreat?” Lu Bu had never abandoned his brothers before. (TN: Liar. He did this to Gao Shun long ago.)

“Lu Fengxian!” Zhang Fan raised his voice. He no longer called Lu Bu with ‘Milord.’ “Do you want everyone to die here? We do not care if we die. However, what about your daughter? If you die, who is going to save her? What about the others at Lujiang and Gongtai?”

“Ling Er!” Lu Bu thought of his own daughter. If he himself dies here, no one would save her. Lu Bu was a bit hesitant.

“Lu Fengxian! Do you think I do all this for you? I do this for my brothers! They died for you but who would be responsible for those behind them? I can die for you but you must treat my younger brother well. If not, I will become a ghost and haunt you!” Zhang Fan only has one little brother, Zhang Liao. Both of them had joined the Wolf Cavalry and never married.

“Zhang Fan!”

“Milord. If you don’t leave now, it would be too late. A hero must break his wrist!” Zhang Fan struggled to tell Lu Bu that if Lu Bu does not leave, the entire army would be routed.

“But!” Lu Bu still wanted to say something before he was interrupted.

“Slave of Three Surnames!” Zhang Fei shouted as he killed his way over.

Lu Bu took a look at Zhang Fei. He then looked back at Zhang Fan as though he wanted to burn Zhang Fan’s face into his mind. “Alright. Zhang Fan. Take care. I, Lu Bu, cannot give you anything but I promise to avenge you!” Lu Bu also knew he need to make a sacrifice.

“Milord. Take care of Wen Yuan. I only have one little brother. Please!”

“Wolf Cavalry. Rush out to the Northwest!” Lu Bu roared. His voice could be heard throughout the battlefield.

“Fan Zi’s batallion of the Wolf Cavalry! Dismount and help the Lord and your other brothers open the way with your flesh and blood!” Zhang Fan’s voice was also heard. There were those that got on the horses and those that got off their horses. It was not only Zhang Fan’s battalion that stayed but also the others that were seriously injured. They sacrificed their lives to open up a path for Lu Bu and the other Wolf Cavalry.

“Trying to leave? You must be dreaming!” Zhang Fei, Zhang Xiu and Chen Dao roared. They had set up such a huge trap to completely destroy the Wolf Cavalry. How could they let them leave? The three rush towards Lu Bu.

Lu Bu ignored the three. Since his wolves said that they would use their own flesh and blood to open up a path, Lu Bu believed that they could do it. “It is time to hunt!” Lu Bu shouted loudly.

“Hungry! Hungry!” The Wolf Cavalry bared their fangs and became bloodthirsty.

A single wolf was not scary. The frightening one was an entire pack of wolves.

They used everything in their ability to open up a path. Some even ran themselves into their opponent’s weapon and held on to their opponent. Since they would not live, they were determined to make sure their enemies would not be able to go any further.

During battles, the Wolf Cavalry would not hesitate. They would not feel hurt or shed their tears. They did not even look at those opening up the way for them. It was not that they were cold blooded but it was because they did not have the time to look. Each breath they take was exchanged for the life of their brothers.

Soon after that, the Wolf Cavalry finally have space to run. Hundreds of the Wolf Cavalry formed in the shape of a knife. Lu Bu also ran out and joined his wolves.

“Everyone can go but you!” Chen Dao fought his way forward and attacked Lu Bu. Although the attack was light, if Lu Bu counterattacks then he would be delayed.

“Your opponent is me!” Zhang Fan rushed up again and used a sword on his remaining hand to defend. One of his arms was missing with only half the sleeve left. There was still blood on it. He had cut off whats left of his disabled arm as it was a hindrance and then engaged the enemy with one hand.

“Get lost!” Lu Bu’s horse started to run and made use of its mobility. Along with his weapon, Lu Bu moved with a powerful momentum.

“Not good!” Chen Dao knew that he cannot stop this attack by himself and hurriedly fell back. This movement gave Lu Bu the space needed to rush past.

“Damn!” Zhang Fei, Zhang Xiu and Chen Dao wanted to chase but was stopped by Zhang Fan.

Zhang Fan looked at the three and indifferently said, “I already said. Your opponent is me. As long as I am here, you shall not pass!”

During the time Zhang Fan stopped the three, Lu Bu joined up with the other wolves. If they continued to chase now, they would end up within a group of wolves.

“You are courting death!” Zhang Xiu coldly looked at Zhang Fan. Zhang Xiu did not want Lu Bu to escape.

“Did you think I would stay if I was afraid of death?” Zhang Fan smiled with disdain.

“Hmph. Death? Did you think your grandfather Zhang Fei would let you die so comfortably? Your grandfather Zhang Fei will make you know death as a relief and happiness!” The one who resented Lu Bu the most was naturally Zhang Fei. He was a sworn enemy since birth.

While the nickname Zhang Fei coined made Lu Bu extremely angry, Zhang Fei was also enraged when Lu Bu called him Traitor Huan.

Initially, there was an opportunity to kill Lu Bu. However, that opportunity was lost thanks to Zhang Fan. Zhang Fei was definitely not pleased.

“Come!” Zhang Fan took a deep breath. He knew he would not survive. He knew that Zhang Fei was probably right that death would be a relief. He would even wish for death if he falls into their hands. However, Zhang Fan still had to fight in order to win more time. Even if it was impossible to survive, he must not die.

“Hmph. You have backbone! Let us see if it is still there later!” Zhang Fei was a first class general. He charged directly at his opponent with his Serpent Spear.

Zhang Fan was not as strong as Zhang Fei. On top of that, he was also missing an arm. How could he fight back? His sword was knocked to the ground. The spear was swung again and Zhang Fan’s remaining arm was lobbed off. He became an armless person.

“I already said. Death is too extravagant for you!” After Zhang Fan’s arms were chopped off. Zhang Fei stuck his spear to the ground and stepped forward. He rested his two arms on Zhang Fan’s shoulders.

“Argh!” Although Zhang Fan was a tough man, he could not withstand the pain and mourned.

Chen Dao shook his head at the side. He could not bear to watch any longer.


TN Random Notes.

Read this with some item obtained BGM or something in your head.

[Zhang Fei has obtained a title]

[“Abusive Grandfather” obtained]


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